Expert Designer: How to be a Good Client in the right way?


Work is completed successfully when two or more people collaborate to work towards achieving common goals. When businesses outsource their projects, they are not looking for skilled resources, but partners who can help them achieve their goals. If you are a skilled resource, they would need to spend exactly the same amount of time on you as they would on their in-house resources. They want someone who can be their brain and help them by offering solutions to their problems. They are more interested in the answers, and the outsourced companies should give able answers to the problems.

If a business is hiring a graphic designer, they want someone who is capable of making decisions, has a good sense of what solutions will work for the client and how they can contribute to the client’s needs. The client should be aware of what is happening in the process, but at the same time the client should allow the designer to take certain decisions. The factor of trust plays an important role in this matter.

The designers should be capable enough to provide the necessary insight especially in front-end development onto the client’s project making them effective and help convert their goals.

The idea here is to make the project successful, while keeping the client happy. The first goal should always be success of the project. Let’s have a look at what makes a client good, and ensures success of a project.

Empowers The Designer

A good client wants professional resource as designer. The resource should not only have skilled hands but also a problem solving capability which will help enhance the designs, and give probable solutions to the problems raised by the client. The client at this point should trust the designer with important decisions, while staying in the loop. The client’s say definitely matters in these areas, but they should not push their say into a decision, thus making the designer incapable of producing a creative.

Focused Towards Project’s Success

There is a major difference between personal opinion and common goals that need to be achieved. This difference should be understood and respected by both the client and the designer in question to ensure smooth & successful outcome of the project. Sometimes the team does not come out with their classy creation because they are afraid that you might not approve of them or, they might not make you happy. There is a personal opinion which is fine, but if the design meets the project’s goals it should be approved. The team should make sure the project meets the goals set by the business, and honor those goals during delivery.

Set Realistic Timeline

Client definitely wants a quick launch for their project, but that does not mean resource compromise on the goals client have set or the quality of the project. There will be times when the resource pushes the deadline forward, but client will need to give a timeline that justifies the quality and the product that needs to be delivered. Only when you set realistic timelines and stand by them will you be able to deliver the quality and help achieve the goals that the business has set.

When resource set a timeline after looking into every aspect of the design, he/she needs to abide by it and client needs to confirm that. Of course, there will be unforeseen obstacles that either of the persons cannot avoid. But, ensuring being sticky to the schedule as strictly as possible is the success mantra ultimately.

The Clear Feedback

This is yet another important aspect of your project. It is when you give feedback that states clearly what the client wants that resource would be able to deliver accordingly.

When a client says “make the logo slightly bigger” it is not a feedback, and in this case resource don’t know how to react and what to offer. But, if the client asks to ensure their brand stands out in the design, resource would be able to offer better responses to the situation.

There could be more solutions than just making the logo bigger, and they would be more effective as compared to the earlier feedback.

The client should give thumbs up to the project only when they are satisfied with what resource delivers. The design should meet their business requirements and should clearly define the business. Make sure resource assists in understanding your business, and only when that point is achieved should Client give a go ahead to the design.

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