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Social commerce, does it sound alien to you?

I suppose you might be pretty clear with the words social media and commerce or e-commerce, and bam!! we say,“social commerce”. Wondering what it is?

Okay, so let me give a brief about social commerce:

When the e-commerce marketplace is given a touch of social media by enabling social interactions, whether by connecting, sharing, commenting, liking or engaging in any way with fellow users, and thus giving an edge to the e-commerce experience can be roughly termed as social commerce.

If you take an holistic approach to view social commerce, there is a lot more to keep digging, say for instance, we go hunting for product reviews, ratings and recommendations on various social media platforms, what if that can be visible on the shopping app itself? This was just and example, social commerce app has a lot in store for you.

If you want to understand this concept deeply, then quickly gain insights by visiting our introductory blog on social commerce.

Now that so much is said about the elephant in the room, social commerce, let’s turn one more page of this book to find out how the backend of social commerce app works to handle their respective platforms.

A spotlight on the Admin’s role:


Admin Panel_ TRooTech Business Solutions

The role of an administrator is quite complex for almost any kind of website, app or portal. In this concept of social commerce, a thriving effort is made to incorporate tools and technologies in order to curtail the complexity and provide a clear, crisp and comprehensive platform for the admin to manage the entire app.

We yearn to simplify the tasks of admin to the max by assisting them with an all-inclusive and elementary backend of social commerce app to manage the critical tasks with our tools and touch of our expertise.

The basic idea was to equip the dashboard with all the modules that will be handy for admin without much intricacy and complexity. All the tasks of the admin are incorporated within the admin panel without swarming it with buttons and tabs, instead all the modules are docked elegantly for quick access.

Let’s have a quick concise of the admin tasks and additional functionalities that can be added to the backend of social commerce app.


User Management


  • User management includes management of controls and roles of vendor users, customer user and sales managers. Admin can monitor the user activities, their community presence and can suspend, edit or delete roles of any user if found inappropriate.
  • In this section, admin creates, manages and updates, registered user accounts, assigns security roles, reset fields to be displayed in profile, authorization to access the application pages by providing role based access and manage credentials where required.


Product Management


  • In the product management, admin has a lot to handle as there will be a large number of products, categories, sub categories, brands, and many other types of filter in the product management.
  • In the social commerce app this section is made by providing different categories of products, with filters for managing the contents and status of the products in each category, their details, vendors list etc.


Communication Module


Communication Module_TRooTech Business Solutions


  • Managing the channel of communication, monitoring groups, deploying protocols for chat or message group depending on the user authentication and access. We have also added agents that are provided by the admin to chat with the customers. These agents can be any employee of the companies that are registered as vendors, providing direct communication with the sales manager also.
  • Admin will be able to view chat history of individuals as well as group and thus can update the attributes and parameters as well.
  • Listing of all the members, groups and conversations with visibility of the parameters is designed in the most convenient manner to enable ease for the admin to view the contents.


These were the basic module that admin panel of any application will have, in the case of backend of social commerce app there are some extra modules to facilitate admin to quit the manual humdrum processes and go digital.


Permissions Management


When it comes to provision of privileges and permissions it becomes a humongous task for the admin or authority to provide customized permissions to each and every user whether customer or vendor, in the social commerce application there is an easy to access section with filters to provide permissions to a dedicated group at any level.

Few categories of permissions that are provided under permission management are:

  • User,Vendor or Organization Permissions
  • Conversation Permissions
  • Messenger Permissions
  • Help Center Permissions
  • Product Permissions
  • Customization Permissions

Analytics Management


Analytics Management_TRooTech Business Solutions


Admin needs to know whats up with the application right? That too in all the fields in a single frame. Why not provide all the statistics and analytics at just a click.

For ensuring proper functioning of the application, all the faces of the application needs to be focused, viz.

  • Page views
  • Orders placed
  • Registered vs Unregistered visitors
  • Category wise sales
  • Visitor stats
  • New vendor
  • User Registration
  • New customer
  • Product growth monthly comparison


Transaction Management


The task that has to be done with utmost perfection is smooth transaction and in order to make that possible there has to be a firm concentration showed by the admin. We assist the admin in this case, by providing an interface to view, manage and edit any transactions or in general generate receipts or invoices of any transaction.

Transaction management blankets the following aspects:

  • Billing/Purchase management
  • Invoice management
  • View/edit pending transactions
  • Filtering orders on the basis of their payment modes

Account Management


Different accounts, different plans, different privileges. Admin surely needs a trick to manage all accounts and we are well aware about that, so in the backend of social commerce app, an entire section for management of account of customers as well as vendors is kept.

  • Subscription Plan management
  • Access Management
  • Offers and invite codes management


Store Management


Store Management_TRooTech Business Solutions


As it is a social commerce app, there will be a number of vendors who will be using this platform for enhancing their business. Admin has the right to view, edit or delete any permissions, access of the features and management of the entire store in the backend of social commerce app.

  • Manage brands
  • Product management
  • Manage offer codes
  • Reports management

As an added benefit, social commerce application provides user’s interaction directly with the sales managers of respective brands or stores that are registered as vendors in the app. This can solve all the queries of the customer users regarding a product or a brand.

Now you might be imaging the role of admin in this process, admin has a very crucial role here, as its the only connecting link between the customer users and sales managers.

Admin manages profiles of the sales managers and makes sure that a sales manager is allotted and available for a selected group of users in the backend of social commerce app.

Management of the profile and number of sales managers is one of the priority tasks of the admin as it covers the customer satisfaction aspect, which is over end goal for any application development.


There are lot many aspects in each development process and we have just unveiled one of the aspects to make you keen to discover more and dive into the era of social commerce applications.

The urge to find out more about social commerce should lead you to our multiple blogs portraying various faces of the social commerce apps, revenue model and comparisons are available here.

So, thinking to bag a social commerce app?

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