Route Optimization Software: The Key Aspect of Uber Similar App Development


The Existing Enigma


The Existing Enigma_TRooTech Business Solutions

There are various problems that the businesses like Uber face viz. combinational optimization and integer programming.

Often than not, the main problem for the Uber-like businesses is to manage the route and find the best possible route that minimizes the total route cost.

The precise solution to the route optimization cannot be predicted.

Let us understand it with the Uber business.

For the businesses like Uber, it is important to maintain the constraints of time and reach the destinations, this can be achieved by the route optimization software.

The factors that can hamper the seamless working can be:

· Poor Route Planning

Agree or not, there is little or no route planning, when the current scenario is considered.

The driver has to make assumptions, predictions and drive along. This can sometimes lead to wastage of many resources altogether driving the business towards loss somewhere down the line.

· Peak Rush Hours

No matter how much experienced a driver is, he cannot beat the heat of the peak traffic hours. Once stuck, if the company does not have any extra addition to wait times, it might get over-burdening for the driver to even incur fuel cost.

· Poor Weather Conditions

The weather cannot be predicted, it is to be studied or just gambled upon.

But the manual process does not have any measures to gauge the weather conditions and so proper planning cannot be done.

· Damaged Roads

Now, this is the most irking factor and these types of instances are way too instantaneous to know. When a driver, without any knowledge passes through that road, he gets stuck in the traffic and the service time exceeds the predicted time. If at all, there are some means to know the real-time situation of the road, the driver could take an alternate route and can make it to the destination quickly.

· Poor Scheduling

There is absolutely no means to gauge which road would be the most optimized route to reach to the destination without any time delay. If this is scheduled and the routes can be tracked, a more efficient way can be found out to avoid the wastage of resources at all cost.

· Excessive Consumption of Fuel

Call it the rush traffic hours, annoying wait times, longer routes due to bad weather/ road conditioning, or lack of proper scheduling, the overall effect can be visible on the usability of the fuel.

If there is some system devised that can help track the other problems, the fuel usage can be optimized.

· Customer Retention Problem

If you cannot help reach your customer on time, you are already running late in your purpose of customer retention. No customer can tolerate long-wait pickup hours, delay to reach the destination, and difficult rides, thus, all the factors sum up to your woes to the customer retention problem.

· No Means of Tracking

Talking about today, there are no means for the admins to know where their fleets are working currently. Thus, they cannot take immediate actions in case of emergency and accidents.

· Poor Time Management

Longer routes and wait times add up the consequent time and causes delay in the time required to reach the destination.

These are some of the issues listed when the route planning is not done properly.

These issues can have an impact or in cases, severe impact on the consumption of fuel, driver’s productivity, vehicle, and of course the timing of the reach.

But the brighter side is, we have got a mechanism to handle all the poor management of the resources in the travel and hospitality industry.

And the solution is – Route Optimization Software.

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The Route Optimization Technique


route optimization technique_TRooTech Business Solutions

The only solution – Route optimization. It is a process to schedule the rides and design the most effective solution for determining the most cost-efficient route. It does more than simply finding the shortest path between two points. It helps to design the route when there are more than one stops in a long complex path.

The basic requisites for it is the inclusion of all the relevant factors such as the number and location of all the required stops on the route.

Other factors that can easily influence the result are the number of turns or intersections along the route, crossing the line of the traffic, nearest driver to dispatch on the route, traffic congestion for the current time of day, and best approach to the stops on the route.

This also means that when the route optimization is done for two distinct points, all the possibilities to reach the route quickly adds up. The route optimization software helps to match work orders to stop so you can compare the actual route taken and stops made with your planned route for each driver.

The simplicity of route-optimization relies on the ease to access it from anywhere.

The route optimization software helps devise the shortest route possible that considerably minimizes the buffer time and efficiently maximizes the capacity of the fleet.

In more specific cases, we even integrate it with our Geo-analytics tool which changes location-based data into the representations that focus more on the opportunities and thereby help pipeline the business effectively.

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Now comes the features needed for the Route Optimization Software


features of route optimization_TRooTech Business Solutions

The very first and foremost important feature of route optimization is Estimated Time of Arrival. It is the first thing that the riders see when they open the application and can be highly used to manage pickups for the riders.

Another important feature that matches up to ETA is estimated time to reach to the destination. Once the ride commences, there is an option for the riders to view the total estimated time to reach to the destination.

The drivers have the option to choose the paths from a number of routes available to reach the destination. They can view the real-time traffic, where the traffic is, where the road is slow, what the condition of the weather is going to be and accordingly plan their route.

In case, when the riders have to make multiple stops, the driver can take that route and can make the stops as determined by the data submitted by the rider. This can help optimize the route along with the stops and the total time of the ride can also be displayed to the rider.

This helps the driver to manage the route with the help of route optimization software and find out the most resources-effective route to reach the destination.

This is very crucial for the businesses similar to UberEats and UberPOOL where the driver needs to stop at more than one destination.

This will make the system more accurate and efficient.

The Advantages of Route Optimization


  • Pick the Best Route

Route Optimization helps get to the shortest, less crowded and the most efficient routes to fulfill deliveries at multiple locations with ease.

  • Schedule Drivers Efficiently

It helps the drivers to complete more tasks and serve more customers, leading to efficient time management.

  • Reduce Fuel Cost

It provides optimized routes avoid unnecessary consumption of fuel, which saves substantial costs to the organization.

  • Keep Customers Happy

Route optimization deliveries lead to customer satisfaction, which ensures that they would stick to the platform for long.

  • Real-time Tracking

Route Optimization software is developed in such a way that the algorithm keeps a track of real time traffic, time preferences, agent location, and even weather conditions and optimizes routes.

  • Dynamic Pricing

The pricing here is based on the various factors such as estimated route traffic, the number of available fleet, estimated time, and distance of the route.

  • Handle Demand

The real-time notifications regarding high demand areas are sent to drivers for optimizing drivers.

  • Geo-tracking

The key performance indicators help get location-based insights regarding missed, canceled, and successful rides.

  • Instant Notifications

It is highly used for the admin at the backend in order to get the instant push notifications that could be devised to help their drivers reach their customers at the right time at the right place.

  • Easily Accessible

All the software and tools are web-based and so it can be accessed from anywhere. This helps create routes and insightful plans that cannot be made manually.

  • Fulfill Time Commitments

For some of the time-constrained services, route optimization helps provide the best possible service for the customers.

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The verticals where route optimization can be of great help


verticals of route optimizarion_TRooTech Business Solutions

  • Meal Delivery
  • Grocery Delivery
  • Parcel Delivery
  • Field Services
  • Packers and Movers
  • Logistics and Transportation
  • Medical Equipment Delivery
  • Ambulance
  • Local Home Services

How we learned to develop an all-inclusive route optimization software?


This is the times when we started getting hundreds of requests to quote and develop on-demand business mobile and web application or in simple words, to develop mobile and web applications like Uber.

After some practice-to-perfect episodes in the development, we encountered the above mentioned challenges and strives to come up with the solutions to it. After long researches and intensive case studies, we finally came up with a conclusion that the solution to leverage the maximum capacity of roads lies in the road itself and here it is – route optimization.

Our foremost focus was to provide an estimation just like Uber did. For this purpose, we used a combination of routing engines to produce an estimated time of arrival. At that point of time, we didn’t have any navigation system and the only solution was to exhaust ETA and map matching in order to show the current location of the vehicles and so an integrated routing engines helped us develop the module.

Our next challenge was to determine the time to reach to the destination. For this all the roads and routes in the city were to be examined, a pattern was to be formed as to where the traffic gets slower during which hours and for what amount of time. This took many trips to come up with the solution and it has now been easy for us to devise route optimization software for any type of service.


Looking forward to build an app like Uber to leverage the maximum of route optimization?

Strike a conversation here.

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