The Rise Of Enterprise Mobility Solutions


Mobile market has grown in the past few years, which has created numerous business opportunities for enterprises globally. Well-streamlined communications, increased transparency, empowered employees and personalized services to the end users are some of the benefits gained by the increased adoption of mobility solutions within the enterprises.

With the BYOD policy combined with mobility solutions, you can feel a change in the way the relationship between technology and users exists. Collaboration, communication and sharing documents have undergone a huge change with the rise in enterprise mobility solutions. The mobile and tablet market is still at the tip of an iceberg, and has a long way to go before it can launch itself completely. As of now, people are consuming mobile technology for numerous reasons which include browsing through applications such as gaming, social networking, and health and so on as well as making mobile payments, accessing the banks, instant collaboration etc.

Earlier people consumed their phones to make a call or send a message. Things are gradually changing now! You will see people consuming their phones to make payments, download the songs, and send emails, instant communication, sharing files and other personal as well as enterprise related purposes. The main aim is to streamline the tasks and improve productivity immensely.

Let’s have a reality check on the impact of mobility solutions on your enterprise. This will help you understand how mobility solutions are truly affective the productivity and efficiency positively.

Increased Productivity

Mobility solutions combined with BYOD policy helps increase the pace of work within the enterprises. The learning curve for devices is reduced significantly, as people are allowed to use their own devices. Time and efforts are massively saved in this stance, which eventually leads to more tasks completed, reduced overheads and happy employees. The overall efficiency and productivity within the organization sees an upward curve owing to mobility solutions.


When you combine BYOD with enterprise mobility solutions, you are making documents and files easy to share and send. Yes, with the right mobility solutions the accessibility within the enterprises increases, which increases the pace of work, and reduces the time to send the output. Trello is an excellent example of increased accessibility with enterprise mobile application. This app allows your project management team to collaborate with the ones executing the project. As a result, all the doubts and issues are resolved on time; the communication is crisp and transparent, and the accessibility is high. Even if your team is situated remote, you can share files with ease with this renewed mobility solution.

Better Returns

There is no lock-ins experienced as you get numerous cloud deployment options with the enterprise mobility solution. You get reusable plugins, code etc. that fastens the pace of development, while reducing the overall time taken or the costs that go into the process. The right mobility solution comes with predefined process, which helps you know what needs to be done in advance. This helps you reduce the turnaround time, thus gaining an edge over your competition. This definitely results in better returns, which is the main aim of all the projects undertaken by your organization.

Secure Integration

You can integrate your mobility solution with the existing application for better streamlining, and increased levels of transparency. You will find that all processes are aligned to each other for quick output and better efficiency within the organization. The mobile as a backend is considered for the integration.

Security is a major concern when you are considering integration. With right mobility solutions, you can integrate the mobile application to the existing applications in a secure fashion, without affecting the legacy applications. The transparency with this integration rises, and helps you gain an edge over your competition

Improved Collaboration

When you are a large enterprise, you are constantly working with teams that are located at different places. You need to be constantly in touch with them to ensure the tasks get completed on time. For example, if your development team is in a particular location and the account holder is in another location altogether, communication plays an important role in getting the things done on time, with the quality expected. That’s why a mobility solution is required. With applications like Trello, Dropbox etc. enterprises can gain control over the process, and complete the tasks on time.

Mobility solutions can impact your organization in a positive manner. You should have the apt solution that is aligned to your business goals and take into consideration your business needs to reap the best benefits.

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