4 Weird But Effective Social Media Marketing Practices


Social media has become important for those who aim to reach out to maximum people and gain visibility. If you don’t have presence on at least one of the many social media channels, you are definitely losing out on potential customers, and likely conversions. Social media isn’t about sharing alone; it involves engagement and interaction that helps you keep up with your audiences’ mood.

If your audience wants to know about you, the first place they are going to visit is the social media channel. If you don’t have a decent presence, you are at a loss. You also need to work on a defining social media strategy that will help you build the audience you desire. It is not enough to design your social media campaign; constant monitoring and tracking of the campaign will help you gain traction.

Along with a good strategy, you need to invest in good social media marketing practices to achieve your business goals. Here we will discuss some of the best practices that you should incorporate to increase your customer base and thus your conversions and profitability.

Quality Traffic Using Demographics

Traffic is different from quality traffic, and that is the first thing you need to understand as a business. A lot of businesses are not able to convert the incoming traffic just because the traffic is not quality or relevant to their offering. If your content does not interact with the audience, your unique visitors are of no use to your business. Niche audience even in small numbers can impact the business positively as against huge numbers of irrelevant audience.

This is why social media marketing should be done keeping relevancy in mind. Apart from the content, demographics plays an important role in winning niche and relevant audience. Identify the target for your content, and then showcase it to the niche. This way you will not just increase traffic, but also gain more relevant audience, who are likely to convert. An engaged visitor is better compared to just another visitor.

Social Referrals are Important

There’s always this one influencer who suggests a social media site that you should visit. Keep such referrers in mind, and devise strategies around them. Remember, a referral is like a budding relationship. Your referrer would send you an invite to the social media site. Now, begins the real work! You need to prepare content that is tailored to the audience. What kind of content does your audience prefer? This will determine the site you should be present on. For example, if you need to post image based content, presence on Instagram or Pinterest is beneficial to you. If you want to convey your message in 140 characters, nothing better than Twitter for you. YouTube is for those who prefer video based content. Along with the content you need to concentrate on the social media site that you think your audience is likely to be at.

Cost-Effective Social Media Practices

You need to be realistic when coming up with your social media strategy; along with being realistic, you ought to be cost-effective too. Most business owners devise a strategy that is neither realistic nor cost-effective. Certain business owners come out with an editorial calendar that asks the writers to come up with 2 blogs per day. Such editorials need 5-10 social media posts per day, which is again unrealistic, if you want quality posts. That’s why you need to think out your social media strategy and focus on points that will help you win the audience.

Goals that you state while building your strategy should be measurable. You cannot just claim to want to be a big online distributor, because that is certainly not a measurable goal. So, when you define goals don’t forget to make it measurable.

Fact Based Strategy

When you are devising your social media strategy, you need to be aware of who you are talking to, and what they want to hear from you on the social media channels. Apart from this, you need to work on latest trends, content strategies, financial planning etc. to build the factual social media marketing strategy that will win you appropriate audience. Your marketing team should spend enough time on the different facets of business before actually moving towards devising a strategy.

Social media marketing strategy is important for every business, and should be taken seriously. Make sure you have a realistic goal and defined audience to start devising your factual strategy and if you want to make your own social media community, we are here for you.

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