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Travel has evolved because of the numerous start-ups that have officially made all aspects of travel easy and convenient. It was initially booking that was made easy and convenient with the travel apps. You could book flights, trains, and buses from the convenience of your homes. This was later transferred to other travel areas too like booking accommodations, local transport etc. Today, the different travel apps allow you to book travel guides, get to know the must-see places, plan your whole trip etc. Travel commerce has not just evolved, but made your whole trip easy and absolutely convenient.

With the different and innovative experience offered by these apps, the user base for the same has improved substantially. You will see a lot of apps boasting heavy traffic in this year. Some apps have even increased their conversions and ROI for the year, owing to the experience they offer. Here, we will discuss some of the popular travel apps that have given excellent experience to the users in the past year.


Expedia, an established name in travel industry. Along with the travel search, information and booking website, it also has its own app with some unique and interesting travel deals. You will get some mobile exclusive deals with this mobile app. Apart from that, you get enhanced user experience with the enriched mobile search functionality. Sorting reviews is easy with the app.

Google Flights

Searching for flights, and knowing the actual price and deal for the flight has been made easy with Google flights. This app does not allow you to book the flights, but you can search flights for their actual prices, and also check when the prices for these flights hit a low. This way you will be able to get a clear picture for the bookings.


This travel aggregator searches for excellent deals available on flights and accommodations. You can even search for deals on car rentals using this mobile app. It started out as a search-only travel app, but has slowly incorporated pre-booking services also. Earlier, you could navigate to partner websites with this app, but not anymore.


This is app which works towards getting accurate flight details, and helps plan your trip dates. With rough dates and destination, you can plan your flight schedule. This travel planning app will tell you what the best time to travel in your limited budget to your choice of destination is. You will also get an idea on whether the rates will rise or fall for the app


Do you get confused on what to pack when you actually sit to pack? Do you have lists, which effectively come to no help for the destination you are planning to travel? Well, you need Packpoint installed in your phone. Web application allows you to enter your trip details, and you will get a list of things you should carry for the itinerary planned. It will specify all the things in detail.

City Guides

When you are visiting a new location, chances are you don’t know much about the location. Maps are your best friends in places where you don’t know the routes properly. What if you don’t get the internet in such locations? City guides offers you offline maps with the must-visit places and restaurants listed. With these maps, you can always roam in a new city, and see new places.


If you are traveling to Appalachian Mountains and want a bike on rent, this is the app for you. You will be connected to bike rentals who will offer you bikes along with other ski materials at affordable rates, foremost quality necessary for any travel website.


You have chosen a destination to travel to, but you are still not sure on what you will do when there. This app will help you plan your trip by suggesting places you ought to visit, food you should try, and activities you must accomplish when there. You can always plan the itinerary before traveling, and pull it out when you are there.

Just Landed

When you are going to pick someone up from the airport, or you are planning to get a pickup from the airport, you need to know about the traffic and the approximate time you will take to reach the specified destination. This is where just landed helps you. It tells you about the traffic along the route, and gives you an approximate time to reach the spot.

These are just a few apps that have gained visibility in 2015. Several other apps have increased travel convenience majorly.

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