How To Hire Node.js Developers For Your Team- Simple Guide

As an ideal runtime environment for building fast and scalable network applications, Node.js has gained popularity for its ability to execute Javascript coding outside a web browser seamlessly. 

While the main reason behind its recent hype is that it offers developers the freedom to employ JavaScript and create command-line tools that can be used for server-side scripting, there are several reasons that make Node.js a perfect choice for web development. Here’s why experts choose Node.js.


  • Its Speed 
    Powered by Google’s V8 engine, Node.js allows converting JavaScript code to machine code saving development time on program executions. 
  • It is Cost-Efficient 
    With a memory footprint smaller than that of PHP or Java servers, Node.js development is highly cost-effective. Moreover, it runs on an event-driven loop, saving a large portion of RAM, thereby saving resources.
  • It offers Advance Caching  
    Node.js can cache single modules, eliminating the need to re-execute the code. This allows the website to load faster and enhances the user experience.  
  • It Can Be Used to Develop Apps in Real Time 
    Node.js uses asynchronous operations to optimize the coordination between the CPU and the memory for developing Web Applications in real-time. Real-time applications offer users a dynamic experience.
  • Event Driven 
    The Node.js platform is event-driven, meaning all the developed APIs in the Node.js library are asynchronous. 
  • It Is Scalable 
    Node.js uses V8 engines which lend it ultra-high computation speed. Due to this, Node.js web applications display ultra-high computation speeds, which make them scalable. 
  • It Offers Long-Term Technical Support 
    The parent team of Node.js offers long-term technical support. After each new version of Node.js is released, the code is maintained for the next 18 months. Instead of introducing more recent releases, this period is employed to fix existing bugs and gather feedback for future releases. 

Node.js hence plays a vital role in the tech stack of many companies with its advantages and unique benefits.

Although Node.js is a scalable framework, its single-thread process might pose a challenge. You might have to build smaller microservices by dividing complex applications so that they are able to handle multiple operations. 

TRooTech’s Node.js developers continually update Node.js to boost app performance thus eliminating the need to work with third-party libraries

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What Are the Benefits of Hiring Node.js Developers for Your Business?

  1. Easy Hosting 
    New features and functionalities are continually implemented in the Node.js platform which offers an advantage to businesses providing PaaS services by reducing waiting times. 
  2. SEO-Friendly 
    Websites benefit from enhanced visibility offered by optimized SEO practices. Node.js offers built-in features that support back-end rendering, meaning that search engines can efficiently optimize projects. Hence Node.js improves SEO techniques. 
  3. It Offers Real-Time Applications 
    Node.js offers high performance for real-time applications. Further, app frameworks that use Node.js can perform multiple tasks efficiently. Because its design is single-threaded and event-driven, it allows the user to process multiple concurrent requests without impacting RAM. 
  4. It Permits a Single-Code Database 
    Node.js allows developers to build code for complex web development projects using a single code database instead of employing different client-side and server-side programming languages. 
  5. It Is Cost-Effective 
    Node.js allows developers to write code on the server side using Javascript. Developers can quickly write the code on both the front end and the back end. By allowing resource teams to collaborate, Node.js reduces overall costs and time consumed.   

Node.js is evidently an efficient cross-platform Javascript environment for developing Mobile Apps and Web Apps.

5 Things to Consider Before Hiring Node.js Developers

  1. Industry Experience and Expertise 
    Node.js, being an open-source platform, has been enhanced by several developers. Its library comprises comprehensive development frameworks, tools, and IDEs.  

    Web developers must have at least three years of experience working with Node.js. Additionally, they must have expertise in understanding how the technology works within varying scenarios. It is preferred if the Node.js developer has contributed to fixing bugs and patches in the Node.js community.  
  2. Knowledge of Node.js Frameworks 
    Frameworks extend the Node.js features, playing an essential role in the Node.js ecosystem. As mentioned above, there are a lot of Node.js frameworks to choose from. The Node.js developer you are considering hiring must be familiar with all the frameworks.  
  3. Must Be Proficient in Restful APIs and API Communication 
    A Node.js developer should be able to infer existing API codes and apply them to respective projects. Moreover, they should have extensive knowledge of creating RESTful APIs.  
  4. Knowledge of Asynchronous Programming 
    A relatively new technology, asynchronous programming in the Node.js ecosystem means the time taken to process requests is relatively low. It allows two or more functions to run simultaneously. 

    Node.js is a non-blocking, asynchronous programming technology, which means that the time for requests to be processed is significantly low. Two or more functions can run simultaneously, allowing developers to be more productive and efficient. 

    However, because asynchronous programming is still a relatively new technology, there are nuances that every developer should be aware of. Developers will be able to take the necessary steps if they fully grasp the workarounds. 
  5. Familiarity With User Authentication, Authorization, and Data Protection 
    Security is an essential issue in today’s digitally advanced age. Enforcing data protection solutions in online programs to hacking and data theft risks becomes necessary.  

    Node.js developers must be familiar with user authorization and authentication across several servers and settings to develop highly secure applications.  

    The ease and flexibility of Javascript paired with a fast asynchronous loop have enhanced the productivity of Node.js developers. 

    Node.js is one of the most popular frameworks. That being said, there is a large gap between Node.js developers in demand and developers who possess the requisite skills. 

    If you are looking to hire Node.js developers, here are 8 skills you should look out for in your candidate.  

Skills to Look Out for in Node.js Developers

  1. They Must Have a Good Understanding of the Node.js Framework
    As a Node.js developer, you must know how to use the web application framework that you have chosen. You must not only know how the core Node.js framework works but also be familiar with the Node.js APIs. 

    APIs such as Buffers, HTTP, and file manipulation are specific Node.js API domains that occur frequently. Furthermore, the Node.js APIs are continually growing, so developers must stay on top of the latest trends. 
  2. They Must Be Familiar With Web Application Frameworks
    Node.js web application mainly depends on the web application framework. Even though you can write your own HTTP module, it is highly recommended to upgrade the existing code built by others. There are many available options to choose from; a popular one being Express.js. 

    While Express.js is a popular choice it allows the developers to get up to speed in new codebases. Additionally, it is also well-maintained and works excellently. 
  3. Must Be Able to Provide Secure Authorization
    With the increase in breaches, there is an increase in the need to maintain web security. Developers need to familiarize themselves with an updated list of security concerns on the internet to detect and audit where the application fails to meet the security concerns. 

    As a developer, you must learn how to implement encryption in Node.js efficiently. 
  4. Knowledge of Front-End Development
    Even though back-end Node.js code is the central part of the Node.js developer, he must also possess good knowledge of front-end development to be able to enrich the user experience. Knowledge of front-end frameworks such as Client-side Javascript, HTML, and CSS will make it easier to make the switch whenever required.

    Gathering experience in front-end development further helps developers deliver a good UI with lesser effort.
  5. Must Be Familiar With Cloud Platforms
    As a developer, you need to be comfortable and familiar with a cloud platform as you are not going to serve your web application from a personal desktop or computer. Since you would need to deploy the web applications to a cloud platform, you need to familiarize yourself with the infrastructure configuration. 
  6. Should Be Adept at API Communications
    Every application has varying needs that need a different development environment. Having excellent API communication skills can help the developer stand out among the crowd. They can use APIs to integrate tools and projects into the node environment for swifter and more efficient development.

Some specific Node.js API domains are HTTP, file manipulation, and buffers. The Node.js API is growing continually so developers need to stay on top of the latest releases. 

When it comes to building high-performing, scalable applications, choosing the right tech stack and combating performance issues are crucial.

Our team of Node.js developers has mastered the Node.js frameworks to offer highly efficient enterprise-level applications

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Roles and Responsibilities of Node.js Developers

To ensure success as a Node.js developer, possessing extensive knowledge of Node.Js-based services and experience are a must. An ideal Node.js developer is capable of carrying out stable, fast, and secure data exchange between end-users and servers. Look at this list of roles and responsibilities that the Node.js developer should be familiar with, according to their level of seniority  – junior, middle, and senior. 

  • Junior Node.js Developers: Junior Node.js developers are college graduates with basic knowledge of Node.js functions. They should be familiar with Node.js, HTML5, Javascript, and CSS3. They will focus on the following areas of development at this level:
    1. Integrating user-facing components on the front end
    2. Generating reusable, effective codes
    3. Designing applications
    4. Troubleshooting errors
    5. Formulating data storage solutions
  • Middle Node.js Developers: Middle Node.js developers hold slightly higher experience and function as the backbone of the team. They must be competent enough to solve any common issue without escalating it. In addition to junior-level skills, Middle Node.js developers must have the following skills:   
    1. Abstract-level understanding of the REST paradigm
    2. Over 2 years of experience working with Node.js
    3. Knowledge of one programming language besides JS such as PHP, Ruby, Django etc
    4. Basic knowledge of Type Script or CoffeeScript
    5. A good understanding of MySQL, Docker, AWS, and other common deployment and development tools.

Additionally, Middle Node.js developers should be willing to guide and tutor Junior Node.js developers so that they can advance and refine their skills. 

  • Senior Node.js Developers: Senior Node.js developers are the driving force of the development team. They tackle complex issues and assist the product owner in guiding the project. Their responsibilities are very vast and hence, they must possess a skillset such as: 
    1. Over 5 years of experience working with Node.js
    2. Proficient in Type Script and Coffee Script
    3. Experience in JS frameworks such as Angular, React, etc.
    4. Adept in an understanding of SOLID principles and GOF patterns
    5. In-depth understanding of REST and creating RESTful APIs
    6. In-depth knowledge of security requirements for internet-facing services 

Besides the above-mentioned roles, a senior Node.js developer must be proficient in architectural design patterns, as they lead the project and dictate how it is going to be built. 

Three Ways to Hire a Node.js Developer

When you decide to hire a Node.js developer, it is crucial to select not only an employment model that suits your business but also the purpose for which you are hiring. Based on these things, you can hire an in-house or freelance developer or outsource them from companies.

  • In-House Developers  
    If you intend to hire an in-house developer, you have to offer them monthly remuneration along with financial and non-financial benefits and incentives. The in-house developer is a part of the traditional hiring model and is ideal for companies that want to expand their existing development team. Hiring an in-house developer gives you the flexibility to develop your product and release maintenance and updates periodically.   

    It is recommended to hire an in-house developer if you have a long-term project or need post-launch support for your projects. You can take advantage of the skills offered by the in-house Node.js developer and save time and costs incurred when hiring a technically experienced developer during times of difficulty.   

    In-house expertise also comes in handy since you get a dedicated developer who is exclusively assigned to the project. When hiring an in-house developer, you need to take into account things such as time consumed for the hiring process, the availability of a suitable workspace, and payment management. Despite all of that, there are multiple benefits to hiring in-house developers:   

    • Access to developers at any time
    • Improved and enhanced team collaboration
    • No language barriers
    • Reduced time to market; increased operational efficiency
    • Ideal for long-term projects
    • Control over the entire development process

  • Freelance Developers  
    Hiring freelance Node.js developers is ideal for short-term projects, start-ups, and other businesses constrained by costs. Freelance developers can meet your business’s existing requirements like platform migration, product updates, and integrating features without a need to comply with strict labor and local laws.  

    The most significant advantage of hiring freelance developers is that your business can benefit from utilizing the skills and talents of a large talent pool worldwide. Further, you can save costs by availing of on-demand expertise.  

    However, you must note that you cannot hire just a single freelance developer to develop and deliver a feature-rich product from scratch. You must also have an established team of front-end developers, designers, QA testers, etc. 
  • Outsourcing Developers From Companies  
    Whether you want to hire a developer internationally or locally, a standard method to do so is through a third-party platform that specializes in recruiting talent. These companies have a ready development team with experienced professionals you can hire, saving the time and money spent sourcing talents yourself.  

    Outsourcing also offers you skilled developers, QA testers, and designers, letting you focus on core business activities.  
    It is advantageous to hire a fully-fledged development team when you want to have a team capable of managing itself throughout the project’s development process. Other similar advantages of outsourcing developers are: 

    • Lower costs
    • Qualitative development process
    • Flexibility of developers
    • Access to a skilled and experienced development team
    • Cost efficiency

At TRootech, we offer you our expert team comprising UI/UX designers, QA specialists, and experienced Node.js developers with years of experience creating high-performing custom digital products for both small and large-scale enterprises to help clients across the world stay ahead of their competition. 

Before you begin hiring Node.js developers, you must clearly understand your project’s needs; whether it is a long or a short-term project, whether it requires a specific skill set and expertise and what is the long-term strategic goal of your organization. 

Hiring a Node.js development team full-time for a short-term project creates roadblocks that lead to increased consumption of funds and time. 


At TRooTech, you can hire experienced Node.js developers on an hourly basis, full-time, or outsource them – depending on your project’s requirement

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Checklist For You To Hire Node.js Developers

This will impact your ability to hire on a permanent or temporary basis. Once you have a distinct organizational goal, refer to this checklist before you begin your hiring process. 

Hiring Node.js developers calls for them to have a necessary skill set that aligns with your organization’s goals and objectives. Here’s how to assess those skill sets to determine if the candidate is the right fit for your business. 

  • They must have experience using Node.js libraries and frameworks such as Express, Nest, Fastify, etc.
  • They must be familiar with the Node.js environment and development tools
  • They must be well-versed with the basics of front-end technologies such as JavaScript, HTML, CSS, etc.
  • They must have a good experience of database management 
  • They must know how to develop REST APIs
  • They must be experienced in cloud development 
  • They must have a fundamental understanding of the principles of software testing 

Where to Look For Node.js Developers?

You can partner with TRooTech to leverage a team of carefully vetted Node.js developers for your projects. We are a leading development company that works for both small and large-scale projects in the area of Web and Mobile development. 

Our Node.js developers are recruited after a thorough assessment of their skills, experience, and expertise. Further, we assure regular interaction between our developers and clients to keep you updated with the latest progress. 

Our adherence to industry best practices and a client-focused approach allows us to develop valuable and scalable solutions that deliver maximized results without compromising application quality and performance. 

Node.js – A Preferred Development Framework Among Developers

Node.js finds application in a wide range of industries and businesses. Applications that benefit the most from Node.js are ones that require client-side rendering to handle multiple requests. 

For a successful Node.js implementation, businesses must collaborate with trusted development companies such as TRooTech to avail high quality, efficient Node.js development services.

Node.js is an ideal framework for developing web applications but comes with challenges like scalability, an extensive tech stack, and improper documentation for successfully deploying the code. 


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