Ecommerce Business Sketch-map: How To Frame, Launch And Advance Lucrative Online Store


“Rome was not built in a day”. This saying goes true for eCommerce business too. You cannot just start out with an eCommerce business and make it successful in a day’s time. It requires a lot of planning, in-depth understanding of your eCommerce business, planning the right content strategies and finally actual designing and launch of the store. But, launch of the store is not the end of your show. You need to continue making profits with your store, and this requires all the efforts too. The right marketing strategies, reaching out to the right people, and using different selling techniques will help you gain profits that you desire.

Before you start out with your eCommerce business, you should identify the segment in which you want to start selling. What product you are planning to offer on your eStore. This is where the journey to building an eCommerce business success starts. Unless you have an idea of the product, you cannot begin planning your store. Let’s have a quick look at the roadmap to starting your own eCommerce business.

Choose your Product

Your first step towards building the eStore would be identifying the products you want to sell on your store. Obviously, this is one of the most difficult part of building a successful store. There are many strategies that will help you identify product opportunities for your business. There are a lot of trending sectors that can become your product segment. An example of this would be jewellery, which is definitely trending, and could be your go-to product for selling. Use the strategy that seems appropriate

Evaluate your Product Idea

Once you have finalized the product/category that you are going to develop an eStore for, you need to evaluate your potential product from a market perspective. Do you believe that the product will sell well in the market you have defined? Do you think the market you have segmented for the product is a perfect choice? Evaluate both product and market to arrive at a decision.

Acquiring Products

This is your next concern in your pre-launch phase. You need to know where you would be acquiring the products you are planning to sell from. If you are going to create the products, then you should sufficient inventory on hand to start the store. There are various models that you can consider using to acquire the products for your eCommerce business.

Know your Competition

This is the KYC for eCommerce business. You cannot succeed without knowing how your competition is faring in the segment you are planning to start your business in. Understand what they are doing, what kind of products they are selling, and what kind of distribution channel they are using. You should always know what you are standing up against.

Work on your Business Plan

A business plan helps make the idea concrete and impressive. You will be able to define a roadmap for your business along with the end goal you are planning to achieve with the plan. You can state the budget you have in mind for the business, the contingency fund in hand, and fund you still need to raise for your business. This business plan will help you move ahead with your plan.

Register your Store

It’s time to register your business to make it official. You cannot proceed monetizing your eCommerce business without registering it. You need to have the best business plan with sufficient funds to register the business. Before registering, you should name your business. Make sure you choose a name that reflects your purpose, defines your business and adheres to your personality. The name should be catchy and pretty easy to remember.


After naming and registering your online store, it is time for you to start developing a branding for your business. Logo is an important element of branding. Ensure you incorporate your tone, personality and your business goals in your logo. The colors of your logo should be a part of all branding elements for your business.

Optimize your Business

If you don’t have quality search engine rankings, you are not really performing online. Optimize your store with the right techniques. Include optimized images; have good product descriptions, use pop-ups stategicially etc.

Now, you are ready to launch your store. You just need to keep up with the optimization and other marketing needs of your business online to keep increasing profits.

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