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Community of 150+ development heads for creating large-scale business logics involving technologies like Mobile, IoT, AI, AR, VR, Blockchain, Big Data, Cloud Solutions & more

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Enterprise software development

process automation with the latest tech

SaaS companies

New SaaS product development, module additions, refactoring for optimization or 3rd party integrations

B2B agencies

Hire Frontend, Backend or Full Stack Developers for remote dedicated flexible engagements

Small & Medium Business

Digital expansion with mobile apps and web solutions

Hire remote dedicated developers
to build high ROI generating software!

Upscale or downscale your extended development teams for web application development, custom software development, mobile application development, and more, any month with flexible options.

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The continuous pursuit of being the best in Enterprise Software Development

More than a software development company: TRooTech is an award-winning enterprise technology consultancy that transforms business processes by providing strategic digital solutions and plans for growth acceleration.

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Hire Remote Dedicated Developers-Enterprise Software Development Company

Best enterprise software development team advantage
our knowledge of every possible enterprise process that needs digitalization will make you close friends with our team

Industry, Domain and Niche Knowledge you constantly crave for is our USP

Enterprise technologies are worthy if they are perfectly blended with business process logic. We understand that your biggest concern and hence we have studied every possible industry, domain or niche business processes that could possibly exist today and in future.

Your only stop for
digital transformation planning, technology consultation, product engineering, system integration, security, testing & maintenance

Addressing the depths of your idea for digital formation is our mantra.

We will minutely listen to you, learn & live your thoughts, teach you about the technical possibilities and make the software so collaboratively that you will feel like family.

TRooly. Look at our huge line of services below and decide whether you would like to crown us as the best enterprise software development company for your choice.

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Solutions we make
across industry domains

Supply chain, logistics and transport enterprise software solutions

Supply chain, logistics and transport enterprise software solutions

Supply Chain Management System, Warehouse Management System, Transport Management and Delivery Workflow Automation System, Fleet Management and Vehicle Tracking Software, Telematics and Connected Vehicle Solutions, Route Planning and Navigation Software, Integrated Logistics, Data Analytics & BI

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Healthcare Software Solutions

Healthcare Software Solutions

Telehealth Systems, Cloud EHR Software, Patient Engagement Systems, Hospital / Clinic Management System, Population Health Management, Health Journals

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Fintech Solutions

Fintech Solutions

Loan Origination Software, Commercial Loan Software, Online Banking Software, Mobile Banking Solutions, Insurance CRM Software, Insurance Agency Software, Investment Management Software, Payment Processing Software, Personal Finance Software

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Hospitality Solutions

Hospitality Solutions

Property Management System, Hotel Management System, Revenue Management System, Mobile Ordering and Room Service Software, Housekeeping Software, Guest Surveys and Feedback Software, Central Reservation Systems, Service Optimization Software, HRM for Hotels, Restaurant Booking Software and Hotel POS, Scheduling and Labour Management Software

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Media & Entertainment Software Solutions

Media & Entertainment Solutions

Digital Asset Management Software, Content Delivery Software, OTT Software Solutions, Music Streaming Software, Audience Engagement Solution, Digital Publishing Software, Digital Rights Management Software

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Manufacturing Software Solutions


Configure, Price, Quote Software, ERP System, Inventory Management System, Manufacturing Planning Software, CRM Systems, Custom Software for Automated Manufacturing Processes, Business Automation Software, Manufacturing Quality and Efficiency Software, Smart Manufacturing Solutions

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There’s interesting information in these PDFs for the clients having technical partners, this will gain you insights on our challenge-ready team and technical capabilities

  Elearning & OnlineTraining

Enabling custom developed live whiteboard interface for drawing and writing, video broadcasting…

  B2B E-Commerce

12X faster database processing for inventory updates from different Vendor ERP APIs

  On-Demand Services

Building complex distance, map, and booking based service marketplace applications


Multi-level dynamic user types, user roles and users for handling quotation process

  Real Estate

Real-time live streaming and live bidding for property auctions through native mobile apps

  Hospital Management

Real-time handling live data, patient monitiring, appointment scheduling and much more.

Getting started
With TRooTech

We want you to make a calculated decision by discussing with all the stakeholders important on your end. Your combined confidence matters for us. Here’s all the flexibility from our end

Decide on the perfect tech architecture with our subject matter experts

Microservices first architecture is what our experts mostly suggest however in some requirements we may even suggest monolithic architecture.

Select the developers you like

We are always flexible to adopt your vetting process or we have a pretty standard process of selection for you, it’s completely your choice.

Plan sprints with the team

A bigger goal is the right implementation of perfectly segregated small goals, this is what we are good at.

Welcome directors to weekly planned demos

Let’s impress the key stakeholders, seeing good work makes everyone happy and motivated, specially software development resources. So we insist on the weekly or demo every 15th day.

Engage in code reviews

You know what role code reviews play in the efficiency of software product engineering if you are technical. If not, don’t worry, we still do this internally for each project.

Receive iterative deliveries

Custom software development is no more hidden behind the complex codes. Every iteration is a working demonstrable instance.

Let veterans take the responsibility of your
enterprise software development

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