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How frustrating does it get when you see a particular image, but don’t know any details regarding it. As a user, you are drawn to certain images used in the blog banner, or even the images that you see on social media. You see a portion of the image that you want to indulge in, or buy. But, you are not sure what it is called, or don’t even know how to look for that piece as it is a part of the image.

This gap was observed by Pinterest, a social bookmarking site, when a major chunk of its users wanted to know how they could find a particular part of the image that they were interested in. They wanted to know the name of the product in the image, or expressed their wish to purchase the product. This gap needed to be filled. Pinterest could not clearly offer any help in identifying the product by itself. The reason being the pins are from various sources, and the images belonged to a wide range of categories. It was not feasible for Pinterest to actually look up for all these categories and help the users. It was unable to keep a tab on the pins, and tag them either. Social new features was the need of the hour, and that’s why Pinterest brought in this cool new module, which will help you as the user to find the right products from the pins.

Visual Search Tool

Pinterest introduced the all-new visual search tool, which enabled the users to search for the products using the image. Now, that is something that has taken the search feature a step further for social bookmarking app.

So, how does this work? You just need to identify the part of the pin that you want to know more about. First click on the search tab located on the Pinterest page. Next, click on the portion of the image that you wish to find out more about. You will get the result in the form of pins similar to this image. You can filter the pins after defining your need. You will find the pins made by the brand, or by users who have written what the image is called. You can even zoom in to identify the name of the item you have been looking for. In case, you want to know where you can purchase it, Pinterest’s new search option helps you locate the same too. That’s the best part about this search tool! You get the identity of the product as well as the places where you can get it.

In case, you want to find out about a product within the pin, zoom the pin to the product, resize it in a way that the product is visible, and then use the search bar to conduct the search. You will know what the product is and where you can get it. This is one of the most important search modules, which has enhanced user experience.

Other Image Search Options

Google and Bing have already introduced social similar features like image search in their search engines. This has definitely enhanced the search experience. A lot of times, people have images stored in their devices. What if they want to find out more about these images? Example, there is a product in the image, and they need to know what that thing is called. This is where the search engines have decided to fill the gap. They allow you to search these images, using the image search option. You click on the image, and drag it to the search box, and click on search. All the related images and products will be shown to you. You can find out whatever you need about that image using this feature.

Innovation at its Best

Image search feature is like closing a gap that has been existent for a while, and which led to reduced search experience. It is one of the classic features, which helps identify those things the name for which remains unknown.

This innovation first introduced by search engines like Google and Bing, has been aped neatly by Pinterest. Innovation helps improve the user experience on your platform. In fact, innovation is the key to the success of any platform. In today’s age and time, where visual data is created for more engagement, this innovation was a necessary step forward.

If you are creating a similar social app, don’t forget to consider the gaps and fill it up. This will help you offer incredible user experience.

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