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In the good old days big data meant simply digging into that huge pile of books that caved in your homes. But, today big data has a different meaning altogether. You can easily search for information that you need, and find the one that suits your need in the best possible manner. If you want to search for someone’s address, you needed yellow pages that would supply you with information which may or may not be accurate. There was no way you could find out if the details were accurate or not. Times have changed! Digital era has caught up with most of the businesses and people. Today, information is available at the snap of your fingers. A good gadget and connectivity would help you identify the right resources for any job. There are many business directory solutions that will help you identify the resources.

You have the power of search engines right by your side, which offers you an exclusive identity of all that you need. Need a grocery mart near your home, just search it on one of the many devices. In fact, you are more prone to go mobile with your searches, as that is the raging gadget at present. Even a social networking app can come to your rescue. Offering you better moments on your mobile are the developers, who persistently try to achieve a similar experience across the different devices, knowing their users are spread in their consumption habits. While the search engines will offer you all the results that you are looking for, they may not be able to tell you which one matches your requirement perfectly. You need humans to be able to identify that for you. That is why you have recommenders like homekeepr for your convenience. What is homekeepr, and how it helps you identify the right resource is something that you ought to know.

All About Homekeepr

Knowing what you need is easy, but what’s difficult finding what you truly need. There will be times when you know what characteristics your resource should have, but actually getting it in one is difficult. If you are new to a place, finding the resource is difficult, as you don’t know where to look for one with the ideal capabilities.

Web 2.0 serves you with the review websites which gives reviews for these resources from people who have been introduced to them or who have experienced their services. You get real views on their work, which is important especially if you are new to a particular location. There are a lot of apps that serve you with reviews on the work and services offered by the local resource.

Let’s take a situation wherein you need a plumber or electrician for your home repairs. You choose from the different local business directory stuffed online like Craiglist, Yelp or Angie’s List to help you find the ideal resource. These sites come with reviews from customers who have used the service. This can cause losses to those businesses, which have never been used, but are good in the services they tend to offer. This is where Homekeepr as an application tends to close the gap. It is a home vendor recommendation app which lists out all the vendors, professionals and local businesses, based on recommendations set by real estate agents. As a new homeowner, you constantly look out for people who can offer you trustworthy solutions for your repair problems. Real estate agents are the first person you will contact as they are the single source of contact for homes. They have more experience regarding home keeping solutions, and the local businesses that provide trustworthy solutions. This homekeepr solution contains reviews that you can trust and can seek services from those who have been rated higher on this app. It is a craiglist type app but the difference lies in the fact that the reviewer role is played by the real estate agents and not the end users.

Why think similar to Homekeepr?

Agents have been the one point of contact when it comes to finding a trusted home solution provider in a new city or location. This event has been translated online using homekeepr app. It is available for Android and iOS. Agents can create their profile; similarly the home vendor solution providers can offer their services and register themselves on this app. The agents offer reviews for the solution providers, and rate them. This can be viewed by the ones who seek these solutions. Search for providers in your vicinity with ease. You can even seek their services online. Such apps will benefit those seeking services in specific locations. Such marketplace website development is always welcome for local vendors and service providers.

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