6 Critical Reasons For Fat Uninstalls Of Your Mobile App


Mobile apps are slowly gaining importance in the competitive market dominated by smartphones. If your business wants to improve visibility on the mobile platform, it is important to optimize your site for the multiple devices. Today’s customer is present on multiple channels, and wishes to have similar experience across the various channels. Mobile is definitely an inherent part of the user’s research, and their extensive presence on this medium proves the point. Mobile not only furthers efficiency but also makes the end users and enterprises productive in their tasks.

A number of commercial and enterprise mobile apps have become popular, and are being extensively used. While this is true, there are many apps that are being uninstalled by the users. If there is a bug or the interface is not up to the mark, users tend to uninstall the app. There are times when users uninstall apps that seem too difficult to understand or use. Some apps show that they are very good and user friendly, but in reality they are not as good as they should be. It is not enough to have an innovative idea; you need to have an app that solves the issues faced by the user, and closes all the existing gaps.

Let’s see why apps are being uninstalled by users

App Requires Sign Up

If you are asking users to sign up to your app or, subscribe to it, you will find that users will uninstall the mobile app as soon as they install it. Your user does not have the patience of going through a complete sign up process. They need to use the mobile app before they sign up for it. It would be better if you take them through a tour, and then make them sign up for the app. You can even configure social sign-ups for the app, which will help keep the audience on your app.

Too Many Ads

Many apps tend to monetize using apps, but in-app advertisement proves to hinder with the user experience. They are both distracting and interruption to the user, which makes them want to uninstall your mobile app immediately. Your app might lose its appeal if you have too many ads in it. You app could also be suspected of malware in case you display too many ads.

Too Difficult to Use

One of the main reasons why Pokémon Go was embraced by millions of users across the world was the fact that it is easy to use, and pretty intuitive in nature. If your  mobile app does not come with an intuitive interface, you will lose out on maximum conversions, which will hamper your reputation and lower your ROI. Your app should maximize user experience with good and easy to use interface.

Handle Performance Issues

Most often the main trouble with a mobile app is its performance. Users tend to uninstall an app that cannot perform as well as the users demand. But, many users post their complaints and look forward to a solution before taking the extreme step of uninstalling the app. You need a support team that can handle an issue of this magnitude and resolve it as soon as possible. If you are unable to handle the performance issues, you will get maximum uninstalls for your app, which can affect your credibility.

Too Many Permissions

People neither have the time nor the patience to keep authenticating you through your mobile app. If you keep asking for too many permissions, the user will leave your app and eventually uninstall it. There would be an increase in the number of uninstalls as a result, which can affect your position in the app market. Make sure you include only permissions that you think are necessary for your app.

Heavy Memory Consumption

If your mobile app consumes too much of the battery and memory, then it is definitely not going to be embraced by your users. If their battery drains down within minutes, chances are they might uninstall your app as soon as they install it. If you are unable to improve the performance of your app, you will not gain the required audience base.

There are infinite reasons for uninstalling your app. Make sure you are aware of the reason, and respond to it quickly to prevent uninstalls for your app.

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