Poshmark Similar Apps: Poshmark v/s ThredUP, Mercari & Tradesy


There are tons of applications out there that are coming out as Poshmark similar apps for selling and buying new and gently used goods just by sitting at home with a single click. And you might be wondering what are the aye and nay of the platforms currently hyped in the market.

We strongly believe that Poshmark stands far better than other platforms owing to its features, user centric approach to provide ease to the buyers as well as sellers with the most interactive interface. So here are our plausible arguments, you decide if Poshmark truly serves by its name or it has just a hypothetical swinger.

In case you need a heads up on Poshmark, the in and out of it with functionalities, visit here before proceeding.

And if you are already a geek in buying and selling, let’s start our analysis to inquire about the Poshmark similar apps.

Poshmark VERSUS thredUP




Poshmark VS Threadup_TRooTech Business Solutions

thredUP is an online hub for buying and selling gently used and unwanted clothes that develops a consumer sharing economy. It has a slightly different concept when viewed from the same eye as Poshmark and thus comes in the league of Poshmark similar apps. Here are a few aspects that we think are comparable between Poshmark and thredUP, leaving the decision solely on your preference.


When it comes to induction, Poshmark has it all in terms of ease. Here are the quick steps:

  • Easy to start, just install the app, register and in no time Poshmark is all yours to list and sell.
  • If anyone selects your item and buys it, then it’s your responsibility to pack and ship it within a week of purchase.

Yes that’s it, no lengthy steps. Now the deal with thredUP is that it has a slightly augmented approach, it goes here,

  • Registering an account on thredUP just takes a few minutes.
  • Next, request for closet “clean out bag”, which will arrive within a week.
  • Then you need to fill the bag and return it using the pre-paid mailer, drop it off with your mailer or request for a pick up.
  • Now thredUP may take several days to weeks to treat your items and list them if they fall under their standards.

Thus, this bout is clearly won by Poshmark in terms of providing quick service.


Poshmark has a simple and clear rule for commissions,

– For sales under $15, a slash of $2.95

– And for sales above $15, a 20% slash on the selling price.

thredUP pays you all the amount for items listed less than $60, and for more you will be credited only when those items are sold. Also you can view the chart below for proper insight on thredUP’s commission earnings.

Comission-Poshmark VS Threadup_TRooTech Business Solutions

It is apparent but let’s keep it your call for the winner of this one.

Cash out

Of course, all the sellers prioritize this, so let’s help you out with this brief on our two competitors.

In Poshmark, you get the earnings in your Poshmark account right away after the buyer affirms reception and condition of the product. Now it’s your call to request direct deposit in your account or cheque in mail.

You are also allowed to withdraw your earnings at any time, after a transaction, or wait for the account to gather a lump sum.

thredUP lags here, as firstly it takes weeks for the clean out bag to be processed and listing of items on the platform. Secondly, you get the commission only for the items under $60 once they are listed, but you have to wait for the payments above $60 until the items are sold.

So tell me now, you need instant payment or wait for the cumbersome processes?

Unaccepted items

This is not the case with Poshmark though, as you have your own closet. You can upload as many items you wish for, or remove any item if you no longer want to sell it. It’s completely your call.

Now, how’s the situation where you have to pay to get your items that did not meet the relevant platform’s quality standards? Yes, you heard that right. thredUP gives the declined items to charity and if you need them back you have to pay $12.99 in the first place.

This one was quite clear but let’s see something more.

This one was quite clear but let’s see something more of the Poshmark similar apps and comparison.

Social touch

Poshmark serves people with a community touch alongside selling and buying. You connect with people, buyers, sellers, and engage with people by liking and sharing their closets. This engagement serves as a bridge to nurture your pool of buyers and connections. In short, Poshmark gives a sense of community and serves as a social community for shopping.

On the contrary, thredUP, despite being enlisted in the league of Poshmark similar apps, is a purely commercial platform for selling and buying. You do not connect with the buyers, you do not negotiate, nothing. The only communication that you have is with thredUP. There are no sellers to interact or connect with, buyers connect with thredUP and so do sellers.

In this case, socializing can create oomph in the sellers as well as buyers as they get to connect with each other that can tinge the trust factor.

Poshmark VERSUS Mercari


Poshmark VS Mercari_TRooTech Business Solutions

Mercari is a shopping application with a community powered base from Japan to buy and sell from anywhere with a wide variety of products that can be sold or bought. Sound similar to Poshmark doesn’t it? We can surely give you some solid reasons that it is not, read further to explore about one more app from the bag of Poshmark similar apps development.

Marketing your closet

One liberty provided by Poshmark is that we are free to market our closet whenever we find the need to do so. It can be done to remove irrelevant items or it can be done to increase your potential buyers by enlisting the most selling items. For this you can use any method, whether by sharing, liking or buying from other’s closets, thus yielding them to share yours and yiiee there you are.

This oh so interesting feature to market our own closet at our desired time is not provided by Mercari. Instead you have to wait for people to discover you, based on their needs and likes. As there are lots of customers, sometimes you have to stoop to less than $10 to fight during various sales and offers.

Customization and working as per will is a good feeling. Thank you Poshmark!


In Poshmark, you can make an offer or counter offer to negotiate prices and this process remains under the Poshmark’s guarantee to get you the item that you ordered with the negotiated price and predefined conditions, or get you payment back.

Negotiation in Mercari is done through comments sections only and there is no protected or private messaging module. So if you want to negotiate you need to do it publicly which may affect your profile for future selling too.

From a business view point, Poshmark’s negotiation feature makes it more standardized than Mercari owing to the public negotiation.


Mercari might get you a tad more of profit or exposure, but it gets you something more too, guess what? “Scammers”

Of course Mercari has a seller protection policy and stuff, but from the sellers reviews it does not seem to work though. There are many cases of seller selling their stuff to buyers (disguised scammers) who then vanish from the portal. There might be such cases rarely but this can counter Poshmark as they release the funds if there is no communication for three days.


Poshmark provides a very user friendly interface for the beginners for selling as well as buying. The simple design and evident features are appealing and gives a comfort feeling to the users. Thus it is making a direct connection with them giving them a laid back approach towards the platform.

In this feature, Mercari sets a bit intricate and confusing interface with categories and sub-categories to go for a single task. Seeing its cluttered features, users find it hard to get used to it and filtering makes it even more complicated.

Poshmark VERSUS Tradesy


Poshmark VS Tradesy_TRooTech Business Solutions

Tradesy can be regarded as a peer to peer marketplace for re-commerce of highly fashionable and gently used or fresh women’s clothing and accessories. With its various unique features and authentication policies it surely is a tough contender among the Poshmark similar apps, so let’s view some of the aspects to find the better platform.

Return Policy

The return policy of Poshmark is quite simple, it runs on the firm base that if the item that you bought is not delivered, or it is not as described in the listing. If the item is wrong or different from the description than the buyer can report to Poshmark within 3 days of the delivery and a full refund is offered after the return us verified.

In Tradesy, you can return any non-wedding item that you purchased within 4 days of delivery and it is not marked as final sale. You will receive a full refund in the form of Tradesy site credit, if and only if the item is not as described or is not received.

So, it’s clear that getting a site credit instead of actual money that was spent can be a big pt off for the buyers. So one point to Poshmark here!


Poshmark assists you with free easy transfer of funds to your bank account or receive a check in the mail after your items are sold and the earnings are credited in your account. You can withdraw desired amount at any time without any extra transaction charges.

Now let’s take a look on Tradesy’s earning cash out policy. Tradesy charges a whopping 2.9% fee when you want to cash out your earnings through paypal, bank account or debit cards.

I think everyone would be enticed and choose Poshmark here due to this factor of free cash out owing to the love for free, as free triggers any buyer or seller in all the possible senses.


Our verdict: Poshmark wins!!


We feel that these comparisons gave you enough insights to manifest you that the one rules in almost all aspects compared to the Poshmark similar apps, whether you start from user interface to return policies or earnings. Did this post steer your mind to which service should be used — Poshmark, thredUP, Mercari or Tradesy? Share with us your thoughts and questions if you agree or disagree to our words and notify us if we missed on something.

If your view is from a business perspective than it is surely an idea worth digging in and TRooTech has a firm hand on the development of Poshmark similar apps. Want to try than just go through our analysis and share your idea for Poshmark similar application development customized to your business requirements.


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