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Remember BB2 from Star Wars: The Force Awakens? When you think of Chatbots the first thing that comes to your mind is probably some glamorous yet interesting and friendly character like BB2. Chatbots is all set to revolutionize what you knew of the technology world, but at present it is none too glamorous or epic like BB2. Still in its nascent stage, the Chatbots devised to converse and interact with humans with some slight innovation, are being predicted as the end of the app world. Some have gone as far as calling them the Golden Child of Mobile Development.

The question that remains unanswered in this quest for Chatbots is whether they will truly end the app culture or, will work in harmony with the apps. Let’s go in the past for a while, and have a quick view of the evolution of a mobile apps  messenger. AOL which was like the God of messenger in that era was considered a time-waster by many from that era. Messengers were basically used to communicate, pass on messages and as a medium for free chats. The world of messengers grew big literally by involving a lot of players, some of which are non-existent in today’s competitive and highly evolving times.

Coming back to Chatbots, they slightly differ in every manner. You don’t use a Chatbot to simply communicate, but to perform certain tasks. Remember when Google introduced a Chatbot with this year’s 2016, what they truly meant the Chatbot to do was help people in their daily routine. The many functional Chatbots are either offering plain information or, are pretty interactive in solving major issues such as programming puzzles etc. From simple to complex tasks, the Chatbots are aimed to be a part of your everyday life, making it simple and uncomplicated.

The Bots are Growing

Imagine the number of things you can get done with a Chatbot! No wonder, the bots are getting their own set of attention, and are raising enough attraction among the dedicated target audience. There are a number of things that the Chatbot can help you perform, thus reducing your overall efforts. Chatbots can easily get allied with a popular messenger app to grab attention and get more audience on board. With the rising popularity of messenger apps, and over a million users already present on this platform, you simply cannot deny the kind of growth Chatbots can experience with this method.

You don’t need to download/install a Chatbot to your phone; a simple interfacing is all that is needed to get your bot activated. This act is as simple as searching for the messenger app, and should come easily to you. Now piggybacking messenger apps is a great idea because, for one messenger apps are more popular and have a longer retention rate as compared to other formats of apps.

Chatbots, as the name suggests loves chatting and yapping away to glory. This is also another reason why chatbots will view their growth by allying with messenger apps.

Having said this, we do see a growth in the Chatbots, as they can help businesses converse with their potential customers as well as keep up with their existing customers. They don’t need a person seated all the time. AI has truly gone ahead of times to prove that companies can literally have their presence with Chatbots, at least during the hours when human intervention is not possible.

Will they Replace Apps?

With all the brilliance they pose, will they really be able to dethrone mobile apps in the near future is a cause of concern. While Chatbots can definitely function well when allied with a few apps, they may not be able to offer the same kind of experience when allied to a gaming or booking app. You will still need the Uber or Angry Bird app to relish the experience.

Current Chatbots released by Facebook, Microsoft, and other major companies seem to have failed miserably. Microsoft’s Tay linked to Twitter came across as irritating and highly racist. People did not enjoy interacting through the Chatbot.

At present, these bots are truly in their nascent stage; for them to reach the highly glamorous Star Wars world will take a lot of time and efforts. The apps can reign the mobile world till these bots take off and even after that because, as we said earlier apps will even then give a unique experience that remains unknown to the bot.

We believe that allying with the apps, the bots may take off, but it will be completely difficult and impossible to dethrone or end the app culture.

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