1st Corwd Funding + Social Platform, a new tool for non-profit by social media giant Facebook Fundraisers


Facebook, the social networking giant, has always been at the forefront of major projects that have affected mankind in many ways. Be it cybersecurity or virtual reality, or supporting a cause, Facebook has always taken things seriously. It has been one of the primary participants in every cause. This takes us to the newly introduced Fundraisers tool, which is the first of its kind in social networking world.

Corporate social responsibility is an important element of every organization. It is one of the prominent activities organizations are involved in. Social responsibility is part of the overall strategy, but most organizations are not able to beat the full potential of this activity. It is being stated that 55% of the organizations that participate in a cause on the social media, eventually contribute towards the activity by donating, or raising their voices in support. Basically, social media helps increase the momentum of a particular activity, and ensure that the cause is getting fulfilled.

Excellent example of social media development as a support for charity would be the recent Nepal earthquake. There was a need for support and humanity across the country as a result of it. From offering help in finding the missing, to supporting them with money and other relief goods, social media helped resolve the issue in a major way.

The New Fundraisers Feature

Facebook has introduced a new fundraisers’ feature along with a “donate” button using which brands and organizations associated with CSR activities can source funding. With these new social media tools, you can use Facebook Fundraisers to lend your support to a cause, and gather a crowd to support your cause or help raise funds for the same. This is specifically a good feature, meant for the non profits. Non profits can have their own campaign specific fundraising pages, where they can show the cause, specify the people supporting it, show the kind of contributions being accepted for the same, and finally show the contributions they have raised for the campaign till that time. The fundraisers have incorporated a functionality that works in a way similar to kickstarter, except that it works for a particular cause. The other functionality similar to kickstarter is where the fundraisers can include a video to explain the intention behind a campaign, seeking people to take interest and invest in the program, track their progress, and collect specific donations.

Along with the fundraisers, the donate button has also been modified to match the organization needs. This button will be accessible to the individual pages and posts. Users can donate for the cause using this button. They can even share their deed using the share button. The donate button helps those willing to fund a campaign in a direct manner. This will help reduce the confusion related to donation, and get more people willing to spend actually donate. This feature will be tested with 37 organizations at the start, and the success will determine the roll out.

Social Media and Promotions

This new fund raising tool by Facebook is an excellent example of how social media can actually help organizations promote their products/services. With tools that are meant to perform certain specific functions, social networking sites can make the task easy to comprehend and perform.

You would have seen for yourself, how social media platform helps in promoting an activity, service or product. Finding missing people, to helping one in need- the social network comes to your aid. If you want to spread a word, the fastest medium happens to be the social networking sites. Organizations have hounded the social network with their plans and promotions, in order to spread a word on their activity to the people who follow them.

Social networks are not just a place to boost your brand, but also a place to keep up your reputation among the audience that like you, and wish to be associated with you. Newer tools just make the marketing easy and convenient for both the organizations and the people associated with it. Social networking sites should keep evolving with such new tools to help people find convenience in sharing and performing the tasks. Tools for social media help audiences relate to the site’s feature, and conveniently associate with it.

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