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Developing for Android has become more like a ritual these days! Developers prefer developing apps for Android before they launch it for the other operating systems. One of the main reasons is the language in which the apps are developed. Android apps are developed using Java, which is a kind of universal language. You can easily import the apps that you have developed using this language on other mobile OS like Symbian etc. The portability is the main reason why most developers prefer Android over other operating systems.

Developing using Android Studio makes development easy and reliable. You can develop high performance apps easily, without investing too much of time into it. The Gradle based build system along with WYSIWYG editor helps render layouts in real-time. You can develop for multiple devices with this development framework.

Google App Store makes the app public within a few hours of uploading it to the store. This is faster as compared to the time taken by Apple store. With Google store, you can update the app multiple times in a day. In case of other app stores, you will need to go through the lengthy process for updates which is similar to the one you go through when you are loading the app to the store for the first time.

When you are developing for Android platform, you will need to take into consideration a few points, which will help you, come up with the ideal app.

Build a Strong Brand

When you start developing for Android, before you begin your app development, remember to work on brand building. When you have a brand name already registered in your users’ mind, you won’t need to work much on the marketing aspect. The launch of the mobile app will already gather enough user base for you, as your brand relates to them, and is relevant to their needs. This way monetizing using your app becomes easy and effective. Make sure your app is consistent with the brand image. Use the same color and fonts that you have used across the website and other segments.

Idea is Everything

It is the idea that will establish the app for your brand. You will need to look for a good idea, before you start working on it. It is the idea that will help you build that amazing mobile app on Android. Unless you have a good idea, there’s no way you can proceed with the execution. A good idea means you have something that you can bank on for monetizing. This is essential for businesses that are planning to build their apps and earn from it. A good idea will attract good user base or conversions, which is again necessary for your brand. You will be able to experiment with the mobile app only when you are sure about the idea.

User Profiling

Before you start off, you need to segment your potential user in certain ways so that you know who is your ideal user, and can market your app to them. It is important to profile your target audience so that you can get your app to the right sources. You should ideally create narratives that help profile your user. “A 22 year old college graduate who loves listening to music on the go” type of narratives will help in segmenting your audience, and understanding who to target the app with.

Create Conventional yet Friendly Apps

You need not go unconventional with your app development process. It is the conventional method that will help you win the game of app development. It is important to have a unique idea and conventional method of developing an app. You should have user friendly interfaces which will help improve the level of interaction and engagement and give the necessary customer satisfaction.

Test Before Publishing

You should necessarily test the app before you think of launching it. This will help you remove the bugs from the application before users begin downloading it. You will not get dislikes or negative comments, which can devalue your brand even before you start out. Spend a little time in testing the app, so that you don’t feel let down.

So, with these perfect ingredients, Are you planning for Android mobile app 

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