3 Reasons Why Mobile eCommerce is Forced for Customers?


What is with eCommerce and mobile apps? Till now, we have been seeing how users have transformed the way businesses work in real time. Most businesses have had to think of mobile presence, as a quality percentage is using smartphones. But, gradually we are seeing a different conduct altogether. Businesses are shutting their shop on the desktops, and are moving towards mobile completely. In India, Myntra was the first to make the move by shutting down its website. Shopping on Myntra is possible on the mobile app only. Myntra was followed by Flipkart, which has also induced the app-only model. Sometime this year, Flipkart shut down its website, and concentrated on the mobile app to interact with its users.

What are these different businesses, who are adopting the app-only model, actually doing? They are forcing the consumers to download their apps, and shop using their apps. Mobile eCommerce is gaining more focus with these businesses moving towards mobile-only model. You will be surrounded by messages like “upgrade to the app for better experience” which forces you, in a way to download the app and enjoy shopping experience. Flipkart and Myntra are not the only businesses to do this. You have others like Urban Ladder etc. also working on the same model. So, why is this app-only phenomenon on a rise?

Challenges Users Face

When you start out with a business, you define your target audience. They are your potential customers you are looking to convert. Now, just because you have changed the way you offer your things, you lose out on this potential customer base. Let’s understand why? Your user may use a smartphone, but have you ever tried to derive insights on why he/she uses the smartphone? How do they consume a smartphone? Most users don’t have a major data pack. They are flittingly using data packs to consume Facebook on a smartphone. For them, a smartphone is a medium of being connected on social media, and they don’t even look at their mails or reply to mails using the phone. Now, if your user is one of these people, then you will lose out on them, as they don’t prefer shopping using a mobile.

What Statistics Say?

Most companies look at the statistics and derive their insights based on them. According to popular statistics, percentage of time spent on mobile app development has gone up from 80% to 86% from 2014 to 2015. This is probably why more people are moving towards apps, and shutting down their desktop sites, causing troubles to your user. Mobile apps are used to acquire more users, and retain them. The major need for apps is to keep the user engaged, and not allow them to move out of the sphere. The people who are going to shop are using mobiles to complete their shopping needs. Most times people have a habit of opting for mobile phones when they want to complete a purchase, as it is readily available. It has been established that the user will browse on a desktop, but complete the purchase using either a mobile or a tablet. That’s why it is important for most businesses to opt the app-only model.

During the recent holiday sales, heavy traffic walked towards apps, and increased the sales on this medium. While 67% browsed on desktops, only 30% managed to complete purchases on this medium. On the other hand, 46% browsed using a mobile and of that 46%, 42% of the people converted. This statistics is enough to establish the fact that desktops is majorly used for browsing, and purchases are completed on the app.

Moving to Mobile eCommerce

Businesses have established the fact that mobile eCommerce is indeed the future of online shopping. Most people, who are going to buy from you, use mobile to complete their shopping. There is a chance of increase in profitability and revenue, if you are present on apps. Apps allow better engagement compared to websites, which helps convert better. The mobility offered helps people to access them on the go, and buy the product when they want to.

Apps are redefining consumption methods, which is why e-Commerce is being taken over by mobiles, and businesses are moving towards app-only models for the stores.

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