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Travel has become a major industry in the past few years, having seen tremendous growth and potential. Disposable income, increased awareness, and the reduced rates of travel is a major reason for the sudden increase in the number of travelers. People no longer prefer going nearby for a vacation; they prefer traveling to far off and less explored destinations, which is also a reason for growth in the number of travel companies, agents and services.

Hospitality has also been pushed forward with the increase in number of travelers. Your place of stay is as important as the mode of travel you choose. It has become important for the major players of hospitality industry to improve their visibility, and gradually reach out to their target audience. Hospitality industry is a pretty competitive island as of now, and for most players it has become essential to reach out to their targets before their competition reaches out, so that they can gain more profits.

To ensure maximum conversions, you need to provide best-in-class services as part of your offerings. Apart from ensuring incredible services for your customers, you need to incorporate tools that can help build your business model.

When you talk about tools, you simply cannot ignore the power of mobile application development. When your customer looks for an option, the first place they turn to is the mobile. They are mobile bound, and if you don’t reach out to them on this platform, you will probably not win them over. From knowing what’s new to booking their accommodation, travel is being planned on this small device called mobile.

If you have your own mobile app, you will be able to reach out to people exploring options immediately, and chances of getting conversions are higher. When it comes to going mobile, the toughest choice happens to be the platform. If you want to lower the risks, and maximize the reach, you should choose Android as your platform. The reason being Android has a better reach, and the ROI risk that you would feel otherwise is negligible in this case. The other reason being Android is a relatively cost effective platform for developing your mobile app, and chances of getting satisfactory results are higher.

Android app development is an open source platform, which allows you to leverage on Google’s philosophy of freedom and innovation. With your creative instincts and availability of the source, you can custom choose your mobile application, and include parameters you think are important from promotion perspective. Around 80% of the smartphones operate on Android platform, which means most of your customers are on this platform. This is why you should be on this platform. It is not necessary to look out for the Android market to install the Android apps. The best part is you can install these apps from any source. In fact, testing the apps from different sources is also possible. So, basically they are accessible from anywhere for multiple purposes.

Now, that you know why you should build for Android, let’s get a look on what you should include in the app to improve its visibility and popularity.

A Walk Through

When your potential customer opens your mobile app, they need to know what you are, and why they should choose you. It is important to give them a walk through on your hotel, its amenities, and other details so that they can choose you, if you fit their bill. The value added services will win you more conversions, and the mention of such services is important.

Photo Gallery

A mobile app walkthrough of your hotel remains incomplete without appropriate photos being put up. It is important to have photos of all the amenities, to help them know how the hotel will appear.

Bookings through App

A mobile app is supposed to offer convenience to the customers. By offering bookings through the app, you are offering them a way to complete their accommodation planning on the go. Accessibility and convenience will get you more people on board, and improve your business model’s profitability.

Make sure you have secure booking systems, and have integrated secure payment gateways. This will assure the customers of completing the booking.

Add some extra information on the place, and the must-visit places to build intrigue and interest. Apps are a great way to promote your business and win more customers.

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