Chinese giant travel guide booking website, GuideWeTravel increases its reach with New Web Portal


The arrival of web 2.0 has led to a flourishing travel industry. You will find that it has definitely affected how travel occurs in the digital era. There are infinite number of tools that are available to create and distribute relevant content, and gain more audience. These tools help unleash the true potential of the concept/idea which is translated in a format best understood by the audience related to the product. The internet users are being profiled and influenced in the world of web 2.0. But, that’s not the only observed change in the web 2.0 world. It has also marked a substantial demand for travel and tourism industry. It has created a need for applications and websites that feature travel and tourism based content.

It is not just travel information that has gained an urging need, but also the travel platform which offers convenience in booking and renting out accommodations and travel. The tourism industry has picked up majorly thanks to the convenient booking engines, which guide you through your trip, and help you choose ideal options. Social media has an equally important role to play in distributing the travel related content and make it popular among the target audience. Different sources make the relevant content available to the target audience.

Guidwetravel is a web portal that aims at making bookings and actual traveling easy and experiential. It is not just about booking the right accommodation or places, but actually experiencing those places. Till you don’t have a local person taking care of all your travel needs, your traveling experience remains incomplete.

Guide We Travel: Unique Experience

Guidewetravel is a travel mobile application which aims at making your travel an experiential affair. This application was created to make your travel around China interesting, and filled with stories. Traveling is a vast landscape in itself, and this portal aims at making efforts at localizing it. This application has been initially started for traveling China, and plans of expanding the app have not been shared as yet.

The aim of such travel app development is to share a local experience with the travelers touring China. For this purpose, they allow you to book private guides or city tours using this portal. The private guides are associated with the application, and they are local people who know the country. If you have a trusted guide showing you around, you know the history associated with the country. The best part is not traveling around a country, but knowing the essence of the travel. You know how to reach the different parts of China, and what’s special about that place.

Which touring style should you adopt for which place is best known from the local guide. That’s the USP of this site. They offer the local flavors in terms of style, food and other aspects that can enhance your experience of traveling the space. Apart from booking private guides, you can even book the city tours you are planning on in the country. You get good tours at great prices on this application with all details on what you should be seeing, and how you should be traveling.

Affiliate marketing has been introduced in this site to improve conversions, and get more profitability. The community has been created to ring in awareness regarding the website, and get more related audience to come on board, and travel with a local experience. The travel services offered for China on this website are unique and localized.

Why Such Travel Portals are Needed?

Travel is not just about knowing where to go, and how to reach there; it is also about knowing how to experience the place. There are many booking websites which give you ratings and rankings on the accommodations that you can choose. But, none of them tell you how far the place is from the locations you should be experiencing in your choice of place.

Localization is the new found concept, and travel portals need to adopt it to offer a grand exposure of the place to the people touring. Such travel marketplaces are in demand, as they tend to tell you more about the place in a trusted manner. The reviews are genuine, and from real people. This makes the app more interesting and interactive.

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