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Addressing the depths of your idea for digital formation is our mantra. We will minutely listen to you, learn & live your thoughts, teach you about the technical possibilities and make the apps so collaboratively that you will feel like family. TRooly.  Look at our huge line of services below and decide whether you would like to crown us as the best app agency for your choice 🙂

Native Mobile App Development

Android | iOS

With native languages, we will enable endless scalability for your apps, performance like of the apps that inspire you


Cross-platform App Development

React Native | Flutter | Ionic

With best-in-class cross-platform app technologies, we give you ultra-rapid developments with the power of best app agency resources


Web Development & Backend

Backend: PHP | Java | Python | NodeJS | PostgreSQL | InfluxDB | Elasticsearch | TimescaleDB | MySQL | Google Cloud Platform | Amazon AWS
Frontend: ReactJS | AngularJS | HTML | CSS

These technologies are the best of web worlds in the current era, our web resources are best of experts in these technologies


UI/UX, App Prototype & Strategy

This service is the reason we are called the Best App Agency. We feel utmost joy in assisting with the strategy for your app functions, making dynamic clickable user journeys for you


eCommerce Development

Magento | WordPress

With our eCommerce development services, your stores or marketplaces will not need selling efforts at all, design creativity and development efficiency will keep your users positive on shopping with you


Wearable App Development

App logics get smaller on wearables, sensors and BLE technology comes into the picture. That’s when our strategic coding expertise will help you process more important data


IoT App Development

Your smart devices need smarter experts from the best app agency to understand the OS and make the respective apps to read and process data. We have done it all.


AR / VR App Development

We create AR / VR apps to give a next level growth to your business. It’s well advised to follow the trends, we will put you there before these trends mature.


Blockchain Development

Blockchain is an amazing technology, our experts love it to enhance your business efficiency, agility and security using it. Accept the future.


Hire Dedicated Developers

Command and coordinate with our experts directly. Hire them like your own employees on a monthly retainer basis, just working remotely.



Best App Agency Advantage – our knowledge of every possible app development will make you close friends with our team

Industry, Domain and Niche Knowledge you constantly crave for is our USP

Technology is worthy if it is perfectly blended with business logic. We understand that’s your biggest concern and hence we have graduated from every possible industry, domain or niche business that could possibly exist today and in the future.

  • On-Demand Taxi Apps
  • Hotel Booking Software
  • GDS based Travel Portals
  • Custom Inventory based Travel Portals
  • Hotel Booking Platforms
  • Trip Booking Platform
  • Activities Booking Platform
  • Travel Planning Apps
  • Gamification in Travel
  • Travel Portals with Blockchain
  • On-Demand Travel Solutions
  • On-Demand Hotel Booking
  • On-Demand Taxi Booking
  • On-Demand Travel Agents
  • Reservation Management Solutions for Travel and Hotel Companies
  • Bus Booking Platforms
  • Flight Booking Platforms
  • Vacation Rental Booking Platform
  • Vehicle Tracking Solutions
  • Apps for Trucking Enterprises
  • Apps for Public Transport Companies
  • Apps for Amusement Parks
  • Loyalty Apps for Travel Agencies
  • OTA Software Solutions
  • Travel Aggregator Platforms
  • Travel Price Comparison Platforms

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  • Apps Development for Finance Organizations
  • Mutual Funds Marketplace Development
  • Trading Agency Apps Development
  • Trading Backend Software Development
  • Portfolio Tracking Apps Development
  • Cryptocurrency Wallets Development
  • Cryptocurrency Portfolio Tracking Apps Development
  • Peer-to-Peer Payment Systems Development
  • Bill Payment Apps Development
  • Budget Tracking Apps Development
  • Split Payment Apps Development
  • Apps Development for Insurance Agencies

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  • Learning Management System Apps Development
  • Social Learning Apps
  • Gamification in Learning Apps Development
  • Kids Learning Apps Development
  • Classroom Apps Development
  • Online Coaching Apps Development for Online Courses
  • Live Broadcasting Apps Development
  • Digital Whiteboard Development
  • Collaborative Study Tools Development
  • Webinar Tools Development
  • Online Examination Apps Development

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  • Workout and Exercise Apps Development
  • Fitness Tracking Apps Development
  • Nutrition and Diet Apps Development
  • Social Fitness Community Apps Development
  • Fitness Gamification Apps Development
  • AI based Personal Trainer Apps Development
  • Fitness Session Booking Apps Development
  • Fitness Trainer Booking Apps Development
  • Fitness Coaching Apps Development

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  • Ticket Booking Apps Development
  • Event Hosting Apps Development
  • Social Events Sharing Apps Development
  • Event Planning Apps Development
  • Social Meeting Apps Development
  • Check-in Management Apps Development
  • Event Collaboration App Development
  • Apps Development for Event Organizers

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  • Image Sharing Apps Development
  • Audio Sharing Apps Development
  • Video Sharing Apps Development
  • Micro Blogging Apps Development
  • Social Bookmarking Apps Development
  • Social Games, Dating Apps Development
  • Live Chatting Apps Development
  • Live Video Calling Apps Development
  • Live Audio Calling Apps Development
  • Social Forums, Social Neighborhood Apps Development
  • Travel Journal Apps Development
  • Social Travelling Apps Development
  • Social Learning Apps Development
  • Social eCommerce Apps Development
  • Social Food & Recipe Sharing Apps Development
  • Social Movie Review Apps Development
  • Social Room Sharing Apps Development

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  • Online Retail Stores Development
  • Retail eCommerce Apps Development
  • B2C eCommerce Apps and Marketplaces Development
  • B2B eCommerce Apps and Marketplaces Development
  • C2C eCommerce Apps and Marketplaces Development
  • Multi-vendor Multi-brand eCommerce Portal Development
  • Warehouse Management Apps Development
  • Inventory Optimization Apps Development
  • Multi-language eCommerce Platform Developments
  • AI based eCommerce Tools Development
  • Service Marketplaces Development
  • Online Bargain Stores Development
  • Online Barter Platforms Development
  • Daily Deals Site Development
  • Discount Coupon Sites Development

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  • Crowdshipping App Development
  • Freight Rate Comparison App Development
  • Warehouse Management App Development
  • Truck Direction Routing App Development
  • Trucking Log-book App Development
  • 3PL Document and Billing Software Development
  • Supply Chain Software Development
  • Shipping Status Tools Development
  • Shipping Order Processing Tools Development
  • Supplier Management Solutions Development

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  • Table Booking Apps Development
  • Restaurant POS Development
  • Restaurant Order Flow Management App Development
  • Marketplace Development for Restaurants
  • On-Demand Food Delivery Apps Development
  • Online Food Ordering Apps Development
  • Diet Planner Apps Development
  • Nutrition Guide Apps Development
  • Loyalty Apps Development for Restaurant Customers

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  • Video Streaming Apps Development
  • Audio Streaming Apps Development
  • Software Development for Video and Audio Editing
  • Podcast Apps Development
  • Voice Control Apps Development for Smart Devices
  • Movie Ticket Booking Apps Development

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  • Business Directory Apps Development
  • Consumer Review Platforms Development
  • Local Business Search Directory Development
  • B2B Directory Platform Development
  • B2B Marketplaces Development
  • Business Assessment Platform Development
  • Business Verification Apps Development

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  • Property Search Portals Development
  • Real Estate Agent Search Platform Development
  • Society Management Software Development
  • Recurring Rental Management Apps Development |

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  • Process Automation Tools Development
  • Task Monitoring System Development
  • Inventory Tracking Apps Development
  • Bill of Materials Software Development
  • Capacity Planning Software Development
  • CPQ (Configure Price Quote) Software Development
  • Quality Management Software
  • Production Scheduling Software Development
  • IoT Based Custom Automation Tools Development
  • AI & Computer Vision Based Process Automation Tools Development

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  • Ad Design Tools Development
  • Marketing Automation Tools Development

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Technical Difficulties We Have Successfully Resolved

There’s interesting information in these PDFs for the clients having technical partners, this will gain you insights on our challenge-ready team and technical capabilities   


Enabling custom developed live whiteboard interface for drawing and writing, video broadcasting, voice communication, and text chat


12X faster database processing for inventory updates from different Vendor ERP APIs


Building complex distance, map, and booking based service marketplace applications


Multi-level dynamic user types, user roles and users for handling quotation process


Real-time live streaming and live bidding for property auctions through native mobile apps

What’s your technical difficulty?

Getting started with TRooTech

We want you to make a calculated decision by discussing with all the stakeholders important on your end. Your combined confidence matters for us. Here’s all the flexibility from our end:

Fixed Estimation Model

You feel confident with the set of functional requirements you have thought and feel that would make it a complete product you envision, we are ready to evaluate the number of resources, time and cost required for it. A bit of advice from the best app agency – this method works best for startups having a fixed budget on hand for their product development.

Time & Material Model

When your product development thoughts are progress-driven, it’s best that you just decide on the technology stack needed and hire our team of experts for all the technologies involved in your stack. Our experts will then design & develop, module by module, feature by feature following how your thoughts evolve concerning the product functions.