5 Key Notes That Makes Twitter The Absolute Social Media Platform For Marketing


Twitter has grown into an important marketing channel in the present times. You can’t think of marketing without thinking Twitter in your strategy. Not only is it a prominent channel for marketing, but also pretty effective in translating the message and ensuring it has reached your target audience. Many marketers have attained success in their marketing strategies with Twitter, and have even converted their business with effective Twitter based marketing.

Twitter is nothing but your online version of word of mouth, as it helps build your user base, gets them to hear you out, and helps you generate maximum leads. None of the other social networking channels have been able to gain such success rates.

Everyone who has been devising marketing strategies with social media channels want to know why Twitter works better as against many other social media channels. Here, we will take you through some of the interesting facts that make Twitter one of the best places to start your social media marketing and make it effective.

Why Twitter?

Twitter is a great starting point, at least we have established that with the earlier prose. But, why is it so? When you work with other social media channels, you need to be famous or at least have some unique friends who can help you get the fame. You also need to use paid marketing tools if you want to establish yourself on other social media channels.

With Twitter, you don’t need to spend any amount on paid marketing. With good tweets and great content you can gain yourself the marketing edge. Even if you are not famous, but you have good content on you, you can raise your bar with Twitter. Getting followers on Twitter is easy. Again, you will begin seeing good results even before you start getting a good following, The success ratio is essentially higher when you start out with Twitter. This is probably why Twitter is one of the most established social networking channels, as it offers good returns without any investment.

Facts on Twitter Users

Anyone who understands Twitter and how it works can use it and optimize results by using it. Many startups rely on Twitter to engage their audience and gain more returns. On the other hand, big time social media managers and brand specialists don’t believe they can use Twitter. It is all about how you use it, and what you use Twitter for. Many times marketers tend to use too many channels to promote themselves, which essentially results in a fiasco. Marketers should strategize their marketing with two or three channels at the most, and use them effectively be it website or mobile app.

Benefits of Twitter

When you work with social media, before building the strategy you need to understand the goals you are trying to attain with the channel. You can pursue many goals simultaneously with Twitter, and that’s what social media managers and branding people need to understand. Define your goal. Do you want to generate more traffic to your website with Twitter or do you aim to connect with your potential customers using Twitter. This goal will help you strategize the social media channel accordingly. If you know what you want from Twitter, you will be able to gain more benefits. If you are creating your brand identity using Twitter, then you need to strategize accordingly.

Using Twitter

Most people fail to understand how Twitter can be used to benefit their brand, and that’s precisely why they fail to achieve their goals. You need to provide value to your target group, and give them what they need through Twitter. Content is the key to your success on Twitter, and here your Tweet becomes your content. But, content is not the only thing that drives in more traffic. You need to follow the right people, make the right contacts, go to people who are like-minded and share their content. When people start becoming aware of your existence, they will come to you and your user base will grow.

Forgiving Mistakes

This is the only viral social media channel that forgives the mistakes that you have made. The reason is the lifespan of the Tweet that made you popular. If you have sent some real bad tweets yesterday, this medium offers you the opportunity to better your tweets. As long as you don’t hurt sentiments, you are allowed to redo your tweets and strengthen your brand.

Got how you can optimize your social media with Twitter? Now, start following these tips and get ready to build your brand online.

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