Impressive Trends In Mobile App Development Further This 2016


Mobile app development is gaining pace with almost every other business planning to go mobile. Most businesses want to have a quick time to market, so that they can create a difference with their single idea mobile app. The competition is suddenly increasing, and you can see a red ocean in the making in mobile app development industry. To survive this ocean, it is important to take the plunge effectively. You should have all the weapons for survival ready, and your tool set should be complete.

When you start out with mobile app development, you should know what you are planning to create, and how you are planning to achieve it. It is important to have the ideal implementation plan to give your app a structure. It is not just about developing the mobile app but also about ensuring all the latest trends are incorporated in the mobile app development process. What are the trends that are going to make its presence felt in 2015 to 2016? This is what you need to know about, and get these trends into the whole process.

You know your user is on mobile phone most of the time, so it is important to give the user a commendable time on this device.

Here are a few trends you simply can’t overlook.

Cloud Based App Development   

Going cloud is the current trend that you simply can’t miss out on! It is important to develop for the cloud in the coming times, as cloud is the future of technology. With this, you can easily synchronize and integrate the apps you have been planning to develop for the multiple devices. Without the need for on-premise infrastructure, and without investing too much on your app development, you can create apps that can run on multiple devices simultaneously. You can increase the development time, thus increasing the time to market that too without the need for in-depth technical knowledge.

Improve Security within Apps

It is important to make your apps secure, as hackers are on the prowl. Your apps should include all the latest security codes and trends, so that you can keep it protected, and the information secure. With the trends in security growing, there will be an observed growth in the trend among hackers waiting to acknowledge the gaps in security and hack the app. So, this year you need to work on closing all the gaps that exist, and make the security more evident. You need to keep an eye out for security issues like leakage of data, broken cryptography and insecure data storage to implement complete security within the app.

Enhanced User Experience

Your app will be browsed on a number of devices ranging from small Apple watches to huge tablets. A varying range of devices will be used for your app, and it is important to offer a similar experience across these devices. You need to retain the functionality and efficiency across the different devices. This is a trend you somehow cannot ignore if you want to increase user engagement on the app.

Swift by Apple

This new programming language seems to be easier as compared to working on Objective C. You can create different types of apps with this new programming, and define a good interface for the apps with this programming language. Swift is the new trend that iOS developers should adopt if they want to give their apps a defining difference.

App Indexing Trend

Google has been used to index websites for a while now. It is synonymous to search online, and you will see that Google not only websites but also mobile websites. But, times are changing! Now Google will index the mobile apps too. You will see information from within the mobile apps being translated by Google on search results, and you can view these results. This trend will redefine the mobile app world.

HTML5 Popularity

HTML5 will reign when it comes to hybrid mobile app development. This platform will successfully help bring to table numerous mobile apps with incredible interface and enhanced experience. You will find a rise in the HTML5 based mobile apps in the coming times.

With these app trends, you can surely improve the mobile app experience for your users.

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