Software testing trends that are here to rule 2022


As the world is moving towards digitization, we are witnessing significant shifts in technological breakthroughs. The year 2022 will see the continuation of huge advances in technology and digitalization, necessitating innovation and reinvention for enterprises across all economies. The business world has witnessed one such advancement under the arena of softwares capsuled in market-influencing software testing trends.

The role of software testing towards digitization:

Software testing is a big buzz in all the sectors involving technologies, given that it helps with bug prevention, reduced development costs, and improved performance. The Software Testing Market surpassed USD 40 billion in 2020 and is expected to grow at a CAGR of more than 7% from 2021 to 2027.

Burgeoning technological advancements in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and CI/CD for the IT sector are expected to drive market growth. Moreover, IT businesses are striving to develop speedier, smarter, scalable, and connected apps to better serve their consumers in order to satisfy business demand. The requirement has had a considerable influence on the software testing landscape.

A comprehensive checklist: Innovative software testing patterns

Over the past few decades, the world has undergone a cultural transformation, which has been aided by digital technology. Working remotely, door-to-door delivery of services, and online payment are just a few of the modifications made possible by the use of these technological innovations.

There has been a rise in the use of Software as a Service (SaaS) and Anything as a Service (XaaS) – the advanced delivery models of the software industry. Such high-level growth and development definitely call for innovative software testing patterns to achieve the ultimate goal.

Click on the below-given points to have an in-depth understanding of the software testing trends:

1) IoT Testing
2) Blockchain Testing
3) Cybersecurity Testing
4) AI and ML Testing
5) Codeless Automation
6) Audio and Video Testing

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An in-depth view: Software testing trends

IoT Testing:

The Internet of  Things is quickly expanding. It has an impact on almost every industry, including sports, medicine, automobile, and home automation. Many businesses are utilizing or planning to utilize IoT to build better solutions and differentiate their goods from the competition.

Businesses are looking toward testing their IoT solutions across multiple KPIs to verify they function properly and fulfill customer expectations. As a result, we can anticipate IoT testing to be one of the leading software testing trends this year.

IoT testing benefits businesses with the following aspects:

AspectsBenefits Offered
ConnectionEnsures reliable connectivity of IoT devices with sensors, cloud, and other IoT devices.
ExperienceHelps users receive a uniform and consistent experience.
StandardsMake certain that the IoT devices have observed global norms and laws.
SecurityKeeps user data secure from viruses and other security flaws.

Questions you must ask while running an IoT test:

1) If or not the IoT solution is decked with robust security measures that are designed to safeguard it from data breaches and malware?

2) Whether the IoT solution has enough sustenance capability to deliver a uniform and integrated experience?

3) Does the IoT solution showcase decent interoperability by being compatible with other devices, systems, or platforms?

4) Is the IoT solution compliant with global norms and regulations?

Blockchain testing:

Cryptocurrency appears to be booming each day of the year. With more and more people and organizations resorting to blockchain technology, blockchain testing has also become a popular trend nowadays. It has been witnessed that more businesses in the previous year accepted bitcoin as payment, and this year, we should anticipate even more businesses to hop on the crypto hype.

Amazon, for instance, has revealed intentions to establish its own cryptocurrency in 2022, paving the door for other major corporations to follow suit. Other blockchains and cryptocurrency trends forecast an increased need for blockchain and cryptocurrency expertise as blockchain enters the Metaverse and integrates with IoT technology. Consequently, developing and rising blockchain technology will necessitate more blockchain testing.

Blockchain testing enables business to gain the following highpoints:

AspectsBenefits Offered
FunctioningEstablishes a safe and functioning infrastructure.
PerformanceIdentifies performance constraints more quickly.
Error-FreeAvoids damage, eliminate faults in a decentralized system.
Maintenance of PerformanceEnsures that all aspects of the blockchain network function properly.
QualityProvides high-quality services while exceeding user expectations.

Cybersecurity testing:

Cybersecurity is one of the vital software testing trends that most of the organizations adopt for sure. This brings us to a probable scenario that speaks of businesses shelling more funds on cybersecurity testing as they entered the arena of 2022. Furthermore, the numerous software defects and technological failures of 2021 highlight the importance of rigorous cybersecurity testing.

Cybercrime perpetrators are growing more persistent and skilled at circumventing security safeguards, while assaults are becoming more complicated and profitable. As a result, quality assurance professionals must be prepared to test for security breaches and use a variety of security testing approaches. Incorporating resilience testing methodologies such as chaos engineering is also an excellent strategy to assure system stability and preparedness under real-world settings.

Cybersecurity testing would enable smart businesses with merits like:

AspectsBenefits Offered
Error-FreeHelps determine the key security flaws sooner and earlier in the SDLC to let it operate free from any errors.
Proactive ResolutionHelps in better preparation for potential cyberattacks and security flaws.
Active ShieldAvoids damage, eliminate faults in a decentralized system.
Security EvaluationEvaluates currently operating cybersecurity safeguards for any loopholes
Data ProtectionAssists to safeguard partners’, stakeholders’, and customers’ data.
Trust BuildingHelps establish and increase trust and credibility in the market.

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AI and ML testing:

AI and ML Testing is a core part of Test Automation and with the onset of 2022, there have been more AI and ML elements in the various test automation jobs all over. Artificial intelligence and Machine Learning have revolutionized testing, benefiting everyone engaged in the process.

A scenario in which a computer uses some sort of intelligence to resolve an issue is referred to as Artificial Intelligence. In contrast, Machine Learning is the foundation of many Artificial Intelligence-driven systems.

Relish the following benefits by embracing AI and ML testing

AspectsBenefits Offered
Speed & EfficiencyMakes the test creation faster and more efficient, while also increasing the overall efficiency of general software testing.
Simple & EasyIt is comparatively a simpler test analytics tool that also eases the tedious work of QA teams.
Time to MarketHelps validate code changes faster, while also shortens the time to market.
Latest TechnologiesEnables the use of the latest technologies, while also streamlining test administration and enhancing your visual testing skills.

Learning the benefits, one could rightly know that in some ways, Artificial Intelligence would not exist without Machine Learning. Machine Learning, which is fundamentally a pattern-recognition technology, predicts future trends by using patterns found by its algorithms. The combination of AI and Machine Learning will enhance and fasten software testing in three aspects: test creation, test analysis, and test maintenance.

Test Creation: Here we are talking about a bigger picture, called Automated Testing, of which AI & ML Testing is a vital part. Automated testing necessitates the creation and execution of tests, which is often accomplished through the use of a framework such as Selenium. A thorough test script is required to control element selections and operations that are part of the test.

But, things are not as simple and straight as they seem. The issue is writing a new test script is time-consuming and repetitive. Even a tiny software development project in and of itself, requires hours to construct even a simple script. But, AI and ML can speed up this process by developing tests in minutes rather than hours.

Being an inevitable capsule of the advanced tech jet, AI enables you to construct tests by walking through the test case in a series of steps while the system creates ML models in the meantime. These ML models collect massive volumes of data in order to detect trends and make projections, which speeds up the test generation process.

Test Analysis: Going back to the basics, they are the test scripts that are used in classic test automation to determine whether the output of activity meets your expectations. To make this possible, you must define exactly what the test must look for. At the outset, this simplifies test analysis—either the test succeeded or failed.

Traditional test automation, on the other hand, isn’t always the most dependable, resulting in a variety of challenges in evaluating test results. To point out further, it only tests what you ask it to test, and many test failures are absolutely false positives. AI and ML techniques improve test analysis in a variety of ways. It reduces the possibility of human mistakes, saves testing time, and enhances the quality of UI evaluated.

Furthermore, AI and ML examine the program in-depth, comparing it to past test runs for identifying any flaws. This means that a fault can be detected and reported without specifying a particular test condition in the test script.

Test Maintenance: Being an integral and important part of test automation, test maintenance is all about rectifying and upgrading tests so that they stay in sync with code changes. Test maintenance is an essential component of test automation. The dependability of a test may decrease as modifications to the code, framework, integration, and other software components emerge.

It is critical to maintaining your tests in order to keep them up to date with any alterations that may influence their legitimacy. AI eliminates the requirement for test maintenance entirely, thanks to the ML model that finds patterns and generates algorithms. In particular, if an aspect —changes or moves, AI can determine what happened and still choose the proper one.

The mounds of ML data gathered throughout each test run enable this. For more severe adjustments, such as fully eliminating a button, AI will detect the issue and identify possible causes. All you have to do to update your test is choose the proper AI recommendation.

Codeless test automation:

Codeless Test Automation, as the name suggests, allows the teams to automate the complete process of writing test scripts irrespective of one’s skillset. Consider receiving all of the benefits of test automation without having to write any code. Doesn’t that seem like the best option available in the market? In 2022, expect to see much more of it. With Codeless Automation Testing, you are enabled to realize the rewards of test automation without having to write a single line of code.

Codeless test automation helps you in the following ways:

AspectsBenefits Offered
Slight Learning CurveWithout a previous understanding of coding or programming languages, testers may write test cases, even for the automation of complicated situations.
Faster Feedback CycleWith clear and intelligible feedback, test cases are easier to examine by testers and non-technical stakeholders.
Improved Test EfficiencyImproved test efficiency is one of the key merits as complicated syntax is not used and the test generated is faster and more trustworthy. 
Time and Cost-EfficientIt is time and cost-efficient as testers can run more tests in less time without having to learn new programming languages. This frees up your time and resources for other pursuits.

For these reasons, we may anticipate that codeless test automation, is such a software testing trend that will be utilized more frequently to speed up test generation and increase testing dependability.

Audio and video testing:

What do you think about the status of the Work From Home paradigm in 2022?? You would be witnessing many of the employees across organizations still working remotely. They may continue to work the same way for a permanent duration or as per their company’s hybrid work culture.

Hence, companies and consumers are depending on communications software to stay connected with each other as many employees continue to work from home in 2022. This sort of software must function smoothly and without unexpected interruptions in order for work activities to flow properly.

Companies that supply audio and video solutions must ensure that they generate a top-class product in order to fulfill quality standards. As a result, we may anticipate growing demands for audio and video quality testing services.

Audio & video testing would help you with the following aspects:

AspectsBenefits Offered
Cross-platform TestingTest solutions on hundreds of various devices, operating systems, and versions.
Effective SimulationImitate a big number of users from various parts of the globe.
Spread NetworkingBuild and recreate realistic network settings.
Custom EvaluationCustom audio and video quality evaluation criteria are available.
Load and Performance TestingCapabilities for load and performance testing.
Industry InsightsOffer useful industry and overall market acumen for quick decision-making.

A quick highlights reel: Software testing trends

So, finally we come to a quick glimpse over the major attributes that the software testing industry displays –

1) Quality Assurance:

The major attribute of software testing has to be quality assurance. Testing teams all over constantly juggle to bring down the development time without affecting the quality. Different testing such as Audio & Video Quality Testing, Codeless Test Automation, Blockchain Testing, Cybersecurity Testing, and AR/VR Testing work towards meeting quality expectations.

2) Optimized Performance:

Here’s how a few of the software testing trends perform towards generating products with optimized performances –

Audio & Video Quality Testing furnishes one with the test load and performance capabilities, while blockchain Testing helps locate and address any performance bottlenecks at a speedy pace. Moreover, there’s AR/VR Testing that would help you recognize any operating limitations, and also draw out any congestion when it comes to performance.

3) Robust Security:

Security is one of the key attributes of any software. Software testing enables you to check whether or not the software is embedded with robust security measures. It also verifies that such security measures can safeguard the data from any unauthorized access. This would further help companies to let customers reinforce trust in the software solution.

The Software Testing Trends As The Emerging Icons

These are the Emerging Software Testing Trends to look out for in 2022 since we live in a world of extraordinary exponential change brought on by technology and digital transformation. Organizations and individuals must stay connected with the current industry trends. Following these trends would not only allow test professionals, but also businesses, and teams to stay at the edge of the competition. Do you see any more noteworthy Software Testing Trends in 2022? If yes, we await your opinions in the comments area below!!

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