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Frontend is an important part of the web design & development, as it conforms to the norms of aesthetics and makes your website appealing in the eyes of consumer. It is not just the looks but also the feel and use of the website that matters to the user. The frontend requires as much planning as your backend requires. In fact, the need for a more responsive design calls for more planning regarding the use of tools, the type of framework you are going to use, as well as the end design that your client needs.

There has been an increasing demand for web frameworks that can ease your frontend development task and make it palatable. There are many frameworks that help create an user-centric application, which will benefit you with time. There are JS, CSS and HTML frameworks that help you achieve the ideal frontend for your website. Other design frameworks have also evolved with time, but none have been able to beat the response achieved from these frameworks. The frameworks for JS, CSS and HTML are undoubtedly the best, and popular ones from user interface and experience design perspective. Let’s have a look at the frameworks under each category that every web designer or developer should know.

JavaScript Frameworks

Most designers prefer riding on JavaScript frameworks to deliver enriched user interface for the websites. It is one of the most popular scripting language and obviously one of the most preferred ones. Here are some of the top-notch and most used frontend frameworks for JavaScript.


If you are planning on achieving complex and highly functional web development tasks, then AngularJS should be your go-to framework. With its high functionality, this framework has been used by famous businesses such as PayPal, Google, iTunes etc. to build their highly functional and rich applications. This framework has been called as an extension to the much popular HTML as it helps create functional web pages for complex business applications.


This framework has been developed using pure JavaScript. You can easily develop end-to-end mobile as well as web applications that function at an astounding speed, and help improve your user base. You can incorporate the requisite functionality required for your application’s frontend using this framework. This framework also helps you manage the backend as well as the database for your application.


This is an open source JS framework that helps you develop applications with highly rich and extensive functionality. It is second best to Angular JS framework. There are certain functionality that have been outdated and can be revamped to improve the position of this framework.


Many developers love this framework for its lightweight attribute. It has been used by the sites like of Pinterest, Walmart, Foursquare etc. to develop functional and engaging applications. It is simple, easy to use and one of the ideal frameworks for most developers.

CSS Frameworks

The frameworks that have been classified under CSS are easier to use, pretty engaging, simple and standard interfaces. They are developed using specific grids that aid in responsive web development.


This is a sleek and highly intuitive framework which uses the mobile-first approach. It is one of the many robust frameworks that help pace up your development tasks. With the different components such as drop down menus, alert boxes, etc. you can easily create the application to suit your business needs. This is one of the best solutions to your mobile app development.


This is a simple and single stylesheet file, which is known for being lightweight and creating incredible frontend designs. With this framework, you can gain engaging applications. It includes a small yet responsive set of CSS modules that make development easy and fast. If you are looking out for specific features to create functional websites, this is your framework.


This is a renowned and highly responsive mobile-friendly CSS framework. It includes small group of files that can pace up development. New features have been included in the recent update for this framework.


This framework is specifically known for the inbuilt properties which make it exceptional and highly compatible with other browsers. You can build a variety of applications with this framework.

HTML Frameworks

If you don’t want to go through the tedious process of coding while developing the frontend for your website, you can start using HTML frameworks.

Sencha Touch

This is one of the best cross-platform frontend development frameworks. As in the case of most modern frameworks, this one too uses the mobile-first approach. With the numerous user interfaces and enriched functionality, you get engaging applications with rich interfaces.


This framework comes with incredible features that make functional websites. This reliable framework delivers high quality websites. From template creation to developing dynamic frontends, this framework helps establish all development activities.


Developing apps in the cloud is easy with this framework. It supports backend as well as frontend development along with debugging. Testing is made easy and achievable with this app. You can add numerous features with this framework to your application.


This is a well-utilized frontend development framework which you can use to develop native apps. This framework allows you to develop scalable applications with rich functionality.

You can use one or more of these frameworks to achieve engaging and rich apps to boost your business.

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