Top 4 Handy Features Of iOS10 Coming This Fall Officially


The public beta version for iOS10 released this week, and it seems the release for this new version is right on track. This is the biggest ever release by Apple, as mentioned by the brand during their event last month. During this event, some of the best features that you should look forward to were released and this called for enough excitement. People have already started looking forward to the new Apple experience, which will be released with iPhone 7. Based on the beta version, and the hands-on experience received, here are the top features that will make this release the best ever.

Improved Lockscreen with Better Features

The first thing that iOS 10 has come out with is a better and improved lockscreen, which offers an excellent user experience. iOS has finally let go of “slide to unlock” feature which was a part of this OS since its inception. Instead, you have a “press home to open” feature inserted, which makes unlocking easy. You just need to raise the iPhone to wake it, thus ensuring you don’t move past some of the important notifications on your screen. With “Raise to Awake” feature, you can check the notifications when the screen comes alive, and can then decide to act on the notifications.

Renewed Notifications

The notifications have been renewed for iOS10, making it more user-friendly. The notifications have been broken into bubbles, and you can use the 3D touch to display the hidden menu actions. The 3D touch-enabled iOS10 notifications tend to work best for the messages. You can respond to the messages directly with this feature, without really moving past the lockscreen. This makes it easy to check important messages and information while on the lockscreen, and it is convenient too as you don’t need to dig into too many app layers before actually looking into the information.

This feature is not limited to the iOS app, but also extends to third party apps like Uber, WeChat etc. This makes viewing notifications, and taking necessary actions easy and convenient. This also makes the mobile designs more satisfactory based on needs and preferences.

The 3D touch enables you to dismiss all the notifications in one go. Earlier, you could swipe them one-by-one or dismiss them in groups. But, with iOS10, you just need to hard press the little “x” icon, and tap clear-all to dismiss all the notifications.

Talk to Siri

Siri has also received an update with iOS 10, and the all new chatbot is definitely going to renew the experience that users have been used to with iOS. You can talk to Siri and activate processes on the third party apps too. For example, you want to book a cab using Uber app, then you can talk to Siri and get it to book the report. This integration of third party apps to Siri is definitely going to make it big for iOS users.

Chatting with other friends using Siri is also going to be a normal thing. You can ask Siri to reply to your messages, or send in chats on the third party apps with ease. Sending money, making calls etc. is all easy with Siri. You just need to talk to Siri normally, and get the work done.

There is also the Siri influenced QuickType keyboard, which aims to reduce the gap between user tuyped information, and the computer influenced information. The intelligence within Siri, helps translate what you said to the computer, in turn getting your tasks done on time.

Improved Photo Apps

With deep learning on iOS app developemt, iOS 10 is all set to make it easy for you to keep your photos well-organized. iOS10 comes with an advanced computer vision, which will help create albums using face recognition, objects or even the places that the photos have been taken at. With memories, Apple aims to take your photo apps to the next level, which will help you declutter your photo book. A special memory can be turned into a movie with Apple’s photo app automatically. So, it is definitely time to say a special hello to Apple’s new photo outfit.

Improvements have been introduced to Apple maps as well, which will integrate the local routes better and have better vision of the alternate routes as well. Music app will curate your playlist, and remove songs that you have stopped listening to ages ago. With these refurbishments, Apple is definitely out to set a new benchmark with iOS10.

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