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Since our inception in 2014, and with a vision to instigate and integrate the best technological reforms in the world of Internet space; we are immensely proud to make it through the SiliconIndia’s ‘Top 10 Best Mobile Application Firms – 2017’.

And why not? After having earned nearly 4-star ratings for their apps and websites, our top clients – Sparsa Digital, UpMyAuto, COLONITY, Hot Pocket, ShoSell and more, are looking forward to collaborating with us and repeating the feat. Yes! We brace ourselves for yet another record-setting year.
With the birth of websites, the physical limitations that numerous businesses faced started to shrink. Also with easy scalability, the chances to bloom the business-bud increased drastically. Commemorating websites and going one step ahead, Custom Mobile App Development brought a ground-breaking revolution to the digital market. With this, the offline markets rapidly started to accommodate the Internet space as much as they could and launched their ideas in a full-fledged manner.

Yeah, Websites and custom mobile app development is  ruling the technological roast today! But when we try to foresee the future of technology, wearables and IoTs are the next big revelation in the Digital Market. The good news? We understand the past and shoulder the responsibility to pace up with the future advancements, so as to meet the exact need of the businesses that are gunning for growth.

gunning for growth

We Stand Out Because We Don’t Try to Fit In

Today’s situation? Uphill battle and magnanimous competition to strike a chord with the user. We focus on the possibilities where others focus on the race. In this circumstance, when it comes to custom mobile app development as a business, what makes us stand out is our robust way of diving into a project.

To start with, we value the imagination of our clients and try to extract deep insights behind their perception. This leads to understanding the exact requisites of our clients while focusing on the minutest detail possible about the work that we are undertaking. This understanding helps us to estimate the real-world budget and the timeframe. Apart from our logistic approach and strategically planned processes, we strive to deliver the demanded replica of our client’s imagination on time.

What’s more? Having worked on myriads of projects, we have developed a great analytical skill which helps us suggest the client on how to exhibit and expose the outcome to the users. We do not only deliver what is being asked for, we also deliver the unspoken because we care. Our client’s trust to us is the driving force that spices up our enthusiasm towards the assigned work.

enthusiasm towards the assigned work

Understanding Business Demographics – US, UK and Australia

Be it market-oriented, practical and thought leaders of US, business-oriented and technologically advanced work-enthusiasts of UK or responsive, optimistic and insightful businessmen of Australia, we always strive to emerge out as the best custom mobile app development companys and earn their trust in all respect.

A US client of ours can’t help the urge to acknowledge our cut above the rest support and appreciates the services that our industrious and punctilious team have designed and developed for them. We are delighted to know that he highly recommends us to his colleagues and acquaintances.

Another client hailing from the UK is overjoyed to have worked with us and feels fortunate to have found out a great team that met his expectation in an impeccable manner. We are so pleased and excited about the fact that we are working on the subsequent phase of his project. To add to this, a client said he admires our excellent technical competency in the domain. What poked their pleasure is the fact that they received an ace work within the committed timeframe and pre-determined estimations. The good news? They want us to put the same dedicated efforts for their iOS app.

The bottom line is we are extremely obliged to have served the clients who perceived our commitments, transparency, proactive approach, feasibility and, painstaking endeavors. What an exciting time to conceptualize an E-tailing business when TRooTech is tailoring!

Troop of TRoo

The Troop of TRoo

We are the proud owners of vanguard assets in the form of employees – Business Analysts, Project Managers, Creative Designers, Experienced Web Developers and Innovative Mobile App Developers. These neoteric technological heads understand the solemnity of their work and constantly strive to up the value and quality of their work.

Priyank (CTO) and Chirag (COO) who think in Java, PHP, C, C++, C#, Ruby, XML and express in the form of irreproachable software, decide the best technology that can be implemented. The analytical wheels of the business analyst churn through intensive research, case studies, and design perspectives to hatch a thriving user experience.

Our Project Manager bears the responsibility to manage the resources, and handles the deliveries for the clients within the said time bracket without compromising on the quality of course.

The final bridge between the idea and the fabrication is unabridged by our hard-headed developers. Name any Android technology, any iOS automation, any windows or mobile web implementation; they’ll answer it in their language.

With such a great workthusiast team consisting of 38 employees, TRooTech, slowly and steadily is keeping up with the pace to change the face of the business sphere. “We are on a vocation that needs no vacation” – is what every element of TRooTech feels at work.

Vision for Version Two

Vision for Version Two

Standing at the position that we are in and foreseeing the future, we seek to work qualitatively rather than quantitatively. We believe numbers mean nothing when the value is not added to it.

We stand tall to match the global standards of Application development and we envision TRooTech as serving and being a contributor at the International level, not restricting ourselves with demographical boundaries.

Not rich in staffing though, or have a crowd that can claim us to be a big company; all that we own are the rich-in-knowledge employees who stretch their limitations and step out of the comfort zone to explore the untrodden every time they encounter challenges. This is how we shift to the higher gear and stay ahead of time.

Riding the wave with gusto, we stepped into the digital world to excel the mobile application development space and to cater the businesses across myriad of domains.

In a nutshell, deeply understanding the requirements before committing to the project, near-perfect evaluations, and finishing it within the said timeframe and estimation is what defines TRooTech in a true manner.

Taste of hard work is bitter, sweet and sour altogether. Still far better than no food

Trust me, the spark we possess have the potential to literally light up the future of the budding businesses.

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