7 Unbeaten Hybrid Mobile App Development Frameworks


Creating an application for individual platforms brings in the complexity of writing different codes, running the compilation and then debugging the same to find and remove the errors. This means you will need to debug and remove the same error patterns for the different platforms. If you don’t want to do this, then the only remaining option is to create app for one platform at a time. This can sometimes take away a portion of your audience, if you have not really worked on the app purpose and defined a goal for the same.

That’s precisely why hybrid apps are becoming popular among businesses who want an app for all the platforms simultaneously. With hybrid apps, you don’t need to write the code for individual platforms; you just need to write the code once, and share it on all the platforms. A single code will help you develop apps for all the platforms. The time to develop and time to market is reduced considerably, and the whole app development cost is less for hybrid apps.

You have several frameworks that help you with hybrid app development. Here we will discuss 7 frameworks which help in hybrid mobile app development.


Ionic is one of the top open source HTML frameworks that help in hybrid app development. This framework has been developed on SASS. It comes with several in-built UI components that help create interactive and highly feature-rich apps for your business. This framework uses the much talked about AngularJS which gives power to your mobile app. Backend integration combined with rich APIs helps deliver the ideal apps for businesses. It also includes Cordova app packager and numerous emulators integrated to the framework.

Sencha Touch

This is a popular HTML5 framework that helps develop hybrid apps for different platforms- iOS, Android, Blackberry etc. This platform helps you gain that edge over the competition with the 50 odd in-built components, and the amazing native-like themes. The apps are interactive and intuitive; they come with smooth scrolling features, fluid animations and an adaptive layout engine, which helps develop robust apps instantaneously.

Onsen UI

This is a custom element based HTML5 framework, which allows you to create excellent native-like apps for your business. This framework combines the responsiveness of hybrid apps with the appearance of the native app. This framework can be combined with AngularJS if the need be, and offers ease of use. The different layouts and the excellent documentation helps give out ideal results.

Appcelerator Titanium

This framework gives you the ideal native-like hybrid app. This framework uses Alloy, the MVC framework which helps in accelerated development. You can create various modules, and re-use them across applications with this framework. It is a fully equipped SDK which offers APIs and cloud service to match your needs. It uses JavaScript to help you create amazing apps, which run similar to the native apps.

Mobile Angular UI

This hybrid framework allows you to create intuitive and highly robust apps built on HTML5. It unleashes the potential of both Angular JS and Bootstrap in the app development process. You get access to overlays, switches, scrollable areas, navbars and sidebars, all of which are important from app development perspective. You get access to libraries like overthrow.js and fastclick.js to create unique mobile experience for your business.

Intel XDK

If you want a framework that makes it easy for you to develop hybrid apps with HTML5, then Intel XDK is your go-to framework. It hastens your multi-OS app development process. You can create amazing and highly robust apps with this framework, and deliver it to the different stores. The built-in design, debug and build tools, help you develop and test the apps and publish them to the different stores simultaneously. This XDK allows you to create error free apps.

Framework 7

Framework 7 is a fully featured and highly intuitive framework to develop hybrid apps for iOS and Android platforms. It is a framework agnostic, which means it does not depend on the external frameworks like React and Angular for development of an app suited to your business. You can get highly native-like apps with the apt styles and animation with this framework. You just need to have basic knowledge of HTML, JavaScript and CSS to get the app developed. You get good performance apps with this framework.


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