5 Challenges Observed In Enterprise Application Development


Enterprise mobility has become the need of the hour.

You will see enterprises gearing up to face the mobility challenge, and actually working towards making remote working possible for their business.

With more people bringing in their own devices to work, it is necessary to ensure enterprise application are developed for people to envision productivity and efficiency sailing through the whole enterprise.

Security is an important concern with enterprise mobility, and it is important to take security as a priority when developing an enterprise application. The aim is to reduce the cost of your enterprise, by giving it more scalability and flexibility.

The whole environment should be virtual and enable the availability of data in real-time.

To give enterprises the wings of mobility without obstructing security, you need to be prepared to face different challenges.

To combat the challenges, you need to have a defined purpose for your app, and you should know what goal you are aiming to achieve with the mobile app that you have developed for the enterprise.

The apps should be enabled on different devices and should be able to tackle the complex enterprise environment.



This is a major concern among enterprises that are planning for mobility solutions.

With BYOD gearing up to gain attention, it is necessary for you to ensure security within your app solutions.

You have crucial data stored on your central database, which can be accessed by the employees using their own device.

In case their device crashes or is stolen, you will face the repercussions.

It is your data that gets leaked in the process if you have no provision for security. Hacking into the system through a personal device can make your documents vulnerable.



Key decision makers within the organization need data to make informed decisions.

They need to know what is happening, and what will affect their decisions, which makes data availability crucial to them.

Making the data available and accessible in remote locations becomes essential at such a time.

Accessibility is a major challenge for enterprises in making informed & fast decisions.

Sending and receiving emails becomes easy with the accessibility feature, and it is important to offer accessibility with high levels of security.

Technology can help in secure file sharing, with a completely integrated backup, and centralized management.

It is important to have an access login structure so that your employees can access the data that is available for them. This makes critical data accessible only to select devices or people, thus ensuring both accessibility and security.

Improved Operations:


Proper planning of a business’s operations is essential if you want to improve the performance of your enterprise application.

With enterprise mobility solutions, this is a looming challenge.

You need to keep a backup of your data to offer consistent performance across the enterprise. The challenge is to develop apps that allow sharing of data inside and outside the firewall access.

Strong Networks:


Your enterprise mobility is given the stronghold only when you have a reliable and robust network backing it.

It is important to consider the network solution that will bind your mobility solution, such that you don’t experience any downtime.

When you plan your network, you need to make room for both current and future requirements of your enterprise.

Scalability is key when defining and designing networks for your enterprise mobility solution.

They need to take the evolving technology into consideration when developing the network for their solution.

This can be challenging, as technology and the technical considerations keep evolving drastically.

Shortage of Skills:


Finding the right skills that will match your needs is the main challenge for the IT industry.

When you are getting ready to offer enterprise mobility solutions, you need to have the right skills in your team that will take care of cybersecurity as well as networking, which is the backbone for your enterprise.

As part of your mobility solution, you will be integrating networks and personnel, and ensuring that they work seamlessly. The right skills and the right kind of training will help you achieve this goal.

If you can beat these challenges, you will be able to get the definitive edge over your competition in enterprise mobility.


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