Is The Fat Overload Of Apps In Markets Hurting Your App Investment?


The app world is literally cluttered with dozens of apps of the same type from the same industry catering to the same target audience. Let’s say you are searching for an app that would allow you to repost on Instagram. When you get down to searching for such an app on the e-Store, you would be surprised to find a dozen of such apps, all with similar conditions and criteria raging the app store. In some of these apps, you might find a single point of differentiation, but then there ends the difference. Even the difference in some cases does not seem too big, which makes these apps akin to each other.

At this point in time, do you think you will be able to earn from your app business? Do you think creating an app for your business is a good idea, if your competitor has already come out with an app? This question looms everyone in this world of clutter. Apps have suddenly become an important source of marketing your company, yet investing in it requires a complete understanding of your business, what your app is about and what you are planning to give your consumers.

There is always a dark side to everything you do, and here we will talk about the dark side of investing in an app.

It Begins with an Idea

App development starts with an idea. If you have a good and promising idea, then you can definitely pitch for a good app. But, your investment cannot be thought of till your idea doesn’t convert into an equally promising blueprint. If your idea seems a lot like the others in your network, then there’s no point in actually investing in the app as you won’t be able to draw the audience to you. Every idea should be able to differentiate the business and help it stand out. There’s no point in making a uber-like app, as your audience may or may not download you. So, you need to think about differentiating your app

Promising Products/Services

Most businesses create an app, because that’s what their competitors have done. But, when it comes to actually offering the right products or services, or standing up to their commitment very few businesses are able to do so. An app reaches your customer better and quickly then other sources of marketing. If your app does sound promising, but you are not as effective as your app this could prove to be your downfall. This could break your business in minutes, and that’s something you cannot afford.

Catering to the Right Audience

You have created an app for the senior citizens, but you have not yet reached out to them, or you believe an app for the senior citizens may not help you without proper research and can damage your business. You need to prepare a business plan before you even start off with the app. Who is it that you are developing the app for? Once you are ready with the target, it is important to reach out to that target audience alone. If you are unable to decide on your target or reach out to them, you will fail in both marketing your app and getting your business the right conversions.     

Importance of Testing

App investment isn’t just about creating the app, it is about tailing all the right phases of app development and ensuring you come out with the right app and launch it to the right stores. When developing the app, you also need to go through the app testing phase to check for bugs.

If you invest in app development, but you don’t test it you will actually fail to recognize the bugs that get loaded to the app store. A bug free app will not only get accepted at the store but also get maximum audience and conversions. If not, your investment goes into drain.

Follow the Phases

There are three phases to app launch- the prelaunch, the launch and post launch phase. You need to be able to keep up with all three points and follow the roadmap in an exact manner to get your app launched perfectly. Don’t forget an app needs to be maintained, upgraded and given maximum support even after release.

An app investment can be called advantageous to the company only when the app gets launched perfectly, and gains maximum conversions.

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