7 Future Web Development Trends You Need To Know


There have been quite a few web development trends that have become popular with time. Some of it are here to stay, while others will be tested before a verdict is passed for them. With time, new frameworks and tools have evolved that make life easy for the web developer.

Let’s have a look at some of the future trends for web development that will boost it.

Motion UI

The web world seems to have been caught up by animations and transitions, which is why motion UI will be the new trend in the coming times. With this new feature, you can make the app transitions look smooth and less complex. In fact, you can pre define the motions with rich interface options. This trend will be preferred mostly because of the way it fits into the bill perfectly, and helps your website look rich and aesthetic.

Responsive Designs

New technologies set you apart as a business. To achieve the competitive edge, you need to take the mobile-first approach as that offers responsiveness desired by your end consumer. There are just too many devices, and it is obvious your consumer would be indulging in second screen. To enrich their experience with your website, you need to consider optimizing your website for the various devices. Apart from responsive designs, Semantic UI design framework has become popular among developers, as it helps derive excellent user experience.

Growing Popularity of Internet of Things

With IoT, web development has secured new heights. It is estimated that by 2020 there would be around 50Bn connected devices ruling the world. It is estimated that half of the IoT development would be realized by startup businesses. By connecting devices, suitable and highly refined solutions can be given the enterprises for better collaboration and control. The linking of objects helps data exchange, which helps realize incredible user experience for the end users.

Browser-centric IDEs

As a developer, you are bound to have your own special web development environment that you have fallen fall. It could be a VIM or an IntelliJ, but things are going to change in this segment pretty soon. Slowly, developers are making a shift towards cloud-based IDEs. What’s the big deal about them? They are pretty fast, accessible and have a huge community support that you can gain from. There are many tools that you can avail in this new version of IDE, which will make testing quickly thus reducing the overall turnaround time. In fact, you can commence a quick bootstrap test without really downloading the file.

Full Screen Navigation

With full screen navigation, you can derive the user experience you have been vying. While the user is browsing your website on the mobile, they come to a registration form. There are two instances here, the form remains in the same size or, a popup with the registration form opens on tapping it. This full screen popup makes it easy for the user to type in the details, thus making the conversion possible. This trend is picking up with most web developers, as it assures conversions. This is a trend that is here to stay.

Real-time is the Key

There has been a rise in the number of apps that offer information in real-time. Real-time analytics is gaining importance in desktop as well as mobile applications. So Mobile Application Development is also important. Another important feature that is gaining importance because of real-time is live streaming. Apps like Periscope and Meerkat are gaining importance because of the world being dominated by real-time. Nothing that is not real-time exists or concerns the user. For developers, real-time services like pusher.com will be a welcome proposition.

Containers are Growing

Containers have been changing through the time, and have evolved majorly. But, it was docker that set things different. With this container service, developers can pace up the software development in an isolated environment. The container possesses everything that a developer needs to run the application smoothly. So, basically with a container developers can build, test, run and deploy their apps anywhere at any time. This reduces a lot of development and debugging time, thus ensuring quick time to market for the apps.

These trends are slowly picking pace, and are definitely here to stay. These are obviously just a few hand-picked trends that you ought to know for web development.

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