AngularJS for Web Development is Every Enterpreneurs’ First Choice


Entrepreneurs see AngularJS for web development not as an option but as a conscious choice.

Did you know how did I get to this conclusion?

Let’s analyze. But before that, let me ask you a question–what are the parameters of a great website or a web app?

  • Objective of the website
  • Clarity over next action
  • Web design
  • Ease of navigation
  • Ease of usability

Well, these are just the general factors and there are way more parameters layered beneath the backend. So to say, page loading speed. However, the purpose of listing these key factors is that AngularJS exactly meets your end goal; that too without a lot of rocket science involved for AngularJS developers.

For one, AngularJS supports MVC architecture. It also supports automatic data synchronization, which makes developers capable of developing robust and interactive web applications.

AngularJS also cares about the business aspect. With rich functionalities and capabilities, the frontend framework assists developers to achieve the desired outcome and performance in less time and with fewer efforts. As a result, you can make some savings on AngularJS developers. Hence, AngularJS is not only good for your business going forward, but also for your current finances.

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How Popular is AngularJS for Web Development?


Currently, there are 4,158,000+ websites developed using AngularJS. Besides, it has acquired 59,600 Github Stars. With every new version release, AngularJS developers have found better capabilities to work with.

  • AngularJS (October 2010):
    Preferred for single-page applications
  • Angular 2 (September 2016):
    Re-written with typescript to enhance its compatibility with mobile devices
  • Angular 4 (March 2017):
    Helps in reducing the size of code by up to 60%
  • Angular 5 (November 2017):
    Underpins Google-driven web applications
  • Angular 6 (May 2018):
    Prioritizes toolchain for inspecting the structure of your web apps
  • Angular 8 (October 2018):
    Offers CLI drag and drop capabilities and Virtual Scroll in CDK
  • Angular 9 (February 2020):
    Uses View Engine to overcome the bundle and size issues
  • Angular 10 (July 2020):
    Comes with a new date range picker capability in the UI component
  • Angular 11 (November 2020):
    Enhanced reporting and logging and updates regarding Hot module replacement
  • Angular 12 (May 2021):
    Comes with compiler support for service workers, router, and compiler CLI
  • Angular 13 (November 2021):
    Can be used to decrease maintenance cost and complexity of code
  • Angular 14 (June 2022):
    Delivers a consistent API and tooling experience for both Angular developers and users.
  • Angular 15 (Nov 2022):
    Focuses on stability and improving developer experience and performance.

To summarize where AngularJS is standing today, it is quick and easy to integrate with other frameworks, which charts out a bright future for AngularJS for web development.

What are the Top Features of AngularJS?

In the era of rapid technological evolution, AngularJS is the ultimate way to develop responsive web applications. In the previous blog, we have had the opportunity to explore the benefits of AngularJS. Here we will see the top features that AngularJS sport:

AngularJS works with MVC:
AngularJS offers developers with MVC architecture, which features dynamic modelling. Any web app is developed by combining multiple modules together. These modules use different logics, which are initialized as per the requirement of the modules. AngularJS developers have to build components and then converge them using code.

AngularJS features HTML User Interface:
One of the great features of AngularJS is its HTML user interface. HTML language is a declarative language using short tags. As a result, it leads to a more simplistic and organized UI. Since the JavaScript interfaces are complicated to organize and develop, the HTML makes the user interface easy to use and simple.

AngularJS possesses Unit Testing Functionalities:
The performance and reliability of AngularJS are important aspects to consider while developing responsive web applications. If it were not for AngularJS, unit testing would be performed through the creation of individual test cases for testing the behavior of each module. On the contrary, AngularJS uses Dependency Injection, which enables it to function simultaneously managing the control through simplicity

AngularJS with Directives:
AngularJS offers extra functionality using directives with HTML. AngularJS has additional elements that can be accessed for stimulating additional elements. The controller need not directly manipulate the DOM, since it is done with directives. The AngularJS developers have to build loops using the right properties for getting the best outcomes.

AngularJS is among the top five frontend frameworks.

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Why AngularJS for Web Development is Preferred Choice for Enterprises?

Given the favourable factors that AngularJS possess for responsive web development, it is preferred among enterprises. AngularJS software development services are identified as a practical choice for product development. Let’s explore more reasons as to why AngularJS for web development is the perfect choice for enterprises.

AngularJS for Web Development Offers Security:

Security is the main worry that every organization has when trying to safeguard their websites and applications. Even if they have a robust firewall, the threat could still be lurking behind the screens. All thanks to AngularJS for web development services to focus on presenting the data over processing the data.

AngularJS applications can be secured by simply adhering to the excellent safety procedures. The secure HTTP calls with RESTful APIs and web services initiate communication with the server. As a result, AngularJS is able to present the data on the app screen.Additionally, the frontend framework ensures client-side security through strict expression evaluation and stringent contextual escaping.

AngularJS for Web Development in an Expedited Way:

AngularJS merits speedier web development for enterprise solutions. AngularJS developers do not need to write a long MVC pipeline. It utilizes HTML for the development of the view using some attributes that can be added to the code. The frontend framework requires less coding, thereby fewer efforts for data binding. When it comes to web app development of small size, AngularJS helps developers achieve it in no time. Hence, when you hire AngularJS developers for web development, the overall cost also reduces.

AngularJS for Web App Maintenance:

The word you are looking for is AngularJS maintenance services. AngularJS being a great frontend framework for web development also extends its expertise for web app maintenance. If you choose the best AngularJS web development company for maintenance services, it would follow a well-organized and well-defined system for keeping your website healthy and updated.

AngularJS is ideal for web app maintenance with aspects including but not limited to speed optimization, plugin updates, security patches, deletion of broken links, version updates, and more.

Hire AngularJS Developers for Managing Accessibility:

One of the key concerns keeping entrepreneurs up all night is pertaining to industrial infrastructure security. When an enterprise solution uses AngularJS for web development, it poses accessibility criteria and restrictions at each level. The frontend framework offers flexibility, enabling the integration of application login and domain system through security guidelines. There are multiple supplementary libraries that handle the task–for example, Idapjs implements SSO to access an application.

AngularJS Enables Easy Integration:

AngularJS is capable of responsive web app development that allows effortless collaboration with third-party apps. AngularJS developers with experience in object-oriented MVC can make this possible for the server-side. Through the dependency injection. AngularJS developers can integrate modules that have already been developed using AngularJS. There are multiple libraries available within the AngularJS ecosystem for the development of new functionalities within the objects.

AngularJS for Enhanced Testability:

Using AngularJS, developers can create websites that are easy to test and error-free. After a certain duration of time, any web development requires fixing and upgrading of issues of a particular website. AngularJS developers find it easy to fix bugs and it is easier for them to identify areas of improvement and fix issues. Currently, Jasmine and Karma are the key testing tools for the web development environment.

AngularJS for Effective Collaboration:

One of the best advantages that AngularJS offers is its responsiveness and ability to accommodate instances of better collaboration. AngularJS developers usually with experience in object-oriented MVC software can work well towards the server-side. AngularJS is easy to learn and even if you start looking to hire AngularJS developers, you can do so with ease and little hassle. As a result, getting developers with various expertise becomes convenient.

AngularJS to Optimize your Existing Data:

AngularJS offers the benefit to handle your existing database. The frontend framework uses RESTful APIs to communicate with database management and server. It assists in reusing server-side security. The website developed using Django or Rails can be replaced easily using a few swaps. AngularJS helps implement the directives that enhance the speed and performance of a website.

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How to Select an Ideal AngularJS Developer for your Product Team?

Looking at current trends of AngularJS web development, it is evident that the right time to choose and hire Angular JS developers is now. While there are many sources that can help you scroll through the AngularJS developers, you need to know the best approach to get the best fit for your product. That being said, it is not important to hire Angular JS developers that ticks all the boxes of an ideal AngularJS developer. On the contrary, it is important to hire Angular JS developers that match the requirements of your ultimate product.

In order to identify your ideal AngularJS developer, we have devised the best approach to augment the team the right way:

Identify your Requirement:

The first step to hire angular js developer includes doing some homework from your end. In this stage, you need to jot down your requirements. In order to have the best requirement in place, you can talk to your team and analyze the actual need. Not only should you talk to your project manager but also developers. This way, you can have better clarity on your product development needs.

Besides this, you can also identify the duration and your estimated budget for AngularJS web development to reduce the time spent on negotiation.

Know the Best Source to Hire AngularJS Developers for Web Development:

Some of the top sources to select the best AngularJS developers for product development are Upwork, LinkedIn, or through a credible software development house. Now, it is important to know that every platform will have different kinds of developers. You might come across freelance AngularJS developers, dedicated AngularJS developers, offshore AngularJS developers, onshore AngularJS developers, and different categories based on the source you go with. No matter whom you choose, take a background check and ensure reliability based on their reviews and ratings.

Scroll through Resumes and Shortlist Candidates Based on Projects:

While it is a tedious task to scroll through piles of resumes and CVs, let me save you some time and energy. Hire AngularJS developers from a software house. As a result, they can provide you with selected resumes, which you can look at to match your requirements. Since these AngularJS developers are already interviewed and trained by top software development agencies, you can directly hire them and get started with your product team.

Interview the Shortlisted Candidates:

This may sound like an obvious step. However, it is crucial for you to interview with the right set of questions. Let’s face it. Most of the interviews start with the introduction of the candidate. You can have some other conversation starters like talking about their day spent or their hobbies. Another important point to keep in mind while interviewing an AngularJS developer is to avoid basic questions about their technical skills. Ask what’s necessary and do away with the time-fillers.

Conduct a Technical Test:

Do not only conduct the technical coding test to assess their technical knowledge. Conduct it to also analyze their personality and approach towards a problem. Go with a basic code and let them reach the outcome. Once they are done with their coding, ask about their approach to the code. Analyze the code quality, approach, and problem-solving skills.


Once you have come to a conclusion, you can begin the onboarding process by signing an NDA with the software house. When you are hiring an AngularJS developer from a software house, you also tend to get the replacement as you request. On the other hand, when you are hiring a freelance AngularJS developer, you need to get them to sign a contract of confidentiality of the product. Upon completion, begin helping them understand your project details and take it forward.

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