Should You Actually Venture Into mCommerce Business Forth?


Retail has had a mega makeover, and has truly evolved in the inbound marketing era. With the devices growing smaller and smarter, the impact of these devices on your business is really huge. The smartphones and other smart devices have had a huge impact on the retail business specifically. Millennials are the new customers, who are not just tech-savvy but function mostly from their smartphones. They will buy what’s new, are interested in latest trends, and love to stay updated with the latest happenings.

You need to establish a mobile presence for your retail business if you want to keep your audience interested, and get maximum benefit from them. Mobile commerce poses lot of opportunities to the retail business. But, along with the opportunities, there are whole load of challenges that the retail business needs to take into consideration. You cannot ignore the mobile application development when establishing your web presence; in fact, you need to take a mobile-first approach, and optimize your site for the mobile. You need to offer them a unified user experience on the mobile, which will increase their visits, and give you maximum conversions. According to popular statistics, 64% of the traffic comes from mobile devices, and could be potential customers for your brand. Considering this statistics, you need to ensure you have a good mobile presence.

Let’s have a quick look at some of the challenges and opportunities posed by mobile commerce that retail businesses should consider.

Challenges of mCommerce

  • Varying Screen Sizes & Resolutions: Various screen sizes have evolved with time, which has increased complexities. If your buyer is using a small phone, chances are they want your site optimized for the small screen in a way that buying is convenient and easy for them. Most often, the buyer from a small screen is hesitant to buy a new product from his/her phone, as there are chances of error while typing on this screen. This proves to be a challenge to the mCommerce business, as these people are less likely to use their phones to buy. Again resolutions can prove to be difficult. The challenge is creating an optimized site for many resolutions, which proves to be slightly difficult and tedious
  • Frequent Releases: When you have released a mobile app or website, and the OS version is upgraded, you need to ensure your app matches the new release. You need to test your app or mobile site for the different releases, and mind you these releases are pretty frequent. If your app fails to remove the bugs for the new version, you may lose out on a customer or, on giving the ideal experience
  • Performance Concerns: When it comes to a mobile app or site, speed is a major concern. So proper website development is necessary. When you are dealing with people accessing your website in areas where the network is bad or the speed is slow, the site’s performance is bad as well. This can pose as a challenge for your mCommerce business.

Opportunities for mCommerce

Challenges are not all that is present around mCommerce. There are brilliant opportunities that retail businesses can create via mCommerce.

  • Increased Engagement: When it comes to engagement, there is nothing that can beat the mobile commerce scenario. It works well in getting the audience to stay on board, shop and increase the business profitability. Mobile phones are an integral part of your everyday lives, and surfing and shopping on the mobile is a pretty regular affair
  • Personalized Experience: With mCommerce combined with Big Data analytics, you receive insights that tell you how your consumer shops and buys. This will help you personalize the offering on your mobile site or app, which in turn will enrich the user experience. The key is to give out personalized experiences that will translate into conversions thus increasing profitability.
  • Desired Response: Your mobile customer is your actual customer, which is why a well-optimized mobile presence is essential. With mCommerce you can maximize your reach and improve your visibility online, which will help increase your conversions. The real fact is that with mCommerce you can gain the desired response from your target audience, which will build your user base, thus increasing your ROI.

mCommerce has its own set of challenges and opportunities. You just need the right partner to create opportunities while ensuring there are ways to mitigate risks and reduce overhead costs.

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