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In the digital marketing era, it is impossible to avoid social media channels if you want to increase your visibility or, create awareness among your target audience for your brand. Social media is the ideal way to promote your business, especially if you are a small/medium business. With minimal investment, you can get maximum reach and visibility, which acts as an asset for your business. Most platforms are pretty easy to use, and come with paid options, in case you want to go for it.

Social media marketing requires a certain strategy that can help you build your presence on channels that you believe will affect your goals positively. There are numerous channels that do different things for your brand. Choosing the right site will benefit you. Here we will talk of 20 different social media channels, and what they have to offer. You can work on your end goals, and then choose the appropriate social media channel that will help you achieve the goal you have stated.


Since its inception, this social media channel has been accumulating maximum users. If you cannot increase your reach here, it is hardly possible to reach out to a wide number of audience anywhere. As of date, it has 1.59 Bn active users. With no investment, you can create awareness and reach out to people on this platform.


This microblogging platform is a hit with most users. If you want to know what’s trending or, you want to create a trend, this is the channel for you. With 320 Mn active users, this platform generates all sorts of content that can induce engagement.


This ‘professional’s only’ networking channel started out as a recruitment site. Today, it is the popular medium for B2B marketing. If you are looking for people in your industry, or want to know some influencer, this is the channel for you.


You simply cannot ignore the SEO potential shown by Google+. It is not your Facebook or Twitter, but it definitely helps improve your ranking on search engines, which affects your business positively.


There’s no better social media channel than YouTube if you want to showcase video based content to your user group. It gets 1 Bn users per month, and is second only to Google as a search engine.


For any valuable image based content, you should get your presence established on Pinterest. If you are into eCommerce, and don’t have a website yet, this could possibly be your chance to increase conversions. This social media channel comes with a buy button that can help you increase conversions.


Your audience loves visuals, and this is by far the best way to grab their attention. People post photos on food, travel, fashion etc. that intrigues the users of this platform. It is definitely an engaging social media platform.


This is a difficult yet interesting social networking platform. With various post formats, this platform never ceases to intrigue you as a user or your audience as the visitor. Reblogging is quick and easy with this platform.


This is your popular image and video hosting platform. As a user, if you are in dire need of some images, this is your go-to site.


If you want to spread important news, or give some information enough coverage, you should be on Reddit. Users can determine the information’s position on your site by voting these submissions.


This became popular with the users as soon as it got active as a social networking platform. With interesting and interactive features, this is popular with the youth.


This quick messaging platform acquired by Facebook has billions of users. Easy and convenient method to send text, photo and video has made the platform popular with all segments of users.


Don’t know something, need an answer to a question, or want to share your knowledge- Quora is your go-to social media platform. It is the essential knowledge sharing social media channel.


A 6 second video clip can win you maximum audiences. This is what Vine has given businesses and users. It is quite engaging and popular.


A live video streaming app, Periscope is popular for live interaction, video conversations and home videos. It has 10 Mn accounts within a year of its inception.


This niche social networking platform offers massive resources to small businesses and entrepreneurs. You can share blogs, videos, podcast etc. content using this channel.


A discovery channel that lets you discover one after another thing is recommended by close to 25 Mn people. It is specifically used for entertainment and information purposes.


This is a social bookmarking site which is quite popular. It allows you to store and share web bookmarks with ease.


This news aggregator aggregates and curates news, ensuring the right news reaches the right audience.


This VoIP and instant messaging app for mobile devices is quite popular for free video calls and exchange of video and audio content.

With such interesting tools, social conversations can be made engaging and delightful, leading to increased conversions.

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