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With time, technology has evolved, and the old trends have lost to the newer and better ones. The old technology trends don’t address the evolving needs of the business, which is why it is important that enterprises incorporate newer trends to gain a competitive edge, and increase their agility and productivity.

Enterprise application development is focused towards making enterprises productive and their processes efficient. They want to give the top floor more visibility into the shop floor activities, which is why they keep evolving their trends to match the needs of the enterprise.

In 2017, we saw a lot of changes in the enterprise application development, which includes introduction of newer tools and technologies. The business has grown digital, which means the older styles of application development will not be able to deliver the said results. In 2017, these changes were accounted for with new libraries, new tools and better development styles. The aim was to create a more secure environment surrounding you. Here, we will talk of the five new enterprise application development trends that will be focused upon.

Security has Gained Importance

In the digital age, you will observe an increase in the cyber-attacks. These attacks are more sophisticated, leaving no traces behind, and causing the downfall of the enterprise. A lot of application developers, when creating the application, forget the whole security aspect. Though they understand the risks, they take security into account only after the entire application has been developed, which is the reason for a number of vulnerabilities within the app.

In the past few years, close to 86% of the apps have experienced serious issues related to authentication, access control and confidentiality. Of these 52% have vulnerabilities like cross-site scripting, SQL injection etc. which are popular but can be controlled. These can cause major breaches in the security that need to be avoided.

The one trend that will be embraced would be related to application security. Developers will take security seriously, and would incorporate it while developing the application. The businesses will attempt closing the security gaps, thus unleashing incredible customer experience.

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Citizen-centric Development

The lack of synchronization between the IT department and business units has led to delay in web application development. The business units have to wait for the application after requesting for it. The IT department, owing to lack of resources, cannot complete every project immediately. Many business units have started favoring the shadow IT process, which has ready-to-use applications instead of waiting for the IT to give them their application. While these ready to use solutions are good, they don’t solve their problems completely. Not only this, these shadow IT applications tend to be more vulnerable and the IT has no control over the data or the systems. In order to prevent this, citizen development will pick up. This means, you can use the tools readily available, and create applications for your business without worrying about security or vulnerabilities. A lot of citizen development tools are readily available. The development and runtime environments are sanctioned by the corporate IT for this purpose.

Responsive Web Design Outdates

Responsive design was a hot trend till sometime back, wherein the same design can easily adapt to different screen sizes. This works well when you are considering web design, and adaptive design which works on the same lines is suited for web application. While, the concept will remain, the trend will change. The concept of allowing adaptability to various screen sizes will remain, but responsive web design might lose its impact. The reason being, you can never tell how a user will interact with a device, and which device do they prefer for hat actions. More than responsiveness, the adaptability of the screens to various devices will be given more importance.

Increased Hybrid Apps in Enterprises

In the view of growing mobile usage, you will see an increased number of enterprise mobile apps. The demand for these apps will be five times by 2017, which means you will need apps that adapt to every device, and can be operated across different operating systems. This will see a rise in hybrid enterprise apps, as that can give you access across different operating systems, while ensuring native-like experience. With reduced number of resources, and quicker development, chances of reduced time to market are high with hybrid apps. With hybrid development, you will not just be able to reduce the costs but also increase the productivity of app development.

Web Application Development with Front-end Technologies

Major enterprises are moving towards client-side development leaving behind the client-server model that they relied on for years. In the past, the server used to attempt everything that was heavy and included data processing. Time has changed as there is a need for hybrid and responsive Web Application Development, which calls for storing data in the web browsers itself. This development of applications using front-end technologies will see a tremendous growth in the coming times.

With these trends, you can evolve in application development and create flexible and scalable apps for your enterprises. Incorporate these trends in your application development strategy for the coming year.

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