Best Online Hotel Business Trends In 2016


A good percentage of travel sales are acquired from hotel business. You will find that many people book their accommodation online using their digital devices, which has made hotel bookings and stay in new places easier, thus making travel convenient to the end users. The hospitality industry has shown an exponential increase in the revenue generated for the travel industry online.

There are many travel sites that offer insights into hotels for the particular location where you are traveling to. You will not just get a list of hotels present in that area, but also reviews on how the hotel is, and whether it fits your requirements or not. You can even check hotels based on your planned budget. These sites also offer reviews on the hotels that you are planning to book for the particular location, which also acts in your favor. You can book after looking at all the parameters, and considering the fact whether you find this hotel a lucrative option or not.

Hotel business seems to be gaining an edge in 2016. You will see many trends ready to boost the hotel business especially online. Let’s have a look at some of the trends that are definitely going to give hotel business an edge.

Rise in Mobile Bookings

Mobile apps are very important for travel industry as it offers better engagement to the end user. The easy navigation, convenience and mobility offered by mobile apps allow your end user to book on the go. There is an increasing need for mobile apps for hotel bookings too. Many businesses believe that mobile apps don’t get the requisite number of conversions. This is a myth. Recent trends in travel industry claim that there will be a rise in mobile bookings, and hotels should go app friendly. They should optimize their site to be mobile friendly, so that they can reach out to their potential customers.

Go Cloud

It is impertinent for the hotel industry to adopt cloud computing for app development so that accessibility does not become an issue. It can be seen that ease of access and use commands more conversions, which is possible if you move to the cloud. Not only are you able to serve the end users with real time data, but also reduce the need for hardware thus making infrastructure less complex.

Personalized Customer Service

This year you will see businesses personalizing their products and services to improve customer service that is offered to the end users.Majority travelers seek self-sufficiency, which is why personalization is important. For this you need to keep your eye open for insights on how your potential target looks at travel, and what they seek from hotel bookings. These insights will help you personalize your services, thus helping you gain more conversions. Excellent staff and support system will play a vital role in personalization.

Advance Distribution

You will need to use advance and sophisticated distribution management channels for hotel bookings, keeping in mind the convenience needs of your end user. This means you need to integrate booking engines with the different booking and distribution channels in order to make booking fast and easy. All information related to accommodation will be made available in one place, which is necessary to keep the end users engaged. This is a trend that you need to adopt for better revenues and sales.

Catering to International Visitors

International leisure as well as business travel has substantially increased in the recent times. Dubai is one of the places which has seen an increase in the number of visitors. This has led to improved hotel technology in the international arena. The hotels in Dubai have adopted smart technology to combat this rise in international visitors. Other places should follow suit, as smart technology is the need of the hour. Countries in the Middle East have adopted this smart technology, as it eases out booking process as well as inventory management. You need to localize the bookings to cater to these visitors.

High Quality Services

In order to keep up with the increased bookings, you need to keep improving your services. Offer high quality services to the end users so that they remain engaged with your brand, and maintain loyalty. Quality of stay and food should be taken into account to keep the consumers engaged.

Make sure you stay updated on the latest trends for 2016, Request us to know which trends can help you best in getting more business this year.

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