Adopting all the arts and smarts of the software tools for logistics into the workflow is how the Logistics & Supply Chain companies expect to streamline and control internal business operations.

And of course! Productive companies have now turned tech-savvy to opt for top-class logistics & shipping capabilities.


In order to adopt the on-demand logistics services, it is becoming imperative for the entrepreneurs to digitize the process of tracking, informing, and monitoring the shipments.

Apart from the app development for logistics, the technological disruption has also made it possible to develop competent digital solutions for the purpose-specific challenges faced in the logistical operations.

Sounds relatable to solve your business blunders and make the ROI your endgame?
A huge YES?

Let’s see the best-suited digital solutions for all the sensitive challenges faced by your logistics & shipping business.
It will definitely motivate you to shift your business goal to the next step forward!

The troublesome challenge #1:

Do you spend most of the hours coordinating delivery details between the driver and the parcel hubs? Or
Is your logistics company bugged up with a lot of product returns? Or
Is it difficult to tackle the irate situations, especially at the time of searching for information about the missing parcels?

These are a real bugaboo for most of the logistics businesses.

It’s high time for the entrepreneurs to check out the best and cost-effective solution for such a fuss. Take a scroll!

Shipping Status Tools

The perfect solution for the logistics manager to manage all these madness by cleverly using the power of alerts and updates

Using an efficient and user-friendly alerts and updates tool is gradually making a significant impact on the logistics and shipping businesses world over, especially when the ‘data tracking and communicating’ is highly crucial for the entire workflow.

These real-time updates on delivery status help the logistics manager as well as the driver to take quick actions before the small problem becomes a larger mess.

The ‘Shipping Status Tools’ are the best way of automating and modernizing the shipping & logistics operations to get the right alerts or updates at the right time to the relevant people.

It makes the concerned person aware of the situation such as,

Pending New parcels added that are pending to be tracked
Transit The parcel is on the way to the address of a recipient
Delivered The parcel has been successfully delivered
Undelivered Failed delivery of the parcel
Pick-up The parcel is out for delivery
Not found Package tracking details not available
Returned The parcel has been returned back to the sender
Exception The recipient has refused to take the parcel or the items in the parcel is damaged, the parcel is below an agreed level or any other exceptional situations

Also, the advancement in the features of these shipping status tools has made it possible for the logistic companies to send dynamic updates (proactive delivery updates or rescheduled delivery).

Furthermore, the logistics business can now make their departments feel extra special as they can easily send multi-recipient alerts when the information needs to be communicated to the driver, the concerned employee/manager or other multiple recipients to successfully and satisfactorily receive their parcel.

For instance,
The recipient of the parcel wants to notify the delivery guy about their non-availability or location change for receiving the delivery.
It is possible through the shipping status tools to quickly send notification and update the delivery guy or the concerned manager about the changes to be made.

How your logistics & shipping business can benefit from these ‘Shipping Status Tools’?

  • Smooth, fast and easy two-way communication that informs about the parcel status to the sender, delivery guy, and other relevant members involved in the logistics network.
  • There will be a decent decrease in goods return for the logistics companies.
  • It is possible to attain transparency in business operations through Alerts and Updates.
  • On-time informing the sender about the status of their shipments and real-time alerts of all shipping activities.
  • Robust tracking and monitoring of all shipments.
  • Easy to offer advanced management services through ‘proactive shipment updates’

The troublesome challenge #2:

Is your logistic business dealing with or bearing a large volume of inventory waste or goods return? OR
Is the throughput of delivery and data becoming dull and less effective every other day? Or
Do your logistics and shipping business face more and more errors which is making the whole logistics cycle a complicated one and very difficult to understand for you and your employees? OR
Do you sense a dire need to cut the cost of inventory waste and goods return?

There is no more need to get annoyed and bear great business loss due to such a mess.

A long big handwave to all the logistics and shipping businesses. It’s very easy to avoid all these torturing troubles. And if experienced, it can quickly be tracked and resolved with custom software development. Check out how!

Lean Inventory Management Tools

Lean Inventory management as software tools for logistics

An optimum solution to constantly improve the workflow through identification and elimination of waste of time, material and efforts.

It’s very interesting and fruitful for the entrepreneurs to know the mechanics of the Lean Inventory Management Tools. It focuses on 5 Lean Principles to avoid unwanted cost and wastage:

  • Identify Value– Identifying the need for enhancing the logistics business processes as well as the ever-growing demand of the distribution channel.
  • Map the value stream– To scrutinize each and every task involved in the Logistic processes. To draw a map of inventory flowing through different logistics and shipping process. Identify the wastage of time, efforts and material that the current process incurs.
  • Create a flow– Remove all the unwanted steps from the process and double check the new refined flow of the business process. Be super sure that it’s free from all the delays, bottlenecks or another kind of interruptions.
  • Establish Pull– With the improved flow of inventory management process in logistics, it is possible to even achieve unexpected milestones of ‘just-in-time-delivery services’ Or ‘making it cost saving for your logistics business’.
  • Seek Perfection– This attainment level of speedy, cost-effective and on-demand logistic inventory management requires a constant involvement of all the employees to implement the Lean.

How your logistics and shipping business can benefit from the ‘Lean Inventory Management Tools’?

  • It standardizes all your business process. The product lines get a smooth flow without any inventories being stuck or hold for a prolonged period of time.
  • Shorten and refine the business lifecycle.
  • Helps the logistic inventory manager to avoid the overloads, damage, unused space, and much more of issues during loading and unloading inventory from the vehicles. It helps to attain a high level of efficiency and productivity in the workflow of your shipping and logistics business.
  • Reduced cost and wastage.
  • Avoid delays in delivery of goods.
  • Avoid unnecessary task or moment of employees during working hours.
  • Remove redundancies and reduce inventory risk.

The troublesome challenge #3:

Are the ‘errors in orders’ becoming the frequent issues to be tackled for your logistics manager? Or
Can your logistics manager easily trace the culprit for creating the error in order processing? Or
Do you face a nervous breakdown when the errors in order processing come with a lump sum cost and an increasing group of dissatisfied employees?

These common black beasts can be a real threat to your logistics and shipping business.
Not to worry folks!

We have the work-savvy way out to combat these challenges.

Order Processing Tools

An accurate solution to get rid of all the errors in order processing.

With digitizing the order processing, the logistics businesses can stay on the top of error-free and smooth processing of every order it handles.

Be it a small or a large quantity parcel or a high-priced order that has a critical shipment and delivery challenges.

These Order Processing Tools help in each and every stage to attain a zero defect order fulfilment. Want to know what all errors the manager can avoid in the workflow?
Here you go!
Error in inquiry, error in making entries, error in picking and packing the parcels, error in shipments, error in invoicing and the errors in calculating costs.

How your logistics and shipping business can benefit from these ‘Order Processing Tools’?

  • All the tasks become systematic and speedy from the very start till the right parcel reaches to the right recipient.
  • Easy for the interdepartmental staff to make the irate situation solved in a flip of seconds by providing authentic shipment updates and valid proof of the delivery delays if asked by their manager.
  • It streamlines every business process that’s part of your logistics and shipping business.
  • Easy and error-free database management of all the logistic tasks.
  • Fewer chances of misunderstanding and misleadings in the address/location to pick and deliver the parcel at the right place.
  • Highly manageable during the high frequency of orders processing.
  • The invoicing and payment process becomes smooth and automated to a larger extent.

The troublesome challenge #4:

Do your logistics business lack essential scheduling and tracking of transport vehicles (truck, ship, flight or rail) which handles the freightage? Or
Do you find it complex to manage the freight loads and optimize the trips? Or
Is it time-consuming and everything unorganized to track the status of consignment? Or
Is everything messed up to maintain the fleet vehicles, breakdown of vehicles, idle condition of the vehicles or the vehicles in custody?

Any of these problems make it essential for the logistic & shipping company to adopt a well-defined freight management solution.

Take a look at the highly manageable software tools for logistics!

Specialized Freight Handling Tools

Freight handling tool - software tools for logistics

It is all about planning, controlling, and monitoring the transportation of goods and other freight operations.

These type of digital tools are meant for the industry-specific freight handling requirements.

For instance, the new compliance standards concerning the freightage of perishable goods or to keep the freight frosty and refrigerated through cold chain logistics or any other type of logistic requirements.

These Specialized Freight Handling Tools uses integrated digital technology to monitor and track the condition of goods whether they are placed at the proper temperature until it is finally delivered to the concerned recipient.

Also, right from the picking of goods till the last mile of delivery, the driver activities and the moment or location of the vehicle is much easy to track.

Above all comes the effective communication featured by these software tools for logistics that well-handle and streamline the fleet management and also the issues raised by the drivers while delivering the goods.

Check out How your logistics and shipping business can benefit from these ‘Specialized Freight Handling Tools’?

  • Easy scheduling and tracking the trips for on-time delivery of goods.
  • Reduced or nill chances of goods damaged or goods expired.
  • Swift multimodal freight delivery.
  • Smooth fleet management.
  • Ease out the booking, billing, and payment process.
  • Easy managing the availability, usability, repairs, and breakdown of freight vehicles.
  • Validated and speedy tracking of consignments.
  • Real-time management of drivers.
  • Reduced overloads in vehicles.
  • Speedy price calculation for freight services.
  • Decreasing the cost of unoccupied space in the freight vehicle out for delivery.
  • Easy to conduct demand forecasting of freight requirement.
  • Synchronizing the inter-departmental activities.

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The troublesome challenge #5:

Is it turning difficult for your remote team to capture data or search and compute data?
Above all, do your logistics business have sufficient methods to store, sort, and analyze the big data? Or
Are you able to effectively scale the data incompleteness or data inconsistency and is all of your business data secured?

Fret not if you get NO’s for all the above questions as there are disruptive digital solutions available for your business specific purpose.

Cloud Storage Solutions

Highly scalable data storage and data accessibility solution.

Cloud storage solutions are revolutionizing each and every area of logistics and shipping business.

It opportunes the logistics business to enjoy real-time accessing of information anytime anywhere. It has every single detail stored in the cloud just like a virtual locker where the data remains safe and secured.

The logistics manager can downscale, upscale or they can even stop the use of these resources as per their business requirement.

Coming to the main point,

How your logistics & shipping business can benefit from these ‘Cloud Storage Solutions’?

  • Direct communication between the logistic service providers, shippers, drivers, and senders.
  • Easy data accessibility and greater data accuracy even from remote places that can be shared and integrated across the whole supply chain.
  • Virtual business collaboration is made easier.
  • The data sorting helps the sender to track the accurate time of their parcel delivery and the employee can reduce the usage of vehicles used for the drop and shipment.
  • Simplifying and streamlining the distribution network.
  • Smart capacity optimization for your business.
  • Real-time data storage.
  • Easy to pinpoint future demands.
  • Harmonize all the process across your logistic and shipping business.

The troublesome challenge #6:

Does your logistic warehouse face the blunders of incorrect inventory placement or incorrect stock receipts or other issues to get inventory accuracy? Or
Are the logistics manager lost with a big pile of ‘time out’ in order fulfillment and their proper shipment? Or
Is it turning much costly to bear the product damages due to mismanagement of non-durable and delicate goods in your warehouse? Or
Does the delivery and distribution process slow down due to inadequate location details given to the pickers? Or
Are you sensing a high rise in cost due to improper utilization of your warehouse space? Or
Do the distribution and delivery process get the backlogs due to inefficient routing and high expense of fuel?

These problems might look small but it can make the business end up paying the high cost of warehouse mismanagement.
Yes! These problems can be safely resolved.

There exist a perfect warehouse solution that leaves behind all these worriments in logistics and shipment operations.

Warehouse Management Tools

Warehouse Management Tool | Software Tools for Logistics

Reducing the warehouse management cost and effectively solving these blunders.

Right from managing the minor and major warehouse operations, Warehouse Management Tools proves most-suitable for the logistics business.

These type of tools make it easy to deal with the procurement, inspection, labeling, and optimally handling the stock picking, packing, and shipping operations.

Most importantly, the entrepreneur can capture, validate, direct, and record each and every moment taking place in the warehouse.

Let’s talk more about perks and profits of such type of software tools for logistics!

How your logistics & shipping business can benefit from this ‘Warehouse Management Tool’?

  • Easily optimizing the use of all the warehouse resources.
  • Simplified and error-free process of picking, packaging, and dispatching the inventory.
  • Strong control on stock rotations like LIFO, FIFO or other inventory management methods.
  • Smooth flow of inbound and outbound inventory in the warehouse.
  • Easy and speedy processing of returned goods.
  • Effective validation of stock labeling and barcoding.
  • Customized and strong reporting mechanism in the warehouse.
  • Easy to even manage the 3PL contracts (Third-Party Logistics Operations).

The troublesome challenge #7:

Does your logistic company lack in adopting new approaches in goods delivery services? Or
Is it becoming complicated and tiresome to tackle the account and prospect management? Or
Is it consuming a hell lot of time to manage the tenders, bids, and spends? Or
Does your marketing campaign become a flop show due to the campaign mismanagement? Or
Is there a high ratio of dissatisfaction due to the lack of proper order management?

These are common complexities that most of the logistics and shipping companies are experiencing and finding the right way out to curb, erase, and eradicate them.

You can’t afford to ignore this cost-effective and purpose-specific CRM application development to such type of logistical challenges!

Supplier Management Tools

Effective leads management along with managing the bids and spends

High level of real-time communication featured in the Supplier Management Tools help to make it interactive for the sender to easily solve their doubts, quickly place an order, check the delivery status anytime from anywhere, and swiftly operate the process of tendering & bidding.

The best part about the Supplier Management Tools is the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) for a much better understanding of the behavior and demands of the sender.

Some readers might think that if this type of software tools for logistics is for the sender then why it is called the ‘Supplier Management Tools’.

The answer to this is,
Majorly, the senders for any logistic & shipping business are:

  • Suppliers who need logistic services to transport the goods in bulk.
  • Manufacturing units who need logistic services to supply and transport their semi-finished goods or finished goods.
  • Companies who need logistic services to get the raw materials delivered from supplier to their production units.
  • Small, medium or large enterprises who need a contractor for managing their product distribution channel.
  • Government contracts or large companies that follow tendering or bidding of the logistic services.

Check out how your logistics business can benefit from this ‘Supplier Management Tools’?

  • The increase in receiving repeat orders from the existing suppliers through enhanced efficiency of logistics services offered.
  • One source where you can quickly find all the essential data.
  • Digitize complete process of bids & spends.
  • Help build long term supplier relationship by providing personalized logistic services through such type of effective software tools for logistics.
  • The authentic and smooth process for the manager and supplier to record or notify the order requirements, complaints, queries, price differences or any other important details.
  • Easy delivery tracking system for the supplier and the logistics manager.
  • Systematically tracking your business activities.
  • Measurability and analysis of sales and marketing tasks.
  • A highly automated process of informing and updating.
  • Increased focus on providing quality services to the suppliers.

The troublesome challenge #8:

Does your logistics business face issues in fetching important insights about individual logistics departments or your company as a whole? Or
Is everything mismanaged due to lack of proper reporting system adopted into your business hierarchy? Or
Are you in a big dilemma about how to sort and analyze your business data?

You need not to worry as every problem has a solution. Not just a solution but a cost-effective and precise solution!

Logistics Analytics & Reporting Tools

Analytics and reporting tool - software tools for logistics

Various software tools for logistics as discussed above support in optimizing each and every operational process that also involve generating bundles and bundles of data.

This is where the analytics & reporting tools come into the picture.

These type of software tools for logistics not only analyze the available pool of data but also help in analyzing the employee performance and logistics demand at large.

It proves best for getting clear visibility of a complete order fulfillment process and the effective ways to improve all the business operations apart from the reporting and analysis of the physical space to manage the inventory.

These type of software tools for logistics gives visibility of:

  • Supply chain
  • Performance of human resource
  • Inventory
  • Delivery status
  • The requirement of logistics vehicle for transportation or delivery of parcels
  • Order fulfillment status
  • Exceptional cases

It makes very much possible to determine the highest-selling logistic services, point out the problematic gaps and take quick actions to mitigate these gaps/problems through the Analytics & Reporting Tools.

How your logistics & shipping company can benefit from these ‘Analytics & Reporting Tools’?

  • Proper analysis of data helps to take strict action to increase the profit margins and reduce the cost of logistics operations.
  • Optimizing the procurement and management of human resources.
  • Advanced data filtering simplifies every single task in the business processes.
  • Helps to get insights into important metrics that actually matters a lot for optimizing logistics operations.
  • Recognize the upcoming trends and immediately respond to on-demand logistics needs.
  • Implementation of a highly transparent and effective reporting system.
  • Logistics & shipping companies can achieve more with spending less through Analytics & Reporting Tools.
  • Determine and avoid errors and delays in the shipments due to on-time reporting.

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The troublesome challenge #9:

Is your logistics & shipping business direly in need of an accurate and robust yet simpler analysis model to tackle your business-critical demand forecasting requirements? Or

Is it difficult to choose the safe and right algorithms for demand forecasting apart from the traditional technique of time-series algorithm? Or

Do you find the cause of missing out important opportunities due to the implementation of an off-the-shelf demand forecasting technique?

The digital solutions have got your covered!

Demand Forecasting Tools

One source to gather all the data and develop a demand management repository. A demand chain management tool for logistic & shipping companies.

It’s one of the best software tools for logistics to forecast demand through securely searching, analyzing, and storing the data in a repository.
What data do your logistics business can fetch and analyze?

  • The shipment history
  • Ongoing orders
  • Current estimates
  • Previously done demand forecasts
  • Competitor analysis
  • Expansion planning
  • Risk assessment
  • Raw material planning
  • News and global happenings about logistics

These software tools for logistics have all the required features to determine the objectives, scope, variables, tasks, and period of demand forecasting.

And accordingly, the collecting and analyzing the valid data to get a final accurate demand forecast is all digitized.

One of the best parts of the Demand Forecast Tool is,
Integrating the news channels or the news portals that can upfront update you on the upcoming business expansions or development of new manufacturing units or other news that can give you an insight into predicted requirement of logistic services.

Based on the evaluation and interpretations of the results, the logistics & shipping companies can work on the resource availabilities in the specific regions where the demand is sensed to see a rise.

How your logistics & shipping business can benefit from the ‘Demand Forecasting Tools’?

  • Easy to get a 360-degree view of the logistics requirements.
  • Better allocation of resources.
  • Optimum capacity utilization.
  • Reduced inventory cost through the decrease in waste, unsuitable jobs, and extra utilization of space.
  • Best means to decide the price outlay that creates a win-win situation for your company, the delivery staff, and the manager.
  • Optimized cash flow management.
  • Determining the territories of demand and supply to offer logistics & shipping services.

The troublesome challenge #10:

Do the hired drivers follow inefficient routing schedules? Or
Is it turning increasingly costly to manage the drivers? Or
Do you experience a lack of tracking the fleet vehicles in your logistics business? Or
Do you find it difficult to reduce the cost of fleet management?

There is n number of issues when it comes to driver management. Tackling and manually managing the drivers have proven to be much costly and loss bearing for the logistic companies.

To curb these challenges, there are innovative driver management tools.

These type of software tools for logistics not only manage the drivers and their activities but also take care of their safety and happiness to decrease the retention ratio of drivers hired in your company.