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Smartphones have become an inherent part of our everyday lives. Close to 65% of the audience spend a good amount of media time with their smartphones. Half of the owners of smartphones have a habit of checking it every 2-3 minutes. With evolution of technology, smartphones have evolved too. They not only play an important role in your everyday lives but have also transformed your business lives majorly. With BYOD, smartphones have reached offices and reformed the enterprise dynamics majorly. You will see people within the enterprise dependent on smartphones to perform their everyday tasks. Email for one is glued to your smartphone, so whenever you want to check or send an email, you automatically turn to your smartphone.

The app fever has caught onto the enterprises too, promising them complete productivity and improved efficiency. The idea is to get things done faster, and lower the overall cost of the enterprise, and apps are the way to get it done. There are apps to help employees from the entry level to those occupying to the top positions, and each app has its own beauty. Let’s have a look at 7 popular types of business applications that are meant to improve your business productivity.

Office Productivity Apps

This category is also referred to as personal productivity apps, and they work towards helping employees create documents, spreadsheets, digital videos and so on. While on the go or with ease. These apps are easy to use and are pretty convenient. With these apps, employees can grow thier business productivity, and improve overall performance. The office productivity apps can be used by anyone and everyone within the office. Some apps that are popular in this category include calendars, schedulers, tax calculators, expense trackers and workflow apps.

Travel Apps

For businesses, travel is an important aspect. Making lives easy, and travel available at the doorstep are these travel apps. From travel tickets to booking accommodation and other necessary aspects involved with travel, these apps take care of it all. If you are on a business tour, and need to travel to another place from thereon, you can rely on the travel app for easy bookings.

Utility Apps

You need certain tools and utility apps to get things done at a fast pace. For example, you want to check currency rate or, want to know the time in another country, there are apps that will quickly let you into this detail. This category allows users to analyze the data and search for relevant data with ease leading to improved business productivity. These apps include memo pad, world clock, currency apps, data protection apps etc.

Enterprise Apps

There are apps that help enterprises perform their tasks with ease and improve their business productivity. They allow employees to access useful and important information in remote locations, and address the different needs of an enterprise. Sales force is an enterprise app that helps manage your customer relations with ease. The other apps in this category include expense, Zen desk apps and help desk apps. These apps respond and resolve all issues, and ensure smooth working of the enterprise at all levels.

Communication Apps

Communication is the key to enterprise productivity. Without sharing the appropriate files or networking with the right people, remote working is just not possible, which has become a trend in the recent times. Gone are the days when two computers had to be near each other to share the files. Communication apps make sharing, networking, video calling and other communication needs easy.

Mobile Payment Apps

Going cashless is the new trend of the times. With mobile payment, you have obtained an easy and convenient option of making your payments. They are the latest trend, as they offer the “touch to pay” option. PayPal, venom, square cash and other mobile wallet apps are just a few examples of this category that have been revolutionizing the payment.

Mind-mapping Apps

These are the apps that help evolve new ideas and build concepts for them. This is also referred to as the concept-mapping app, as it can be used to create diagrammatic relations between all pieces of information such as the idea and the concept, and improve your learning curve, thus releasing your ideas sooner than they used to be. You can make things around you more productive, and come out with better results.

With these apps by your side, you are ready to improve the quality of work, and attain high levels of efficiency.

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