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Mobile app development is gaining pace with enhanced security and rapid innovations garnering strength. You will find more engagement on mobile apps as against desktop apps, as it offers both convenience and on-the-go accessibility. Enterprises are slowly moving the mobile way, as it derives more customer satisfaction by building customer relationship, and helping communicate with the customers in real time. Bring your own device (BYOD) has redefined the way enterprises collaborate and work. You no longer need an infrastructure setup at your premises to improve your processes or work output; with enterprises going mobile and merging it with cloud, you can access your files anywhere anytime, thus making your enterprise mobile.

Everything, from ordering food to shopping for groceries, has gone mobile. You will see consumers preferring shopping from or accessing their favorite websites on mobile, as it offers convenience. Trends happen to help create innovative app solutions. 2016 will see some of the most exciting mobile app development trends which will help make your app development process easy, and intuitive.

Rapid Development

A quicker time to market will help businesses get that edge over their competitors. This is why rapid development is in demand. There is an increase in the demand for mobile apps, which needs to be fulfilled with the ideal mobile app development process. Businesses need to introduce processes which will shorten the time duration between ideation and execution of the mobile app, and which will eventually help launch the mobile app fast. This year, you will see a rise in themobile app development tools, which will increase the speed of app development process.

Cloud Based App Development

With cloud and mobile joining hands, the technology world is observing a change. In this year, you will see that cloud technology will play a pivotal role in mobile app development, thus strengthening the whole process. With cloud, you will face no cost of infrastructure, and it becomes easy to deploy and access the apps. The functionality of your apps will enhance with cloud based development. In fact, it will help in faster app development.

Strengthening Security

Security is a major concern for businesses that are developing mobile apps. It is important for your app to pass the critical security tests, so that all the confidential and sensitive information within the app remains secure. You need to protect the app against leakage of data, cryptography, insecure data storage etc. Basically, you need to make sure the data storage, and the information within the app is secure. That’s why mobile app development trends will see a major focus on security in 2016.

Transactions & m-Commerce

Shopping goes mobile, and so does banking. You rely on your mobile for all transactions, which is why trends are moving towards this segment in 2016. Newer apps are being developed on this premise, so as to make transactions cashless and convenient. With enhanced security, relying on mobile as your wallet will be easy, convenient and safe.

Consistent User Experience

It goes without saying that user experience is the key to user engagement, which in turn results in customer satisfaction. Designing user experience requires complete understanding of what you want to achieve from the app, and is a leading technology. You will need to maintain consistency through in-app purchases, and navigation to ensure engagement through the app. For this, you will need to rely on the data received from mobile app analytics, which will help you understand the consumer behavior. It is based on the behavior that you can design the user experience.

Enterprise App Development

Cloud and BYOD will pace up the enterprise app development, making it the forefront for app development. About 1/3rd of the enterprises use mobile platform to develop and deploy their apps, and the scope is ever increasing. In 2016, there will be a growth in the number of enterprises going the mobile way.

Mobile Gaming

Gaming is a trend that will exist forever. Mobile gaming is a trend that will heighten its activity in 2016. Cloud based technology will be used to develop mobile games, thus offering synchronization between different devices. Single as well as multi-user games will be developed for the mobile platform.

With these trends ruling the mobile app development segment in 2016, innovation is definitely on the roll.

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