Increased Mobile Engagement: The Only Way To Loyalty


Over 65% of digital media time is being consumed by mobile phones, and it is a fact that cannot be ignored. In fact, if statistics are to be believed, your consumer uses a second device at all times, which means whatever you are planning needs to be executed across multiple points. At this point, we know that mobile engagement is important for both the business and the end consumers. Without effective mobile engagement, you will not be able to retain the users’ interest in what you have to offer. If you are planning something for the mobile device, you need to generate interest and then engage the customers to establish loyalty.

There are mobile moments in a consumer’s life, and with in-depth study of this model you will be able to realize that it is important for you to interact with the consumer at this exact moment to drive in mobile engagement. You need to understand your window of opportunity, and delve in deeper with superior service and support to enhance customer satisfaction.

It’s important to know how you can improve mobile engagement for your end users such that you drive in customer loyalty.

Create Value for the Customer

Create a mobile design, it is essential for you to create value and deliver a valuable proposition to the end users. You need to offer something that will make you stand out in the competition, and make the users actually want to use your app. For this, you will need to understand what it is that your consumers are looking for. Apple is an excellent example of how you can create value for your users. Apple has always worked on the principle of innovation, which helps them create new and innovative products that the consumers did not know they wanted, and readily accepted. If secondary research does not help, you can go for primary research which will help you understand what your users want, and will help you create value for the end users.

Personalize the Communication

When you are interacting with your potential users, you should personalize the communication such that it meets their needs. When it comes to communication, you should go a step ahead from just communication biweekly with your end users, and telling them about your product in the most generic way possible. You need understand your consumer, what they need how they interact with a particular service/product and finally determine the message you want to send out to them. Without understanding your consumer, you cannot deliver the perfect message.

Segmentation is another technique that would help you target your audience better. You would have by now figured out your target audience, and how you want to reach out to them. With better targeting, you can personalize your communication and gain better feedback. Once both the message and the target is ready, you need to finalize the distribution channel you are planning to use in order to attract the attention of your target audience. The timing also plays an important role in attracting the attention of your target and engaging them.

Incredible Service & Support

What you are dealing with a customer-centric model of service. If you are unable to support and satisfy your customer, you may lose out on potential converts, which poses to be a heavy loss for any organization. Customer service is indeed the differentiation point in offering value and meeting the customer needs.

You need to understand when the customer will leave you and go to another business. One when they don’t receive the customer service that they had expected from you and second when you do not address their issues on time and resolve it. In both cases, you will lose the customer and that’s the end of your loyalty. $83 Bn business in America has been lost owing to these two factors. When you are considering engaging your customer, you need to make sure you offer incredible service and support, such that they are satisfied. Always make sure you respond to their problem, and resolve it or at least respond to it in some way at the earliest. This will win you brownie points which will help you further your converts.

Engagement is like a small window of opportunity; if you miss out the window when it is open, you lose out on potential customers. Make sure you have the time and place right along with the message if you want to drive in customer loyalty for your business.

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