TRooTech Named Top Indian Software Development Company by Clutch


TRooTech Business Solutions is a software solutions company with a mission to accelerate our partners’ business performance. Since 2014, we’ve been a top-rated Indian software development company and trusted provider of focus-driven development services to companies of all sizes. We ensure success in an age of complex information and convoluted strategies to offer solutions that outperform and stay relevant.

Being an Indian software development company, we are a part of a fiercely competitive landscape. However, our approach has always been to work an extra mile and compete with our calibre to turn every enterprise stopping by at TRooTech into a great success–through our knowledge repository or with our enterprise software development expertise.

We’re immensely proud to announce that we’re recognized as a leader on Clutch this year. According to the B2B platform, we’re one of the top Indian software development companies in 2022. We believe this title stands testament to the fact that talent and dedication poured in a cup spills nothing but success.

From the Founder’s Desk



“Clutch has been a great organization and community for TRooTech. We have studied IT service insights and trends from it. We learned about companies in far-off countries in our industry; we also learned about the clients of companies and their feedback.

All of this has proven to be very important for TRooTech as inputs for our growth. Today, being recognized by Clutch among the few top software services companies in India gives us great pleasure and feels like receiving appreciation from a mentor! This recognition of being a leading Indian software development company will help us focus more on the responsibility of continuing the trust that this award has placed in us.”

Priyank Dobariya, Founder, TRooTech Business Solutions

About Clutch


Clutch is a ratings and reviews firm, committed to helping businesses connect with the service providers that can help them hit their operational targets. Clutch fosters a transparent feedback space for clients of Clutch-registered vendors, providing an accurate representation of their project management.

We’re truly honored to be acknowledged as one of the best-performing software developers this year!

We would like to thank our partners for taking the time to leave their honest feedback about our work. For more information about our projects, be sure to check out the reviews on our Clutch profile!

For a partnership with us, please contact us to get to know more about what we offer. TRooTech strives to offer the best services as a custom software development company in India.

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