Fly Labs gets added to Google and will avail it’s technology for Video Editing Mobile Apps with photos


Fly Labs, one of the top notch video editing apps for iOS,  is finally coming to Android, and that’s because Google decided to buy out the company and add it to its photos department. With its rich features, and functionality, this app is definitely a must-have for smartphones based on Android. Even Google had to agree that it is by far the best video editing app, and has given it the due credit.

Among the different features, the top features include- clips, tempo and gestures. With the clips feature, you can put together the different fragments of a video, reorder the different portions, and finally add music to them. Using the tempo feature, you can fast forward certain portion, or create the same portions in slow motion. You can even create time-lapse video with this feature. If you want to cut a portion, edit a portion, or add transitions, then gesture is your feature to go with. With Google, Fly Labs will fly to the next innovative level. Video editing apps, which offer quality, are quite a rare gesture in the app culture, and Fly labs has managed to motivate the creation of such apps. When integrated with social media apps, it makes social sharing easy. This user friendly app helps end users edit their videos easily, without the need for an expert to do it. It is a pretty engaging and interactive app, which has been used to create more than 20 Mn apps in the past 18 months. Not only was the app available for free, but also with no in-app purchases, which made it a definite hit with the end users. If you want to make your video creative, you need some editing tool that can help enhance the quality and motion of the video. Fly labs is exactly the tool that will help you achieve this that too with ease and convenience.

How it Works?

The time lapse videos by Fly are similar to Instagram feature Hyperlapse. A simple video editing tool, this one makes life simple and easy. You can slow down the motion for the app, or mix the different videos into one with this feature. Tempo is the feature within the Fly Labs app that helps create lapse videos. It differs from hyperlapse in the way in which you can increase the speed. You need not stick to the default settings available with Tempo; you can create your own settings here. There are two options, time lapse or slow-mo which will help you set the tempo of the app. Of course, you can only choose one of the two options, and not both. There are five speed options, and you can designate them to a part of the video that you want to lapse. You don’t need to shoot the video with Tempo; you can shoot it using any app or tool, and then import it to Tempo. You will still be able to edit the video, and create the necessary lapse. The five modes go from being the fastest to the slowest with an option to hold your videos at normal pace. In the beginning only iOS app development was considered for this app, but with Google acquiring this app, it has been extended to Android too.

Future of Mobile App Development

A single idea can make your business successful. The future of Android app development seems to be edging on innovation and filling the gaps. This particular app is being used by all age groups, ranging from old grannies to kids. This simply means the app has filled the gap that existed in video editing, and removed any dependencies that existed.

If you want to create useful mobile apps, you need to identify the needs of the mobile app market, and define your target audience for the same. Your idea should necessarily innovate the life of your end user. It should make things convenient and easy for them. Only after the idea is ready, should you work on execution. A good idea requires a good execution, which will translate into user experience and finally conversions. Your app should be technically sound, and correct. It should have all the right technical features that the idea requires for perfect execution. Innovate and then execute, else you will not get the right audience or user base.

Personalization apps like your photo editing apps or video editing tools are more of what the end user is looking for. If you want to create similar mobile apps, get ready with the idea that will help personalize

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