How Is Pokemon Go App Developed: Install, Play and Understand Anatomy


Developers of Pokemon Go App, Niantic have made their motto live which was being worked upon since last five years. Motto as they call was making the people interact with the world around them and what better than an intriguing game based on animation series of Nintendo’s Pokemon could have been? “Real world gaming” is truly real now, don’t wonder but wander in real sense.

Technological Overview: For Geeks Only

Pokemon Go App is a location-based augmented reality mobile game. It is released in first week of July 2016 for iOS and Android (Mobile and Tablet) devices for selected countries.

Understanding the augmented reality is simple but not that easy as spelled. It’s a technology that superimposes computer-generated graphics on a user’s view of the real world, thus providing a composite view.

The game seems well ambiguous just when you download, probably it will look virgin with quite a lot of potential. However the very first augmented element you come across will be choosing a virtual character, call it an avatar and you should be fascinated by the avatar looks since those are created with deep details and graphic mastery.

This very character you choose will make all the wandering and moves for you. Where it is moving but? That augmentation is gripping. That character will make the moves on the screen according to your moving and yes that is correct, game tracks your GPS coordinates of the mobile device constantly. Statutory warning: Please don’t give a glance of this game to your parents else they will believe this is some godly power associated.

The virtual world made of graphics on Pokemon Go App, the ground itself is augmented and imposed on the real map using the Google Map’s data at core. As players travel the real world, the avatar moves along the game’s map. Now you will get a relevance of your moving and character’s moving on the game. To keep moving is good but for what is more important as purpose is for life, right?

You travel and move to catch Pokemons as many as you can collect, that’s your purpose defined. Technologically these Pokemon characters are again set on the real world things, to catch them you don’t have to fishnet really or hug them compactly but just capture their picture in the right direction with the phone you are playing on, beware of is you see Pokemons set on real people or nearby, cautious girls can get you beaten.

System will not save and show you the picture you capture, instead it will just mark the Pokemon captured in the augmented graphics as shown on the game. So it’s safe that way however people are unpredictable so better keep safe distance. AR mode will be using the camera and gyroscope on the player’s mobile device to display an image of a Pokémon like they were in the real world.

Then there are lot of elements like training your Pokemons, taking them to gyms, Pokestops which are again the real world places actually however my point was to clear the technological view for the readers and hope that is clear with this short sweet piece. The mobile application development of this app is truly one of its kind.

Pokemon Go App Development Insight

The core data of the map comes backed by the Google Map for sure in android app development and iOS app development however the creators claim using the data of locations for making the Pokestops and Gyms is used from the data collected over the success of Niantic’s last AR game developed which was “Ingress”. Early on Ingress, Niantic tried forming a pool of historical places to be used as markers and data set of publically recognized artwork. These places were mined from geo-tagged photos on Google. That data was comprehensive and user generated already. In the countries where Ingress was not famous, will sure give a tough time to the developers and probably the community of users of Pokemon Go will be allowed to select these stops, rare wild possibility. This had happened for Ingress and they allowed the Ingress users to submit the places thought of historical markers worth.

Another data set is much drawn from geographic classification of any area based on climate, vegetation, soild, rock and water bodies. This makes it more of geographic information system type of data and Niantic used this data to map the pokemon types because remember, Pokemons are characters with special powers and have types like water speciality and habitat, fire player and relative habitat, one likes to live in rocks and have different vegetation.

Wearable technology is quite in up-trend nowadays and surely intriguing so thinking whether this game app is developed for smart watches too? This question should disappoint itself like AR game on wearable devices, seriously? However to make people feel the old school days and nostalgia, Niantic has actually come up with a Bluetooth wearable like a wrist watch calling it Pokemon Go Plus. Just captures the nearby pokemons and vibrates, rest details you need to check on your game device.

Talking Of The Algorithm Behind

There is only one algorithm which makes the distribution of Pokemons around the globe and that purely tries to associate with the habitat of Pokemon. This could be too complex and in mid-city, it could be difficult to find such places necessarily so it is being talked that the algorithm also uses the name of the places as well to assume the nature and atmosphere there. This way the system can bring the pokemons closer in the crowded places where people can play this game easily.

Rest is all free form, grab’em all.

The Business Aspect

This much craze can bring in many business ideas on table of the developers however one is very clear, it is going to be beneficial for the physical places, stores, less popular hangout places, hotels and restaurants and relevant businesses. It depends on when and how Niantic opens scope for such featuring revenue but for sure will break revenue records of giants.

Would like to add the business aspects more clearly with time on this post, rest would request the users if they see something interesting to add on this article. Write us in comments and we will surely feature your point on the article.

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