How Mobile Applications Can Transform The Insurance industry


Mobile applications are slowly becoming an integral part of your everyday life. It has become a habit, and you are bound by an app for everything that you need or do through your day. There’s an app for new, for the different social networks, to send a message and other different activities that you perform through the day. At such a time, it is essential that you build an app for your end users. Most businesses and industries have embraced mobile apps and have developed one to increase their user base.

The major advantage of having mobile applications is that you can offer quick response and give real-time answers to the end users. The different services and products can be enlisted on the mobile app, giving you space for quick communication and improved conversions. Mobile applications empower your end users, and they can access you and get their work done while on the go.

As mentioned earlier, most industries have adopted the mobile applications, but there are a few that come in the category of slow adopters. Insurance industry is one among them; though a mobile application would be best suited for their work, they have not yet fully accepted its need. Most people would prefer applying for an insurance policy on the go or, at least get informed about it while on the go. Claims are settled in remote environment too, which would be hassle free in case there is a mobile app to go. With mobile applications, insurance industry can improve their customer service, and offer better deals to the end user.

Here we will discuss the benefits that an app will bring to the insurance industry.

Personalized Customer Service

It is important to reach new customers and make them try your new insurance product. But, that’s not all! Your work is to ensure you retain the ones that have come on board. You need to offer tailor-made products to the end user to match their needs. Timely and quality delivery of solutions makes your effective and efficient. Personalizing your customer service will help you respond to the users’ queries on time, and make them rely on you for all their problems.

With mobile applocations you can build on your customer service, and drive loyalty for your insurance products. You can send messages to the customers on the due date for the premium, grace period for the policy lapse etc. You can engage your customers with the mobile applications, and give them all information at their fingertips. This will help build loyalty for the brand.

Use of Big Data & Analytics

As an insurer, it is important for you to know your customers and their preferences. Before selling a product or, even coming out with a product, you need to have an idea on the customer preferences. This is why the customer data is very important to you. With big data and analytics, you receive insights on customer preferences and how they would like to be served. Dig deep into these insights and build apps that would offer similar services. This way you can actually retain the customers and further your business.

Claim Process Simplified

When you have a mobile app for the insurance company, a lot of work gets streamlined, thus allowing your customers with some free time that they can use to concentrate on the core activities. You can even incorporate the claim processing into the app to reduce the workload on your employee. Claims can be claimed and processed effortlessly with the apps. In case of accidents or damage, the claims need not be filed, and the insurer need not go out for a survey. Things can be incorporated into the app itself.

Sales & Marketing Made Easy

With mobile applications, you can improve sales and marketing for your insurance business. Right from the client meeting to the cracking the deal, everything is taken care of by the app. With the app, remote working for the insurance agent is made easy, and they get 24/7 support from the team at the office. The agent can show the new offerings, get quotes for the products in question etc. instantly using the mobile app. Documentation processes are made easy with the mobile apps.

With such infinite benefits, insurance companies should go for mobile application development. They will not only be able to increase their productivity, but will be able to translate their efforts into conversions.

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