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It has become important for the businesses to reach out to their target consumers at the right time using the right channels to deliver the appropriate message. Today’s consumer spends more time on their mobiles as against other devices. If you cannot reach your consumer on the mobile, you will miss out on half the conversions that could have improved your ROI effectively.

Mobile-first approach is the best way to ensure success in the digital era, and for this you need to have a sophisticated and well-sought mobile presence. While your mobile presence is essential, the question still remains whether you should go for mobile app development or mobile website solution. This depends on your business requirement and the goals you aim to achieve with your mobile solution. If you are looking for more engagement then a mobile app is definitely your ideal solution.

The second question that most businesses are posed with is whether to develop your app in-house or to outsource the app development. This is a critical question, and it depends on a large number of factors that you may need to address. Here we will look into whether you should go for in-house development or outsource the project.


When you are talking about web development, you are talking about a limited scope that can be easily defined within the infrastructure you possess. But, mobile app development is slightly different and a bit more complex as compared to web development. The huge number of devices and the fragmentations itself make the development a complex procedure. Even if you boil down to creating an app for a single operating system, you will need to consider a wide range of versions and releases for that operating system along with the huge number of devices that vary in size, resolution etc.

If you are planning in-house development, you will need to invest in the development as well as testing infrastructure. You need to avail internet, intranet, cloud as well as web services to be able to develop and test the whole app before you are ready for the launch. While large enterprises can still think about investing in the infrastructure, for small businesses it is too much of an investment.

On the otherhand, when you outsource your app development project, you just need to look out for a company with a good infrastructure, better experience and which proves to be cost-effective. The rest is taken care of by the company. They take care of the maintenance as well as support systems too. This not only saves you a lot of cost but also makes your life easier and your resources free to concentrate on the core tasks.


Another important parameter that you need to consider when talking about outsourcing vs in-house would be human resources. For both, development and testing, you need an army of resources on your side who will help you perform the various tasks. It is tedious to hunt for the right skills, and get them on board. You will need mobile app developers, QA developers, mobile app marketers, designers and project manager on your team to be able to perform. It is not only about hiring them, but also about maintaining them via training and other resources. Training is the most difficult part that most businesses endure, as the non-technical staff needs to impart the technical training, which is difficult.

On the other hand, you don’t need to hire, recruit or even manage the costs or train the resources when you outsource. The outsourcing company will help you with the relevant resources, which saves your hiring & training costs and helps you get the best possible output. These companies come with flexible hiring and engagement models which will help you get the desirous person on board.

Project Management

When you are working on the mobile app development project in-house, you will need to have someone manage the entire project team and get the work on track. The projects work in tight collaboration, which is why you need a project manager. If you are a start-up or a small business, project management could be tough on you. This is precisely why outsourcing works well for these businesses. The outsourcing companies will not only manage the collaboration but will also take care of the project management demands for the project, which will make your work easy.

Outsourcing your mobile app development task works in your favor. It saves you from umpteen costs and helps you achieve your goals easily. You are ready for launch in a short time frame.

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