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2015 saw some of the most exciting ideas being converted into mobile apps. The similar app development segment had caught up pace, with different ideas being modeled into some of the best apps. These different mobile solutions were created for different purposes. Some gaming apps heightened the gaming activity for the year, while some others were made with the sole objective of improving the overall productivity of the people. There were app updates, which made the existing apps look amazing.

Here, we will discuss the productivity apps that were created in the year 2015 in some detail. These apps include some that offer to-do lists, while there are others that offer to build task lists for your brand. This year saw some apps that allowed you to create and distribute images, thus making the image creation task more productive for you, and helping you with your blogs.

There are some mobile application development that was considered much better than the others that were developed simultaneously. They are not really in the same order, but here are 9 mobile apps that were developed to improve productivity.


The name itself suggests that this app makes sure actions are taken, and the efficiency of the activity is improved. It is an automated workflow app. This app allows you to create personalized buttons for the different actions. For example you can have a “Do Notes” button for the action notes. Similarly “Do Camera” will get the camera started. It is a free app available on Android and iOS, which makes actions easy and doable.


There are times when you wish to go through links for articles or some content while you are on Facebook, Twitter or such similar social networking app. Flynx is your go-to mobile app. Without disrupting your productivity, this app allows you to actually read the articles. It also gives you relevant content, and makes sure you can save these articles to read later.

Full Contact

Your contact stored in the directory is also your contact on social media channels, and your Email accounts. It is essential to sync all your contacts, and keep the different Ids, and important information related to them in one place, so that you can pull it up whenever you want to. This is why you need FullContact app on your mobile.


Make and share live videos, and get your friends to watch it as it is being shot. With Periscope you can have viewers watch the video live, or share it with friends so that they can watch it later. It is a free app is specifically for android and iOS. Such similar app development helps productively share videos with friends.


You always need a to-do list so that you don’t forget something that is top priority, and needs to be finished within a specific time. That’s why you need Accomplish loaded to your mobile. You can even drag the to-do list activities to the day view planner. You can graphically plan your day with this app. It is an Android-only app.


If you are a designer, and have a design in your mind while on the go, don’t let the design go away. Before you forget, use this app to draw the designs, and capture it in the spaces of the app. You can even export the designs to your image editing software. The basic version of the app is available for free, but the premium version which includes the different features is available for $14.99 per month. It is an iOS-only app.


Need a visual brainstorming app? Load Forge to your phone, and get started. Collect images, create sketches, draw storyboards and mood boards for your design. You can even import the photos and sketches from your iPad using this app. It is a free iOS-only app.


Reach anyone within the contact list with ease using Drupe app. This app syncs all the contact related details in one place. You can talk, call, chat, or reach your contact in any form using this app. You can create groups using this app. It is available for Android and is for free.


If you want to backup all your photos, or wish to see certain photos, then you need to look out for GooglePhoto. This stores, produces and backs up all the photos on your phone.

It’s time to see what kind of similar app development will 2016 bring to the floor, with 2015 having set the benchmark so high.

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