A Concept That’s Totally New In eCommerce- From Trusted Reviews To Revenue


Did You Know?


Did you know that 97% of the customer buying decisions are controlled and influenced by the reviews and ratings in the online marketplaces or eCommerce sites?

This ratio is not just limited to the online shopping, the new generation shoppers are smart enough to even check the product or service reviews before making a purchase from the brick-and-mortar stores. The power of brand-provided details is no longer enough.

Agreeing on this, the entrepreneurs are making constant efforts to smoothen the review and rating process by adopting the current trends in online marketplace development  But are these efforts giving them the sales increase they desire or the brand image they want to create?

An answer to this is a holygollygoshh NO!

What is happening to the customer’s decision making?


— said a man in his 19, shopping online for a smartphone to be gifted to his mom from his first salary.


— said a girl in her 16th birthday, wanting to gift herself a pretty black dress.


— said an older sister who missed out on gifting a handbag to her younger sister for her birthday.

Are these real stories a big thing to worry for the entrepreneurs? Or is there a dire need of something new in eCommerce?

Here we present an All-In-One Concept that’s a jackpot for the Entrepreneurs!

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‘Trusted Reviews From Trusted People’ a concept that’s new in eCommerce


People usually like to listen to songs known to them, visit the places recommended by people they know, or watch movies or travel with people they know.

Users trust and believe in the reviews of people they know. It’s a common human psyche to feel more comfortable and attracted to familiar things.

The concept of ‘Trusted Reviews’ innovatively uses this human psyche to build a strong, loyal and happy customer base.

It definitely makes the user experience a totally different feeling of something special and new in eCommerce.

The new in eCommerce 👉 ‘The app concept that allows the user to ask for product or service reviews from the people they know and are in their contact list.’

It is one of the strongest app concepts if you have either a product based marketplace or service based marketplace.

You can build a loyal customer base that easily trusts the products or services listed on your app.

This ‘Trusted Reviews’ concept that’s new in eCommerce will help give more authenticity to the users to believe that the product/service is worth it to make a purchase.

The app concept is an art in itself to make a user feel the need for the product in their life.

How this lucrative concept that’s new in eCommerce makes the user feel special and how it can fetch revenues for the entrepreneurs must a read.

The essence of the ‘Trusted Reviews’ concept


Well! The richness of this concept is that the user can also request an unknown reviewer to share their thoughts and experience about the selected product.

This exclusive concept that’s new in eCommerce, makes it possible to make the unknown users known by sharing trusted reviews.

It will gradually increase the shopping network of every user on the app.

Not just the shopping network but the user becomes eager to be a part of this trusted group on the app. This makes them visit your app again and again.

How the ‘Trusted Reviews’ concept that’s new in eCommerce is profitable and helpful for Entrepreneurs and customers?

  • Easy to build an in-app community of loyal customers.
  • It’s not just easy but automatic – The Users themselves will market the app through increasing their contacts on the app.
  • Quick and high rise in sales ratio and site traffic.
  • Building trust for a brand by leaving no scope for the judging or guessing and allowing users to get reviews from whom they trust the most.
  • The decision-making for the app users becomes easy and highly sorted.
  • Purchase journey becomes direct, straight and trustful.
  • Product recommendations to others will increase.

You might be thinking that how is this ‘Trusted Reviews’ concept that’s new in eCommerce actually possible to implement on my eCommerce site? Or if at all implemented this concept, will it fetch the lucrative benefits as described above?
We got you covered! Let’s come to the main point to clear out all your doubts.

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How the concept works for your eCommerce site



This concept of ‘Trusted Reviews’ works best for startups who are looking for extraordinary ideas for mobile app development.

Not just for the startups, but also for the entrepreneurs who want to upgrade their existing eCommerce app or the website

1. Developing a contact list of people known to the user:

This app concept will allow users to connect with all their contacts from various platforms like Gmail contacts, Facebook friends and Phonebook connections.

Users can develop and control their contact list on an eCommerce app to get reviews from the people they trust the most.

How it will work?

After signing up on the app, the user should be provided with a sync contacts option on their profile settings where they have to provide the phone number and have to choose the source of contacts (Facebook, Gmail or the phonebook) they would like to sync with this app.

And as per the selected source, the user will be able to manage their contacts.

This eCommerce concept of ‘Trusted Reviews’ also gives due respect to users privacy.

The ‘sync contacts’ also takes care of users security and privacy.

The user will be notified with a message ‘‘Our app will only be able to access your Facebook contact list.’’

This will give the user a sense of security and will not hesitate to sync their Facebook contact list on your app.

Same is the case when syncing the contact list from Gmail.

Add unknown reviewers to your contact list (make unknown known)

The user should be able to easily add an unknown reviewer on their contact list.

They should be able to click on the ‘Add Reviewers’ option available at the top of the contact list.

The user can type the name of an unknown reviewer or select from the list of reviewers as made available on the app.

Finally, the unknown people will now be a known reviewer in the contact list of that user as soon as he gives the confirmation.

This is how the user can gradually increase their trusted shopping network on the app.

Remove the known reviewer

In case the users are uncomfortable to have a particular reviewer in their contact list, they should be able to go to that reviewer’s profile and click ‘Remove’ option available at the bottom of the profile details.

Finally, the known reviewer will be removed from the contact list of the user after the user clicks on the ‘confirm removal’.

2. The Review list:


When the user clicks a product to check the product details, they should be able to see the reviews given by the people they know (known reviewers) on the top of the review list followed by the reviews given by the unknown people (unknown reviewers).

The user should be able to directly ask for reviews and ratings from the app users in their contact list (known reviewers).

This is how the user will easily be able to believe the reviews shared by people they trust.

For the unknown reviewers, the user needs to open their profile and send a request to chat and share the product reviews.

And if the unknown reviewer accepts this request, the user can chat with the unknown reviewer to discuss the product experience and solve queries related to the product.

This feature can highly help the customers to make a purchase decision, solve their myths for the product, and create a belief about the product.

4. In-app messaging module:

As the user clicks on the reviewer in his contact list, he will be able to chat with that reviewer by clicking on the messaging icon on the top of the page.

Now, they can easily use the messaging features to receive reviews, give their own reviews, clear any queries about the products or services or even update about a newly launched product.

The messaging should be equipped with creative chat tools like image, video, stickers, GIF or podcasts.

Simply knowing a completely user-centric and profitable concept that’s new in eCommerce and understanding how it can work out for your portal or your shopping cart is not enough to develop confidence for its implementation.

What gives more confidence to any entrepreneur is to know- who all have tried to implement this concept new in eCommerce?

And Do they get any fruitful results out of it?

Yes. The ‘Trusted Reviews’ concept is slowly being known to many smart businesses and they have started featuring it on their websites.

Check out the real world examples who have adopted the ‘Trusted Reviews’ concept


Google Play

Google Play has come up with interesting features that make the users trust the reviews and download the app.

‘It shows app recommendations from the friends.’

They have a dedicated section for users where all the app recommendations and ratings are collected on the app.

It becomes easy for the Google Play user to check the apps that are highly rated by people in their contact list.

And the user can see the popular apps among the Google+ community.

Furthermore, there are ‘add’ and ‘suggest’ features for the user to increase their contacts and grow their Google+ circle.


Gaana.com has introduced new social features for its users.

It allows the user to create and share their favourite playlist with friends.

The user can see the playlist of songs their friends are listening to.

It allows the user to follow and get updates on their favourite artists.

We talk not only of the real examples of businesses who implemented this concept that’s new in eCommerce.

But we also talk about what they are fetching by adopting this type of a highly trusted concept new in the eCommerce world.

Do take a look!

50 real facts and stats that marks the high importance of online reviews

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The powerful impact of the concept



The user gets a sense of self-confident to trust the reviews given by a known reviewer.

They also strive to be that someone that other users can trust.

Trust for in-app relationships

Getting the reviews and ratings from familiar people and also making unknown people familiar through the trusted review becomes so easy and transparent that the user-reviewer relationship on the app becomes stronger and trustworthy.

Trust for brand

Giving the customers a high level of comfort to know the product experience from known reviewers makes them feel the brand cares about their on-demand needs.
In a way, it develops trust for the brand as well as for the app services.

Trust for community network

A user can request for a product review from unknown app users.
These unknown reviewers will be added in the user’s list of known reviewers.
This will increase the trust in the reviews for every product that a user shops for on the app.
Also, the user starts trusting the shopping network that he builds on the app.



Digital science has proved that a useful concept is always more effective to fetch high revenue than that of a viral concept.

Going on the same trails,

The concept of ‘Trusted Reviews’ deeply understands the customer discomforts to shop for the product or services.

This is how it brings out the most useful solution for the customers to trust the brand and entrepreneurs to trust their efforts for multiplying the revenue.

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