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Mobile app development is at the heart of what we do. We bring years of mobile competency, strategic planning, and custom mobile app development proficiency to deliver the expected results. Our scalable and efficient mobile app development solutions help you keep up with the ever-changing market challenges.

With extensive competency in delivering customized mobile app development solutions in 15+ industries, we offer you a vantage point. Our mobile app development solutions provide tailored solutions for enterprise-level challenges. At TRooTech, we bring years of experience in React Native mobile app development environment, ensuring that our clients get the best possible solutions for their custom mobile business needs.

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Complete Product Transformation

Our product experts and developers have years of experience in product engineering for untainted accuracy. We automate your process so you can focus on other things that matter most to you.

Faster Iterations

Our tech prowess allows us to develop ready-made templates that save time and streamline engineering processes. As a part of our custom mobile app development process, we infuse accuracy into mobile app development.

Requirement-Tailored Approach

With years of experience delivering top-notch solutions to enterprises worldwide, we offer you custom mobile app development solutions tailored to your specific business requirements for a redefined approach. 

Impactful UX/UI

Our user interfaces provide you with the proper implementation of an appealing design that saves time. We visualize and concretize your ideas for quicker testing and improvement. This avoids unexpected changes later in the app development process. 

360° QA

We implement both manual and automation testing. This approach identifies blockers, eliminates bugs, and improves app performance for higher accuracy.

Secure & Scalable Infrastructure

Our custom mobile app development solutions help you deploy improvements smoothly and improve performance. Such an infrastructure offers a unique digital solution that secures your organization's data.

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Gain tech superiority with our battle-tested mobile app development solutions.

Progressive Web App

Our Progressive Web App experts create solutions that provide seamless interaction at lightning-fast speeds across multiple browsers. A few competencies include ease of navigation, excellent user experience, and secure data migration.

Our solutions help you with a structured approach to developing a data-intensive web application within a secure architecture. How about a native app-like feel with quick animations, an intuitive user interface and excellent UX? We offer them all!

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Welcome to TRooTech, where we merge innovation and technology to offer effective mobile app development solutions for all your custom business requirements. As the CTO, I am super proud of my experienced mobile veterans who love to embrace unique challenges and offer scalable solutions using technology.

Using the latest tech stack, we have been delivering unique mobile app development solutions to our clients in the US, Europe, APAC and many locations across Africa and Australia. With years of experience in developing mobile solutions that address enterprise-level challenges, WE are your next mobile tech partner!

Our mantra of 3 Ts forms our DNA.


At TRooTech, we love unique challenges and offer custom mobile app development that can change the future. So let’s explore new horizons together and take your business to the next level!

Dipen Patel

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    Case Study

    An Exclusive On-demand Prescription Delivery App with Doctors Onboard



    Client Since






    Refactor an existing on-demand prescription delivery application. 


    Develop an advanced virtual consultation module with voice, video, and chat modules. 


    The application should get doctors onboard from various expertise to facilitate online booking of doctor’s appointments. 


    Provide an online lab test scheduling to end users.


    • checkimg

      Offer a scan, snap, and order feature that makes ordering medicine easy.

    • checkimg

      Allow the user to access the prescription ordered by the doctor directly, making placing orders easy. 

    • checkimg

      Allow the user to access the prescription ordered by the doctor directly, making placing orders easy. 

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      Hassle-free appointment scheduling. 

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      Allow patients to access video consultation. 

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