5 Struggling Areas For eCommerce Businesses and Precautions


Starting an e-Store is as easy as cinch, but the difficult part begins only after you have started out. You just need to invest in a store design, and some basic materials to get started, but to maintain what you have started requires more effort than what you decide to put in when starting out. It is not as simple as simply starting a store and selling. Development of eCommerce businesses involves a little more than simply selling. It requires customers and engaging them; it requires streamlining the different processes to make the order fulfillment successful.

Content plays an important part of your eCommerce businesses as well. You need to work on the content which will help you gain more conversions. A good content marketing strategy is important for successful selling of products. Without optimization, you will never be able to fetch the desired results with your e-Commerce site, so you will need to work on search engine optimization as well. This means, your e-Store requires more effort than just setting up a business and selling things. You need to work on a whole load of things to make sure people are reached out to, and the conversions are on a rise.

While, there are some areas which are easy to tackle there are many that need your attention. Here, we will talk about areas that require more efforts.

Securing the Customer’s Trust

If you market your e-Commerce site well, you will surely gain visitors. But, converting these visitors and making them loyal is the hard part. Fancy eCommerce businesses with some lucrative content will surely gain one-time visitors, but if you are looking for engagement and higher conversions, you will need to slow down a bit and look at aspects that need more attention.

Why does this happen? Firstly, people don’t trust brands easily. They would rather prefer buying from someone they have bought things from earlier, than try someone completely new.

Try to find your differentiation point to get started and these eCommerce Market stats will say all. If you are into a particular niche, you have the edge already, and its time to work on showcasing the niche to your customers. Display your contact details, and testimonials on the website to gain some trust from the customers you are trying to convert. Offer loyalty programs, as that will help build trust, and get more people on board.

Secure Website

For an e-Commerce business, there’s nothing more difficult than having a secure website developed. You will have to, at some point or the other, deal with hackers and security breaches. In case, during this time your customer’s data gets leaked, you are back to square one in terms of trust. You may not get the users again. So, you need to work on securing your site as much as possible. Identify potential weakness of the website, and get it sorted immediately. Look out for tools that can help enhance the security within the website. Customize the installation of database-dependent elements within the website when considering eCommerce website development.

Streamlining Order Fulfillment

You will need to streamline the shipping and logistics processes within the system to ensure better order fulfillment. From picking, to packing and shipping, everything needs to be taken care of if you want highly satisfied customers at the end of the day. You need to connect four pieces of the jigsaw for efficiency in order fulfillment- people (resources), software, tools and techniques and finally the logistics. You should make sure all four are connected through a process, and are streamlined in a way that order gets fulfilled on time.

Returns & Refunds

With increasing competition, this has become an essential part of the eCommerce businesses. You should have a returns and refund policy in place. You should be able to process this as perfectly as possible. A no-returns policy works for small businesses, but in the long run you will be faced with competition from giants who offer returns and refund policies, which is why you will need to introduce it into your business as well. You should have a policy in place, even if you don’t support returns.


Gradually, your customers are being pulled by the mobile revolution. You will see them browsing the net, and shopping using their mobile. If you have not yet grabbed the opportunity to get a mobile presence, you should think about it now. Your mobile presence will help you get the desired edge and higher conversions. ROI is higher when you have a stable mobile presence.

If you want to get the desired edge, you will need to work on all these five concerns, and solve them for your brand. Make sure you invest in eCommerce app development as it will benefit you in getting more conversions.

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