Market Domination: iOS App Development vs. Android App Development


iOS had held the highest market share for a long time, but Android seems to be eating into its market share slowly. Today Android app development is considered to be a bigger and better platform, and most businesses prefer developing for Android before they can even consider the other platforms. For that matter, you will see iOS and Android fighting it hard to gain the top position.

There are pros and cons with developing for Android as well as for iOS. Android helps you get a quicker launch and faster turnaround time as against iOS. You don’t face too many hassles when uploading the app to the app store with Android, but Apple takes its own sweet time making it increasingly difficult for you to get that fast launch and faster time to market. With Android you get the competitive edge, and the newer development frameworks are making it pretty convenient for the developer too.

Despite everything that Android offers in terms of convenience to the developer, iOS has its own sweet reason for pulling the developers towards it. For one, iOS is easier to work with, and is a developer friendly platform. This is a primary motivation for working with iOS.

Let’s see how iOS app development happens to be better compared to Android in many ways.

Security Best Served

Android is an open source platform which makes security a major concern with this platform. But, when it comes to iOS, you don’t really think about security, as this is one of the most secure platforms for mobile apps. Apple does not allow you to load any app to the store till they have checked for all the bugs, and made sure that everything has been removed. The operating system is closed, so the source is not available to anyone. If you want to develop mobile app, and wish to browse with utmost security, you should ideally place your app on iOS.

Less time to Develop

While Android allows you to upload the app faster, iOS ensures you are able to develop the app faster. It is a developer friendly platform, and can be easily learnt by the developers. The reduced learning curve, with a developer friendly SDK can attract more developers towards iOS. Again, developers don’t need to invest much when developing for the iOS. So, along with reduced time to develop and higher productivity, the developers also get the benefit of reduced cost when they develop for the iOS platform.

Easy to Monetize

The apps that are developed using iOS platform are easy to monetize as against the apps developed using Android platform. The reason being iOS users spend more on the in-app purchases, and the features that are required to upgrade the app as against the Android users. You will see that despite there being a higher user base on Android, the number of spenders are relatively less when compared to that of iOS. This is one of the biggest reasons why businesses prefer developing for iOS, as they get profits and better return on investment.

No Fragmentation

When it comes to Android, the biggest issue you might have to face is that of fragmentation. You still have devices running on Jelly Bean, which cannot be updated, or the upgrades won’t run on these devices. When developing, you need to take care of all these aspects. But, that is not an issue with Android. There is a single iOS, which has been devised into different versions, and the phones have been upgraded accordingly. So, your application development process is pretty smooth.

Easy to Use

If you have even swiped the iPhone once, you would know what we are talking about. It is one of the best touch phones in the modern times. It is user friendly, and the interface is pretty intuitive making your touch faster and smoother. Learning to operate an iPhone is easy for people across the different age groups.

Amazing Design

The iPhone design, which is also responsible for the flat design across websites, is what attracts both developers and users towards iOS. It is pretty neat and simple, which makes it even more attractive. The parallax effect is also a result of the iPhone design.

With such amazing reasons and functionality, you know why iOS still rules the developer’s hearts.

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