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9 planning tip-offs for developing restaurant reward points module for restaurant booking application are in your menu today!

Amplify customer engagement life cycle for your restaurant booking applications

Restaurant booking application development includes myriad of features to be added to make it usher the contemporaries, and who wouldn’t wish that right?

Just to get a synopsis of the entire restaurant booking application similar to OpenTable you can have a quick sight at this dossier.

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Now, if you are thinking to develop a restaurant booking application than you might be heedful enough that customers’ core entity needs to be weighed cardinally, you need to keep them engaged, satisfied and most importantly delighted.

And the restaurant reward points module incorporated in your application is the answer for all the concerns my friend!!

Pondering why? Among plethora of reasons, here are some to justify the crucial need of restaurant reward points module in restaurant booking application.

  • Boost your reputation
  • Customers stay contended & happy
  • Increases growth exponentially
  • Retain customers
  • Provides insight of customer behavior
  • Sales boost with the aid of rewards

This list is endless and it will go on and on, but the bottom line is inclusion of reward points program is a must for your restaurant booking application. And it is not humongous task to fabricate you plan your own restaurant reward points module for restaurant booking app.

1. Reward Point Demarcation


Our first concern would be to steer clear your head about the rewards points’ scheme, what will be the scheme relevant to your application type and what you cater.

Basically, we need to cover all the aspects that customer might expect hearing the term “reward points”.

For this application we can present reward points of succeeding types:

Reward Points in wallet
Direct credit of reward points in the user’s wallet, whenever any restaurant is booked or any transaction is carried out. By this method, user will be able to keep a track of their points and can urge them to accumulate more and more.

Discount coupons
Instead of earning reward points, for certain reward points there can be discount coupons that can be used for future bookings. Or can be send as gift to friends/family.

Experience Rewards
Special experiences such as VIP entry or food festival entry tickets, tasting invites, etc. for users who book in special restaurants or earn maximum points pre-mentioned by the admin.

2. Categorize Rewards

In order to make this game exciting enough for the customers, a varied restaurant reward point scheme for various types of rewards can be tailored.

Viz. we can come up with standard reward points & bespoke reward points.

Standard reward points
Rewards that are already visible to the users and are posted on the application’s reward points module come under this category. User is already aware of the schemes and so yearns to collect.

Bespoke reward points
hese are the surprise rewards, you can give them to any customer at any event like if they have collected more than 1000 reward points you can give them a 100 as bespoke reward, you can even offer something that is not a part of your business, such as a shopping coupon or movie ticket, basically something the user doesn’t expect from you.

Experience Rewards
Special experiences such as VIP entry or food festival entry tickets, tasting invites, etc. for users who book in special restaurants or earn maximum points pre-mentioned by the admin.

In this way we can keep the customers engaged as they look forward to a variation in the reward schemes along with an extensive application.

3. Ways customer can earn restaurant reward points

Our primary task of planning the rewards points’ scheme coupled with its categories is done, now we come to the significant part of how will the customers be able to earn the restaurant reward points.

Of course this needs to be impeccable as it targets our main concern to add this module in the restaurant booking application

Booking Through Your Application
Set a minimum amount of points that can be earned by booking through the application, or you can even change it depending upon the type of restaurant that is booked or time of booking.

Booking frequency
If a user is booking more than a fixed number of times from your application than you can credit extra point or fix a ratio that adds up on multiple bookings.

Day Specific
User can get a chance to grab points on weekends or selected weekdays, just to increase their points and give a traffic to the application too.

If any user refers another user/friend/family to join your application, give them rewards, if any famous restaurant is recommended by a user to fellow user, give them reward, etc. such small referral rewards act as a robust marketing strategy.

Restaurant-Customer Engagement
This scheme can be applied for the who are tend to visit a restaurant more, or in order to increase a restaurant’s relationship with the customer, their engagement can be given a reward each time a specific user books that restaurant.

4. Bound Reward Accessibility

As it is said, limits make things more valuable, likewise limits will make customers excited and keen to grab and use restaurant reward points.

It’s the case where the decision is totally of the application owner whether to be generous and set no limits for earning reward points or be a little stringent to limit customer’s earnings.

We depict all the possible cases that are possible for edging the chances of earning the reward points by the customer. It is solely the call of the business or application admin to pick up any scheme.

Unlimited Earning
Liberty to users to earn as many points as they want, same restaurant bookings, daily multiple bookings, etc. No limits on any timing, restaurant, day, etc. (For the most generous business owners!!)

Time Specific Earning
Limit the reward quantities, viz. a user can access an x type of reward for only 5 times a month or year. This limit can create a craving to wait for the next chance to earn rewards, an our work of engaging them is done here.

People Specific Earning
You can make a scheme to earn certain couple rewards only once, or family rewards twice a month. The idea is to limit the restaurant reward points module  for number of diners.

Restaurant Specific Earning
A chance for users to earn for a certain restaurant booking only once, or twice. Depending on the type of restaurant also the limit can be set, such as fine dining, casual dining, snack bars, dessert bars, etc.

Did any of the schemes nick your mind? If not than you can combine them with each other and develop your own custom limitation.

5. Distribution Based On Reward Point Value

One more trick to make this look exciting for users is by allotment of a tag to reward points on the basis of their value, ambiguous? Wait let’s take an example,

There can be bifurcation based on the amount of the reward points,

High Value Reward
Mark few restaurants on special days, and booking those can make user earn high value rewards that comprise of more points than normal rewards.

Medium Value Reward
These rewards contain less points than the high value rewards, for casual dining restaurants, weekend offers, etc.

Low Value Reward
They can be considered as thee basic or minimum amount of points that will be received by the user on booking a restaurant.

The task here is to choose which customer is applicable for which reward, you can base this on frequency of each reward type, viz. high value reward can be earned only once a month or year, next is you can base the distribution on total amount that can be earned monthly and customer gets to decide which reward to be earned how many times.

6. Amplify Novelty Of Each Reward Scheme

Same scheme may become humdrum for the customer after a certain period of time. Keep a variety of reward schemes ready and keep updating after certain intervals, there are basically two reasons behind this,

Show all the reward schemes at once and you are left with an empty bag
More schemes for a longer time are less effective than few schemes changing periodically.

Even categories can be derived out of this to make this module extensive. Some of the categories can be,

  • Reward points only for newly registered customers.
  • Reward points only for customers with certain bookings.
  • Reward points only for returning customers.
  • Reward point for all the customers.

7. Strategy to market the reward points

For a restaurant booking application, there are on ground two strategies to market the reward point schemes, one is by giving them expectations by predicating them with the scheme and second by giving them a surprise by random reward points that are not mentioned on the list of reward point schemes.

  • Expected Reward Points.
  • Unexpected Reward Points.

And guess what is the goal for this marketing strategy, its constant customer attention & entice new customers to register with the application in lure of read points & benefits. And this in turn increases your business, so yay it’s a win-win for you.

8. Rewards Customized To Festivals, Birthdays, Anniversary, Seasons, Etc.

We explained you multiple ways of planning dining reward points and obviously there might be ideas popping in your mind too, let’s suffice some of your ideas now,

Owing to the like-mindedness of the customer base, one thing is for sure that on every special occasion or festive season they expect that offers and rewards are showered upon them by various brands and applications. So how can we be holding back in such a lucrative chance, we present some of the schemes to be one to add into their happiness.

  • Tailored reward point scheme for each festival.
  • Surprise rewards on birthdays and anniversaries.
  • Season specific reward points.

These schemes can keep the customers excited and pompous about the reward point scheme and thus customer loyalty also gets a small kick to elevate.

9. Reward Points Redemption Process

We discussed about everything so far, and now we have reached to the stage where we are actually incorporating something that a customer waits for.

Yes, redemption of the restaurant reward points. This step needs to be weaved in such a way that customer feels it as a cakewalk and doesn’t spoil their wonderful experience of the application at the time of redeeming points.

There can be many ways portrayed in front of user to redeem their precious points, such as,

  • Setting a limit to redeem points.
  • Option to get credit/gift card, etc..
  • Share reward points to fellow users/friends.
  • Share as a gift card to fellow users.

These were the ideas that popped in our minds, there can be many other way for redemption, you can even tailor it to your business model.

So far, the discussion went well i guess, which one enticed you? We can discuss the restaurant reward points module’s strategy for your application as well, doesn’t matter if it’s and existing one or developed from scratch, we are at your service.

So far, the discussion went well i guess, which one enticed you

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