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Once upon a time when on trips, the travelers across the world used to make bookings for the hotels which indeed turned an extravagant affair. The travelers had to make expensive bookings in advance or had to take chances on searching for an affordable accommodation in the middle of nowhere.

The Hoteliers indeed showed their monopoly then, but not for a very long time.

Airbnb disrupted the Hotel Industry in the best possible manner.

Don’t believe me?

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Today Airbnb has taken the world to a completely different level by offering unique accommodation options for people across the world in the most convenient possible way.

And why not?

Since the inception of Airbnb to its bloom, it has striven to make the entire rental arena an easy affair for its stakeholders. Well, that was the major goal of Airbnb – to connect the people willing to provide the space to the travelers for a pre-determined number of days and earn from its profitable revenue model.

But it did not stop just here. With Airbnb, there was a new business wave amongst the startups who wanted to be Airbnb but didn’t know how. There aroused innumerable contenders of Airbnb with the motto to disrupt it.

And ultimately, just like how we presented Uber for X, all of a sudden Airbnb for X started making a buzz in the marketplace and indeed succeeded.

Are you one of those business sparks? Then you should directly take a glance of our extensive research about Airbnb.

Guest Admin and Host Model for Airbnb for X

Airbnb for X is nothing but the service that do what Airbnb Does for Different Niches.

There is quite a chance of profitability in Airbnb for X, considering the fool-proof model that Airbnb is.


To make my point more clear to, let me list out some of the flourishing Airbnb for X startup business here all the way to tickle the Airbnb business nerve that you possess.

Copass – Be There Anywhere


  • Copasser Functioning
  • Copass
  • companies-cowork

Airbnb for : Workspaces

Copass allows the users to access the largest network of coworking spacing with one pass.

How it Works:

Copass consists of three stakeholders – The copassers, Space Managers, and Companies.



It lets the copassers to select the number of days for which they wish to rent the workspace. This mostly can be selected as per the copassers use the space i.e. hourly basis, 3 days, 10 days, and the unlimited usage.
Next, it lets them to search for the location they wish to find the space to be situated in and book for the space.


Space Managers

It lets the space managers to list their space out by entering a daily fare. The space managers even have the power to charge the copassers on the basis of the additional services they use like meeting rooms, printers, plans, etc.



For the companies that have got a small office, it lets their team members to rent a space for their extra team members and handle the work from that space, be it any city or country.

Revenue Model: Membership

Can I Stay With You While I Rent my Place on Airbnb


  • Place
  • Revenue Model for Airbnb for Airbnb

Airbnb for : Airbnb

It is incepted on the idea that since the hosts at Airbnb are making loads of money by renting their place, they’d make even more if they had somewhere to stay so they can rent the space more often.

How it Works:

The stakeholders herein are of two types — the host of Airbnb and the host of the platform.


Hosts of Airbnb

When the hosts at Airbnb rent their space, the platform helps them by giving them someone to stay with. It takes 24 hours to match up to match the host with the host of the platform.


Hosts of Can I Stay with You

The host of the platform list their property and share with the Airbnb hosts.

Revenue: Sharing the Rental Revenue


Boat Bound


  • Boat Bound
  • Boat Bound images

Airbnb for : Renting Boat

Boat Bound is the largest and fastest growing boat rental marketplace in the world with over 13 million registered boat owners.

How it Works:

The stakeholders for the boat rental platforms are the travelers who want to rent their boats and the boat owners.



Boat bound provides the travelers with options to rent a boat for fishing, celebrations, Sailing, Water sports, and Cruising. All that the travelers need to do is choose a boat, select the dates and the number of passengers, add a captain, and make the booking.


Boat Owners

For the boat renters, Boat Bound provides with an option to list out their boat for renting and choose who rents the boat. The rental of the boat for every booking also includes the insurance.

Revenue: Commissions and cancellation fees




  • Home Dinning
  • Food

Airbnb for : Authentic Food Experiences

BonAppetour is a community marketplace that connects the travelers with local home chefs for a unique home- dining experience, anywhere across the world.

How it Works:

The stakeholders for the BonAppetour are the travelers and the local hosts. The platform matches the community of foodies to the hosts who have a passion for cooking a special type of cuisine.



The platforms allow the tourists to discover awesome food experiences, connect with the local hosts, share your food preferences, and make the payment through the platform.



The platform allows the host to register their own type of cuisine and shares with them the food preferences of the tourists.

Revenue: Commission




  • Works
  • Hipcamp

Airbnb for : Camping

Hip camping is a community that lets the campers discover unique experiences about the ranches, natural reserves, vineyards, farms, campgrounds.

How it Works:

The platform mainly works for two stakeholders – the campers and the ground owners.


The Campers

The campers search for the place that helps them to discover the camps nearby their location or at the locations they would like to set up their camps.


The Owners

The platform allows the owners to list out their camping places.





  • Creative space
  • how it works

Airbnb for : Space

Peerspace is an online marketplace that connects the professionals and businesses to great spaces.

How it Works:

The stakeholders for Peerspace are the renters of the space and the space owners.



The renters simply put up the location where they would want to rent a space based on the purpose to rent the space.


Space Owners

It lets the space owners to list their space out by entering a daily fare. The space owners have the power to charge the renters on the basis of the additional services they use.

Revenue Model: Commissions


Hotel My Phone


  • Borrow a friends phone
  • chat

Airbnb for : Phone

Hotel my Phone temporarily lets its user to borrow a friend’s phone and use it as their own by logging in on the friend’s phone to text and call with the user’s numbers.

How it Works:

The only stakeholders for the niche are the users who switches to use the phone.



The users can check-in on their friend’s phone, can connect with their top 5 friends with the help of free messaging.

Revenue Model: Service Charge




  • Spare parking space
  • List your spot

Airbnb for : Parking

CARMAnation is a website for people to rent out their private parking.

Users of the site must register and create a personal online profile before using the site. Every parking spot is associated with a host whose profile includes recommendations by other users, reviews by previous guests, as well as a response rating and private messaging system.

How it Works:

For CARMAnation, the two stakeholders are the parking owners and the parking seekers.


Parking Seekers

CARMAnation allows the parking seekers to reserve a spot on an hourly, daily, weekly or monthly basis with the average prices up to 50% cheaper than public spots.


Parking Owners:

CARMAnation helps the parking owners to list out their parking spot, rent them to the seekers, and make money out of the rental with up to $1 M insurance.

Revenue Model: Commissions


  • find your next trip
  • Paid money

Airbnb for: Freelancers

Gigrove is a marketplace that connects the hosts looking for a digital assistance to work on their projects to the freelancers who will to work on their projects from across the world.

How it Works

The front stakeholders of Gigrove are the freelancers and the people who hire the digital support for the projects.



The freelancers put their availability and scope of work they are capable to do. The admin then matches them with the managers


Hiring Managers

The hiring managers are the ones who puts their project requirements, the admin views the requirements and matches them on the basis of the scope of work and quotes that are set up by the freelancers.

Revenue Model: Subscriptions


Wrapping Up


If there is a huge scope to be the competitor of Airbnb, there is definitely a wider scope to be Airbnb for X.

Airbnb for X is an innovative idea and mind you, businesses do run on innovative ideas. After all, here you will be targeting the demand of completely new audience and connecting the dots that are yet to be met.

For your innovation, the sky is the limit just as near-perfect evaluation of business development is unlimited for us.

We’d love to hear back from you in the comments below.

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